Dragon Warrior II:ROM map

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Dragon Quest

* 0x02D9B to 0x????? = font, 1BPP.
* 0x1402B to 0x17D4C = dialogues. 0x14798 - beginning.
* 0x180C4 to 0x18E12 = menus and referential bank. Equipments, items, monsters, magic and complements.
* 0x1B730 to 0x1B8D7 = passwords.
* 0x1BC5C to 0x1BC81 = character's naming.
* 0x1BFB9 to 0x1BFF8 = standard names, better yet, some parts.

Dragon Warrior

* 0x0B762 to 0x0B7C1 = Text pointers. Each pointer points at a blob of 16 concatenated strings.
* 0x14010 to 0x17FE6 = Compressed text.
* 0x0B7C2 to 0x0BE0F = Compressed text.
(Source: Alchemic)

Internal Data for Dragon Warrior II

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