EarthBound:Window statistics table

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Window statistics table
Game [[EarthBound]]
Start Address 0x008650
End Address 0x0088DF
# of Entries 8 (0x08)
Entry Length 82 bytes (0x52)
Total Length 656 bytes (0x290)
Back to the [[EarthBound:{{{loc}}} map|{{{loc}}} map]]

The window statistics table stores information about currently open windows.



Position in window existence table

Top left corner X-coordinate

Top left corner Y-coordinate

Box width

Box height

X-coordinate of text-drawing cursor

Y-coordinate of text-drawing cursor


Unknown (does bizarre things to text)


The font being used to print text in this window.

  • 0x00 = Normal
  • 0x01 = Saturn
  • 0x02 = Small Font #1
  • 0x03 = Small Font #2 (has some glitching...)
  • 0x04 = Coffee Sequence


Control code variables

  • Length: Unknown (likely the rest of the entry)
  • Offset within entry: 23 (0x17)
  • Range of values: Any values

This data is used for storage and variables by the control code parser. This range starts with two two-byte words followed a single byte known respectively as working memory, active memory, and secondary memory, though these names may not be the most accurate. Following these are two words and a byte again to and from which the working, active, and secondary memories can be copied. After these bytes, the rest of this entry seems to be used to store strings.