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ROM Data Formats

Items, Weapons and Armor Data

Item Data Table

0x19F07C — 0x19F33B


0x0-0x1: Sorting Order
0x2: Effect
$00 Sleep/Tent/Cottage effect
$00 Sleep/Tent/Cottage effect
$01 Max HP up by Power*10
$02 Max MP up by Power
$03 Strength up by [1..Power]
$04 Stamina up by [1..Power]
$05 Intellect up by [1..Power]
$06 Agility up by [1..Power]
$07 Luck up by [1..Power]
$08 Giant Tonic
$09 Faerie Tonic
$0A Strength Tonic
$0B Protect Drink
$0C Speed Drink
$0D Restore HP
$0E Restore MP
$0F Elixir/Megalixir (0 or 1)
$10 Phoenix Down
$11 Remedy
$12 Use (Power)th Spell effect
0x3: Targeting
0x00 Automatic
0x01 All Enemies
0x02 One Enemy
0x04 User
0x08 All Allies
0x10 One Ally
0x4: Usage
$1 Field
$2 Battle
$4 Anytime
0x5: Animation (PC Casters only; monsters use Spell ID as index)
0x6-0x7: Power
0x8-0xB: Purchase Cost
0xC-0xF: Sale Price

Class Equip Bits 0x01 Knight/Paladin 0x02 Thief/Ninja 0x04 Monk/Master 0x08 Red Mage/Wizard 0x10 White Mage/Wizard 0x20 Black Mage/Wizard

Weapon Data Table

0x19F33C — 0x19FA75


0x00-0x01: Sorting Order
0x02: Who Equips (Base classes)
0x03: Who Equips (Advanced classes)
0x04: Attack
0x05: Accuracy
0x06: Evade
0x07: Spell cast when used
0x08-09: Elemental infusion
0x0A: Monster Family effectiveness
0x0B: Strength Modifier
0x0C: Stamina Modifier
0x0D: Agility Modifier
0x0E: Intellect Modifier
0x0F: Critical Rate (chance out of 200)
0x10: HP Boost (%)
0x11: MP Boost (%)
0x12-13: [Unused]
0x14-17: Purchase Cost
0x18-1B: Sale Price