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0-F Rom Header 2A-C0 Map Headers (see 1) C1-188 Charlock Castle 189-250 Hawksness Ruins 251-412 Tantagel Castle 413-444 Tantagel Throne Room 445-606 Dragonlord's Throne Room 607-726 Kol 727-8E8 Breconary 8E9-AAA Cantlin AAB-B72 Garinham B73-D34 Rimuldar D35-D66 Sunlight Shrine D67-D98 Rain Shrine D99-DCA Rainbow Shrine DCB-E92 Dragonlord Cave B1 E93-EC4 Dragonlord Cave B2 EC5-EF6 Dragonlord Cave B3 EF7-F28 Dragonlord Cave B4 F29-


  • 00C1-1324 - The town map data. Each byte can be a value from 00-FF, with each byte representing 2 tiles. Each hex character in the byte represents one tile (i.e. 00 is a pair of grass tiles, 01 is a grass tile and a sand tile). The throne room (where you start) is from 412-443.


  • 1C9F-1D62 - Graphic layout data for the overworld fight background.
  • 3F30-3FB8 - Title screen data.
  • 549F-58D9 - Ending text.
  • 6FC7-752B - Menu text.
  • 7AC0-7EAD - Item, enemy, and spell menu text.
  • 8039-BCBA - Dialogue text.


1. Each header has five bytes 01 = Pointer to Map 02 = Pointer to Map 03 = X 04 = Y 05 = Border Tile