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NPC Battle AI Table
Game [[EarthBound]]
Start Address 0x15912D
End Address 0x159147
# of Entries 13
Entry Length 2
Total Length 26 bytes (0x1A)
Back to the [[EarthBound:{{{loc}}} map|{{{loc}}} map]]

The NPC Battle AI Table controls how Non-Player Characters behave in battle. It designates Enemy Configuration AI entries to each NPC and controls how they are targeted by enemy attacks.



[AA] – Targetability of the AI entry. There are three known values.

  • 0x01 - Untargetable. Enemies will not be able to attack this NPC.
  • 0x06 - Forced targeting. All attacks from enemies will be directed at this NPC.
  • 0x07 - Variable targeting. Attacks from enemies will be directed at this NPC randomly, as with Player Characters.

[BB] – Enemy Configuration entry to be used for this AI.

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