Final Fantasy II:ROM map

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0x017A0 to 0x1890 = Battle Palettes

Map Data

0x00710 to 0x????? = Blocks
0x10010 to 0x100D0 = Town pointers
0x100D0 to 0x13B32 = Town maps
0x100D0 to 0x????? = Restoration room (Hilda & Minh) - Altea
0x10113 to 0x????? = Rebel HQ - Altea
0x101D2 to 0x????? = King's resting room - Altea
0x10213 to 0x????? = Hilda's room - Altea
0x1023D to 0x????? = Altea (the town)
0x10325 to 0x????? = Gatea

Menu Data

0x1D3C 	TextBox Palette color 1	(Gray)
0x1D42 	TextBox Palette color 2	(Blue)
0x1D46 	TextBox Palette color 3	(White)
0x3E787 Menu Palette 1 color	(Gray)
0x3E78C Menu Palette 2 color	(Blue)
0x3E791 Menu Palette 3 color	(White)
0x3ACB8 Spell EXP gained when cast (Menu)


Item ID List

0xC20 - 0xD0F = Treasure Loot Table


0xAF0 = Pirate Ship Visible
0xAF1 = Pirate Ship Starting X Coordinate
0xAF2 = Pirate Ship Starting Y Coordinate
0xAF3 = AirShip Visible
0xAF4 = AirShip Starting X Coordinate
0xAF5 = AirShip Starting Y Coordinate

Internal Data for Final Fantasy II

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