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  • This is just some basic information on the string tables and a list of them.
  • These were ripped using a program and have no been touched manually.
  • There are some spacing errors; this is because there is a special spacing string which uses a custom width, which is just shown as a normal space.
  • There are also some weird parts in some strings, this is because I didn't know what what the character was, so it was just represented with a \hXX.

String Tables

Universal String Table
Game Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Start Address 0x005567F0
End Address 0x005573EC
# of Entries 767 pointers (0x2FF)
Entry Length 4 bytes
Total Length 3068 bytes (0xBFC)
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Universal Strings

  • These are used by a lot of different routines within the ROM, mainly menus and abilities.
  • There are 110 unused strings in this table called "Dummy".
Index Pointer Offset Text Offset Text
0x000 0x005567F0 0x005541B4 -
0x001 0x005567F4 0x005541B7 Turn Order
0x002 0x005567F8 0x005541CC Mission
0x003 0x005567FC 0x005541D5 Law Cards
0x004 0x00556800 0x005541E8 Options
0x005 0x00556804 0x005541F1 Flee
0x006 0x00556808 0x005541F7 Save Now
0x007 0x0055680C 0x00554208 Laws
0x008 0x00556810 0x0055420E Move
0x009 0x00556814 0x00554214 Action
0x00A 0x00556818 0x0055421C Wait
0x00B 0x0055681C 0x00554222 Status
0x00C 0x00556820 0x0055422A Fight
0x00D 0x00556824 0x00554231 Snowball
0x00E 0x00556828 0x0055423B Totema
0x00F 0x0055682C 0x00554243 Combo
0x010 0x00556830 0x0055424A Party
0x011 0x00556834 0x00554251 Clan
0x012 0x00556838 0x00554257 Link
0x013 0x0055683C 0x0055425D Area List
0x014 0x00556840 0x00554270 System
0x015 0x00556844 0x00554278 Save
0x016 0x00556848 0x0055427E Load
0x017 0x0055684C 0x00554284 Back
0x018 0x00556850 0x0055428A Release
0x019 0x00556854 0x00554293 Pardon
0x01A 0x00556858 0x0055429B Leave
0x01B 0x0055685C 0x005542A2 Suspended
0x01C 0x00556860 0x005542AD Bail
0x01D 0x00556864 0x005542B3 Sentence
0x01E 0x00556868 0x005542BD Trade
0x01F 0x0055686C 0x005542C4 Gossip
0x020 0x00556870 0x005542CC Leave
0x021 0x00556874 0x005542D3 Buy
0x022 0x00556878 0x005542D8 Sell
0x023 0x0055687C 0x005542DE Trade Items
0x024 0x00556880 0x005542F5 List
0x025 0x00556884 0x005542FB Back
0x026 0x00556888 0x00554301 ????
0x027 0x0055688C 0x00554307 Play
0x028 0x00556890 0x0055430D Release
0x029 0x00556894 0x00554316 Rumors
0x02A 0x00556898 0x0055431E Missions
0x02B 0x0055689C 0x00554328 Quit Mission
0x02C 0x005568A0 0x00554341 Leave
0x02D 0x005568A4 0x00554348 Equip
0x02E 0x005568A8 0x0055434F Abilities
0x02F 0x005568AC 0x0055435A Change Jobs
0x030 0x005568B0 0x00554371 Dismiss
0x031 0x005568B4 0x0055437A Set
0x032 0x005568B8 0x0055437F List
0x033 0x005568BC 0x00554385 Sort Units
0x034 0x005568C0 0x0055439A Sort Items
0x035 0x005568C4 0x005543AF Change
0x036 0x005568C8 0x005543B7 Confirm
0x037 0x005568CC 0x005543C0 Do it
0x038 0x005568D0 0x005543CB Cancel
0x039 0x005568D4 0x005543D3 Yes
0x03A 0x005568D8 0x005543D8 No
0x03B 0x005568DC 0x005543DC Mission List
0x03C 0x005568E0 0x005543F5 Report
0x03D 0x005568E4 0x005543FD Clan Turf
0x03E 0x005568E8 0x00554410 Mission Item
0x03F 0x005568EC 0x00554429 Support Clan
0x040 0x005568F0 0x00554442 (---)
0x041 0x005568F4 0x00554449 Treasure Hunt
0x042 0x005568F8 0x00554464 /used
0x043 0x005568FC 0x0055446B OK
0x044 0x00556900 0x0055446F Paid
0x045 0x00556904 0x00554475 Equipped
0x046 0x00556908 0x0055447F Team Up
0x047 0x0055690C 0x0055448E Trade Items
0x048 0x00556910 0x005544A5 Trade Units
0x049 0x00556914 0x005544BC Unmorph
0x04A 0x00556918 0x005544C5 \hFCEnhance\hFD
0x04B 0x0055691C 0x005544D0 (---)
0x04C 0x00556920 0x005544D7 Equipped
0x04D 0x00556924 0x005544E1 Mission Item
0x04E 0x00556928 0x005544FA Law Cards
0x04F 0x0055692C 0x0055450D Law Cards
0x050 0x00556930 0x00554520 Totema
0x051 0x00556934 0x00554528 Totema
0x052 0x00556938 0x00554530 Totema
0x053 0x0055693C 0x00554538 Totema
0x054 0x00556940 0x00554540 Totema
0x055 0x00556944 0x00554548 Plains
0x056 0x00556948 0x00554550 Forest
0x057 0x0055694C 0x00554558 Desert
0x058 0x00556950 0x00554560 Marsh
0x059 0x00556954 0x00554567 Mountain
0x05A 0x00556958 0x00554571 Cave
0x05B 0x0055695C 0x00554577 Town
0x05C 0x00556960 0x0055457D Jagd
0x05D 0x00556964 0x00554583 Shop
0x05E 0x00556968 0x00554589 Pub
0x05F 0x0055696C 0x0055458E Prison
0x060 0x00556970 0x00554596 Card Keeper
0x061 0x00556974 0x005545AD Monster Bank
0x062 0x00556978 0x005545C6 Combat
0x063 0x0055697C 0x005545CE Magic
0x064 0x00556980 0x005545D5 Smithing
0x065 0x00556984 0x005545DF Craft
0x066 0x00556988 0x005545E6 Appraise
0x067 0x0055698C 0x005545F0 Gather
0x068 0x00556990 0x005545F8 Negotiate
0x069 0x00556994 0x00554603 Track
0x06A 0x00556998 0x0055460A Item
0x06B 0x0055699C 0x00554610 Blue Magic
0x06C 0x005569A0 0x00554625 Red Magic
0x06D 0x005569A4 0x00554638 Trick
0x06E 0x005569A8 0x0055463F Control
0x06F 0x005569AC 0x00554648 Hunt
0x070 0x005569B0 0x0055464E Chivalry
0x071 0x005569B4 0x00554658 Prayer
0x072 0x005569B8 0x00554660 Song
0x073 0x005569BC 0x00554666 Black Magic
0x074 0x005569C0 0x0055467D Sagacity Skill
0x075 0x005569C4 0x0055469A Phantasm Skill
0x076 0x005569C8 0x005546B7 Sacred Tech
0x077 0x005569CC 0x005546CE Blaze
0x078 0x005569D0 0x005546D5 Sandstorm
0x079 0x005569D4 0x005546E0 Rot
0x07A 0x005569D8 0x005546E5 Corner
0x07B 0x005569DC 0x005546ED Stunt
0x07C 0x005569E0 0x005546F4 Gunmanship
0x07D 0x005569E4 0x00554700 Defend
0x07E 0x005569E8 0x00554708 Summon Magic
0x07F 0x005569EC 0x00554721 Stench
0x080 0x005569F0 0x00554729 White Magic
0x081 0x005569F4 0x00554740 Debilitate
0x082 0x005569F8 0x0055474C Spirit Magic
0x083 0x005569FC 0x00554765 Battle Tech
0x084 0x00556A00 0x0055477C Monk Tech
0x085 0x00556A04 0x0055478F Sharpshoot
0x086 0x00556A08 0x0055479B Punch
0x087 0x00556A0C 0x005547A2 Charge
0x088 0x00556A10 0x005547AA Fighter Tech
0x089 0x00556A14 0x005547C3 Time Magic
0x08A 0x00556A18 0x005547D8 Lunge Tech
0x08B 0x00556A1C 0x005547ED Icewyrm
0x08C 0x00556A20 0x005547F6 Morph
0x08D 0x00556A24 0x005547FD Melt
0x08E 0x00556A28 0x00554803 Ninja Skill
0x08F 0x00556A2C 0x0055481A Steal
0x090 0x00556A30 0x00554821 Aim
0x091 0x00556A34 0x00554826 Pandora
0x092 0x00556A38 0x0055482F Rake
0x093 0x00556A3C 0x00554835 Spellblade Tech
0x094 0x00556A40 0x00554855 Gaze
0x095 0x00556A44 0x0055485B Call
0x096 0x00556A48 0x00554861 Dragon Tech
0x097 0x00556A4C 0x00554878 Alchemy Skill
0x098 0x00556A50 0x00554893 Grudge
0x099 0x00556A54 0x0055489B Rune
0x09A 0x00556A58 0x005548A1 Hermetics
0x09B 0x00556A5C 0x005548AC Dark Magic
0x09C 0x00556A60 0x005548C1 Flair
0x09D 0x00556A64 0x005548C8 Genesis
0x09E 0x00556A68 0x005548D1 Wicca
0x09F 0x00556A6C 0x005548D8 Expulse
0x0A0 0x00556A70 0x005548E1 Magestorm
0x0A1 0x00556A74 0x005548EC Hit
0x0A2 0x00556A78 0x005548F1 Chill
0x0A3 0x00556A7C 0x005548F8 Scorch
0x0A4 0x00556A80 0x00554900 Boom!
0x0A5 0x00556A84 0x00554907 Dragonblaze
0x0A6 0x00556A88 0x00554914 Dragonbolt
0x0A7 0x00556A8C 0x00554920 Poison Fang
0x0A8 0x00556A90 0x00554937 Adhere
0x0A9 0x00556A94 0x0055493F Crush
0x0AA 0x00556A98 0x00554946 Malice
0x0AB 0x00556A9C 0x0055494E Scratch
0x0AC 0x00556AA0 0x00554957 Reek
0x0AD 0x00556AA4 0x0055495D Glare
0x0AE 0x00556AA8 0x00554964 Illude
0x0AF 0x00556AAC 0x0055496C Fluoresce
0x0B0 0x00556AB0 0x00554977 Advanced Law
0x0B1 0x00556AB4 0x00554990 Judgement
0x0B2 0x00556AB8 0x0055499B Blank Card
0x0B3 0x00556ABC 0x005549B0 Damage > MP
0x0B4 0x00556AC0 0x005549C7 Turbo MP
0x0B5 0x00556AC4 0x005549D8 Earth Heal
0x0B6 0x00556AC8 0x005549ED Aim: Armor
0x0B7 0x00556ACC 0x00554A02 Ice Breath
0x0B8 0x00556AD0 0x00554A17 Item
0x0B9 0x00556AD4 0x00554A1D Blue Screw
0x0BA 0x00556AD8 0x00554A32 Red Spring
0x0BB 0x00556ADC 0x00554A47 Steal: Access.
0x0BC 0x00556AE0 0x00554A64 Mog Rush
0x0BD 0x00556AE4 0x00554A75 Devil Gaze
0x0BE 0x00556AE8 0x00554A8A Nightmare
0x0BF 0x00556AEC 0x00554A95 Aim: Legs
0x0C0 0x00556AF0 0x00554AA8 Astra
0x0C1 0x00556AF4 0x00554AAF Death Sickle
0x0C2 0x00556AF8 0x00554AC8 Mog Attack
0x0C3 0x00556AFC 0x00554ADD Steal: Ability
0x0C4 0x00556B00 0x00554AFA Ultima Charge
0x0C5 0x00556B04 0x00554B15 Ultima Masher
0x0C6 0x00556B08 0x00554B30 Ultima Shot
0x0C7 0x00556B0C 0x00554B47 Ultima Sword
0x0C8 0x00556B10 0x00554B60 Ultima Blow
0x0C9 0x00556B14 0x00554B77 Full-Life
0x0CA 0x00556B18 0x00554B82 Undead
0x0CB 0x00556B1C 0x00554B8A Fireshot
0x0CC 0x00556B20 0x00554B94 Capture
0x0CD 0x00556B24 0x00554B9D Zombify
0x0CE 0x00556B28 0x00554BA6 Ifrit
0x0CF 0x00556B2C 0x00554BAD Rockbeast
0x0D0 0x00556B30 0x00554BB8 100% Wool
0x0D1 0x00556B34 0x00554BCB Aim: Weapon
0x0D2 0x00556B38 0x00554BE2 Water
0x0D3 0x00556B3C 0x00554BE9 Voodoo
0x0D4 0x00556B40 0x00554BF1 Aim: Arm
0x0D5 0x00556B44 0x00554C02 Whirlwind
0x0D6 0x00556B48 0x00554C0D Air Blast
0x0D7 0x00556B4C 0x00554C20 Aero
0x0D8 0x00556B50 0x00554C26 Ether
0x0D9 0x00556B54 0x00554C2D X-Potion
0x0DA 0x00556B58 0x00554C37 Esuna
0x0DB 0x00556B5C 0x00554C3E Elixir
0x0DC 0x00556B60 0x00554C46 Oust
0x0DD 0x00556B64 0x00554C4C First Aid
0x0DE 0x00556B68 0x00554C5F Aura
0x0DF 0x00556B6C 0x00554C65 Ague
0x0E0 0x00556B70 0x00554C6B Warcry
0x0E1 0x00556B74 0x00554C73 Maiden Kiss
0x0E2 0x00556B78 0x00554C8A Mog Guard
0x0E3 0x00556B7C 0x00554C9D Guard-Off
0x0E4 0x00556B80 0x00554CA8 Carbuncle
0x0E5 0x00556B84 0x00554CB3 Soundwave
0x0E6 0x00556B88 0x00554CBE Unspell
0x0E7 0x00556B8C 0x00554CC7 Nurse
0x0E8 0x00556B90 0x00554CCE Counter
0x0E9 0x00556B94 0x00554CD7 Addle
0x0EA 0x00556B98 0x00554CDE Frogsong
0x0EB 0x00556B9C 0x00554CE8 Firebomb
0x0EC 0x00556BA0 0x00554CF2 Shadowbind
0x0ED 0x00556BA4 0x00554CFE Monkey Grip
0x0EE 0x00556BA8 0x00554D15 Fire Veil
0x0EF 0x00556BAC 0x00554D28 Cover
0x0F0 0x00556BB0 0x00554D2F Steal: Helm
0x0F1 0x00556BB4 0x00554D46 Munch
0x0F2 0x00556BB8 0x00554D4D Body Slam
0x0F3 0x00556BBC 0x00554D60 Iceshot
0x0F4 0x00556BC0 0x00554D69 Yellow Spring
0x0F5 0x00556BC4 0x00554D84 Giga Flare
0x0F6 0x00556BC8 0x00554D99 Catch
0x0F7 0x00556BCC 0x00554DA0 Aim: Vitals
0x0F8 0x00556BD0 0x00554DB7 Resonate
0x0F9 0x00556BD4 0x00554DC1 Kirin
0x0FA 0x00556BD8 0x00554DC8 Gil Toss
0x0FB 0x00556BDC 0x00554DD9 Mug
0x0FC 0x00556BE0 0x00554DDE Steal: Gil
0x0FD 0x00556BE4 0x00554DF3 Cheer
0x0FE 0x00556BE8 0x00554DFA Metal Veil
0x0FF 0x00556BEC 0x00554E0F Silver Disc
0x100 0x00556BF0 0x00554E26 Gold Battery
0x101 0x00556BF4 0x00554E3F Soft
0x102 0x00556BF8 0x00554E45 Quicken
0x103 0x00556BFC 0x00554E4E Air Render
0x104 0x00556C00 0x00554E63 Bad Breath
0x105 0x00556C04 0x00554E78 Kiss
0x106 0x00556C08 0x00554E7E Demi
0x107 0x00556C0C 0x00554E84 Quarter
0x108 0x00556C10 0x00554E8D Mythril
0x109 0x00556C14 0x00554E96 Steal: JP
0x10A 0x00556C18 0x00554EA9 Black Ingot
0x10B 0x00556C1C 0x00554EC0 Cure
0x10C 0x00556C20 0x00554EC6 Curaga
0x10D 0x00556C24 0x00554ECE Cura
0x10E 0x00556C28 0x00554ED4 Steal: EXP
0x10F 0x00556C2C 0x00554EE9 Evil Gaze
0x110 0x00556C30 0x00554EFC Weapon Atk+
0x111 0x00556C34 0x00554F13 Parley
0x112 0x00556C38 0x00554F1B Goblin
0x113 0x00556C3C 0x00554F23 Goblin Punch
0x114 0x00556C40 0x00554F3C Bug
0x115 0x00556C44 0x00554F41 Confushot
0x116 0x00556C48 0x00554F4C Circle
0x117 0x00556C4C 0x00554F54 Sidewinder
0x118 0x00556C50 0x00554F60 Aim: Wallet
0x119 0x00556C54 0x00554F77 Silence
0x11A 0x00556C58 0x00554F80 Silenshot
0x11B 0x00556C5C 0x00554F8B Star Cross
0x11C 0x00556C60 0x00554FA0 Cuisine
0x11D 0x00556C64 0x00554FA9 Thunder
0x11E 0x00556C68 0x00554FB2 Bolt Sword
0x11F 0x00556C6C 0x00554FC7 Bolt Breath
0x120 0x00556C70 0x00554FDE Thundaga
0x121 0x00556C74 0x00554FE8 Thundara
0x122 0x00556C78 0x00554FF2 Sandstorm
0x123 0x00556C7C 0x00554FFD Shiva
0x124 0x00556C80 0x00555004 Shell
0x125 0x00556C84 0x0055500B Aphonia
0x126 0x00556C88 0x00555014 Greased Bolt
0x127 0x00556C8C 0x0055502D Tail Wag
0x128 0x00556C90 0x0055503E Roulette
0x129 0x00556C94 0x00555048 Blowup
0x12A 0x00556C98 0x00555050 Shining Air
0x12B 0x00556C9C 0x00555067 Jump
0x12C 0x00556CA0 0x0055506D Judge
0x12D 0x00556CA4 0x00555074 Absorb MP
0x12E 0x00556CA8 0x00555087 Miasma
0x12F 0x00556CAC 0x0055508F Half MP
0x130 0x00556CB0 0x0055509E Advice
0x131 0x00556CB4 0x005550A6 Mog Lance
0x132 0x00556CB8 0x005550B9 Water Veil
0x133 0x00556CBC 0x005550CE Stardust
0x134 0x00556CC0 0x005550D8 Shadowstick
0x135 0x00556CC4 0x005550E5 Stop
0x136 0x00556CC8 0x005550EB Stopshot
0x137 0x00556CCC 0x005550F5 Chill
0x138 0x00556CD0 0x005550FC Speedbreak
0x139 0x00556CD4 0x00555108 Smile
0x13A 0x00556CD8 0x0055510F Featherblow
0x13B 0x00556CDC 0x0055511C Sliprain
0x13C 0x00556CE0 0x00555126 Sleep
0x13D 0x00556CE4 0x0055512D Slow
0x13E 0x00556CE8 0x00555133 Swallowtail
0x13F 0x00556CEC 0x00555140 Holy Sign
0x140 0x00556CF0 0x00555153 Concentrate
0x141 0x00556CF4 0x00555160 Holy Water
0x142 0x00556CF8 0x00555175 Saint Cross
0x143 0x00556CFC 0x0055518C Conceal
0x144 0x00556D00 0x00555195 Reveal
0x145 0x00556D04 0x0055519D Soil Evidence
0x146 0x00556D08 0x005551B8 Draw Weapon
0x147 0x00556D0C 0x005551CF Soul Sphere
0x148 0x00556D10 0x005551E6 Last Breath
0x149 0x00556D14 0x005551FD Geomancy
0x14A 0x00556D18 0x00555207 Revive
0x14B 0x00556D1C 0x0055520F Sonic Boom
0x14C 0x00556D20 0x00555224 Wild Tornado
0x14D 0x00556D24 0x0055523D Swarmstrike
0x14E 0x00556D28 0x0055524A Shieldbearer
0x14F 0x00556D2C 0x00555258 Steal: Shield
0x150 0x00556D30 0x00555273 Boost
0x151 0x00556D34 0x0055527A Mog Peek
0x152 0x00556D38 0x0055528B Checkmate
0x153 0x00556D3C 0x00555296 Suffocate
0x154 0x00556D40 0x005552A1 Charmshot
0x155 0x00556D44 0x005552AC Chakra
0x156 0x00556D48 0x005552B4 Provoke
0x157 0x00556D4C 0x005552BD Chocobo Rush
0x158 0x00556D50 0x005552D6 Earth Render
0x159 0x00556D54 0x005552EF Twister
0x15A 0x00556D58 0x005552F8 Subdue
0x15B 0x00556D5C 0x00555300 Death
0x15C 0x00556D60 0x00555307 Dispel
0x15D 0x00556D64 0x0055530F Angel Whisper
0x15E 0x00556D68 0x0055532A Tempest
0x15F 0x00556D6C 0x00555333 Hibernate
0x160 0x00556D70 0x0055533E Toad
0x161 0x00556D74 0x00555344 Poison Frog
0x162 0x00556D78 0x0055535B Antidote
0x163 0x00556D7C 0x00555365 Poison Claw
0x164 0x00556D80 0x0055537C Earth Veil
0x165 0x00556D84 0x00555391 Friend
0x166 0x00556D88 0x00555399 Dragon
0x167 0x00556D8C 0x005553A1 Wyrmkiller
0x168 0x00556D90 0x005553AD Dragon Force
0x169 0x00556D94 0x005553C6 Drain
0x16A 0x00556D98 0x005553CD Drain Touch
0x16B 0x00556D9C 0x005553E4 Tonberry
0x16C 0x00556DA0 0x005553EE Nighthawk
0x16D 0x00556DA4 0x005553F9 Dagger
0x16E 0x00556DA8 0x00555401 Mow Down
0x16F 0x00556DAC 0x00555412 Throw
0x170 0x00556DB0 0x00555419 Bonecrusher
0x171 0x00556DB4 0x00555426 Chroma Gem
0x172 0x00556DB8 0x0055543B Double Sword
0x173 0x00556DBC 0x00555454 Stare
0x174 0x00556DC0 0x0055545B Rend
0x175 0x00556DC4 0x00555461 Goo
0x176 0x00556DC8 0x00555466 Take Aim
0x177 0x00556DCC 0x00555477 Piercethrough
0x178 0x00556DD0 0x00555486 Cupid
0x179 0x00556DD4 0x0055548D Expert Guard
0x17A 0x00556DD8 0x005554A6 Bio
0x17B 0x00556DDC 0x005554AB Hi-Potion
0x17C 0x00556DE0 0x005554B6 Tremor
0x17D 0x00556DE4 0x005554BE Exorcise
0x17E 0x00556DE8 0x005554C8 Backdraft
0x17F 0x00556DEC 0x005554D3 Far Fist
0x180 0x00556DF0 0x005554E4 Strikeback
0x181 0x00556DF4 0x005554F0 Barrier
0x182 0x00556DF8 0x005554F9 Powerbreak
0x183 0x00556DFC 0x00555505 Bangaa Cry
0x184 0x00556E00 0x0055551A Panther
0x185 0x00556E04 0x00555523 Bandage
0x186 0x00556E08 0x0055552C Hunting
0x187 0x00556E0C 0x00555535 Cureall
0x188 0x00556E10 0x0055553E Mog Aid
0x189 0x00556E14 0x0055554D Sheep Count
0x18A 0x00556E18 0x00555564 Hand Slap
0x18B 0x00556E1C 0x00555577 Last Quicken
0x18C 0x00556E20 0x00555590 Last Berserk
0x18D 0x00556E24 0x005555A9 Last Haste
0x18E 0x00556E28 0x005555BE Fire
0x18F 0x00556E2C 0x005555C4 Fire Whip
0x190 0x00556E30 0x005555D7 Fire Sword
0x191 0x00556E34 0x005555EC Fire Breath
0x192 0x00556E38 0x00555603 Firaga
0x193 0x00556E3C 0x0055560B Fira
0x194 0x00556E40 0x00555611 Faster
0x195 0x00556E44 0x00555619 Rockseal
0x196 0x00556E48 0x00555623 Beatdown
0x197 0x00556E4C 0x0055562D Phoenix
0x198 0x00556E50 0x00555636 Phoenix Down
0x199 0x00556E54 0x0055564F Steal: Weapon
0x19A 0x00556E58 0x0055566A Burial
0x19B 0x00556E5C 0x00555672 Drop Weapon
0x19C 0x00556E60 0x00555689 Meteorite
0x19D 0x00556E64 0x00555694 Blind
0x19E 0x00556E68 0x0055569B Blindshot
0x19F 0x00556E6C 0x005556A6 Blaster
0x1A0 0x00556E70 0x005556AF Blackout
0x1A1 0x00556E74 0x005556B9 Freezeblink
0x1A2 0x00556E78 0x005556C6 Blizzaga
0x1A3 0x00556E7C 0x005556D0 Blizzard
0x1A4 0x00556E80 0x005556DA Ice Sword
0x1A5 0x00556E84 0x005556ED Blizzara
0x1A6 0x00556E88 0x005556F7 Blitz
0x1A7 0x00556E8C 0x005556FE Flan
0x1A8 0x00556E90 0x00555704 Manastrike
0x1A9 0x00556E94 0x00555710 Flare
0x1AA 0x00556E98 0x00555717 Break
0x1AB 0x00556E9C 0x0055571E Flame Attack
0x1AC 0x00556EA0 0x00555737 Floateye
0x1AD 0x00556EA4 0x00555741 Protect
0x1AE 0x00556EA8 0x0055574A Elementalshift
0x1AF 0x00556EAC 0x0055575A Prominence
0x1B0 0x00556EB0 0x00555766 Haste
0x1B1 0x00556EB4 0x0055576D Hastebreak
0x1B2 0x00556EB8 0x00555779 Heavy Dust
0x1B3 0x00556EBC 0x0055578E Poison
0x1B4 0x00556EC0 0x00555796 Oblivion
0x1B5 0x00556EC4 0x005557A0 Weapon Def+
0x1B6 0x00556EC8 0x005557B7 Knife
0x1B7 0x00556ECC 0x005557BE Hurl
0x1B8 0x00556ED0 0x005557C4 Potion
0x1B9 0x00556ED4 0x005557CC Holy
0x1BA 0x00556ED8 0x005557D2 Holy Blade
0x1BB 0x00556EDC 0x005557E7 Ball
0x1BC 0x00556EE0 0x005557ED Bomb
0x1BD 0x00556EE4 0x005557F3 White Wind
0x1BE 0x00556EE8 0x00555808 White Flame
0x1BF 0x00556EEC 0x0055581F Beso Toxico
0x1C0 0x00556EF0 0x00555836 Mighty Guard
0x1C1 0x00556EF4 0x0055584F Mindbreak
0x1C2 0x00556EF8 0x0055585A Magic Hammer
0x1C3 0x00556EFC 0x00555873 Magicbreak
0x1C4 0x00556F00 0x0055587F Catnip
0x1C5 0x00556F04 0x00555887 Doom Archer
0x1C6 0x00556F08 0x0055589E Madeen
0x1C7 0x00556F0C 0x005558A6 Matra Magic
0x1C8 0x00556F10 0x005558BD Return Magic
0x1C9 0x00556F14 0x005558D6 Magic Pow+
0x1CA 0x00556F18 0x005558EB Defense
0x1CB 0x00556F1C 0x005558F4 Raise
0x1CC 0x00556F20 0x005558FB Reflex
0x1CD 0x00556F24 0x00555903 Green Gear
0x1CE 0x00556F28 0x00555918 Sensor
0x1CF 0x00556F2C 0x00555920 Mutilate
0x1D0 0x00556F30 0x0055592A Karma
0x1D1 0x00556F34 0x00555931 Eye Drops
0x1D2 0x00556F38 0x00555944 Meteor
0x1D3 0x00556F3C 0x0055594C Immunity
0x1D4 0x00556F40 0x00555956 Maintenance
0x1D5 0x00556F44 0x00555963 Wood Veil
0x1D6 0x00556F48 0x00555976 Malboro
0x1D7 0x00556F4C 0x0055597F Return Fire
0x1D8 0x00556F50 0x00555996 Block Arrows
0x1D9 0x00556F54 0x005559AF Echo Screen
0x1DA 0x00556F58 0x005559C6 Sacrifice
0x1DB 0x00556F5C 0x005559D1 Unicorn
0x1DC 0x00556F60 0x005559DA Acid
0x1DD 0x00556F64 0x005559E0 Fairy
0x1DE 0x00556F68 0x005559E7 Night
0x1DF 0x00556F6C 0x005559EE Steal: Armor
0x1E0 0x00556F70 0x00555A07 Learning
0x1E1 0x00556F74 0x00555A11 Downsize
0x1E2 0x00556F78 0x00555A1B Lifebreak
0x1E3 0x00556F7C 0x00555A26 Rasp
0x1E4 0x00556F80 0x00555A2C Rush
0x1E5 0x00556F84 0x00555A32 Lamia
0x1E6 0x00556F88 0x00555A39 Ramuh
0x1E7 0x00556F8C 0x00555A40 Boltshot
0x1E8 0x00556F90 0x00555A4A Meltdown
0x1E9 0x00556F94 0x00555A54 Auto-Regen
0x1EA 0x00556F98 0x00555A60 Reflect
0x1EB 0x00556F9C 0x00555A69 Limit Glove
0x1EC 0x00556FA0 0x00555A80 Lancet
0x1ED 0x00556FA4 0x00555A88 Wyrmtamer
0x1EE 0x00556FA8 0x00555A93 Dragonheart
0x1EF 0x00556FAC 0x00555AA0 Doublehand
0x1F0 0x00556FB0 0x00555AAC Auto-Life
0x1F1 0x00556FB4 0x00555AB7 Life
0x1F2 0x00556FB8 0x00555ABD Mog Shield
0x1F3 0x00556FBC 0x00555AD2 LV? S-Flare
0x1F4 0x00556FC0 0x00555AE9 LV3 Def-less
0x1F5 0x00556FC4 0x00555B02 LV5 Death
0x1F6 0x00556FC8 0x00555B15 LV?D Holy
0x1F7 0x00556FCC 0x00555B28 Doubleshot
0x1F8 0x00556FD0 0x00555B34 Doublecast
0x1F9 0x00556FD4 0x00555B40 Deluge
0x1FA 0x00556FD8 0x00555B48 Wild Swing
0x1FB 0x00556FDC 0x00555B5D Ring
0x1FC 0x00556FE0 0x00555B63 Explode
0x1FD 0x00556FE4 0x00555B6C Stillness
0x1FE 0x00556FE8 0x00555B77 Azoth
0x1FF 0x00556FEC 0x00555B7E Omega
0x200 0x00556FF0 0x00555B85 Abyss
0x201 0x00556FF4 0x00555B8C Life Render
0x202 0x00556FF8 0x00555BA3 Heart Render
0x203 0x00556FFC 0x00555BBC Ripcircle
0x204 0x00557000 0x00555BC7 Furycircle
0x205 0x00557004 0x00555BD3 Lawshift
0x206 0x00557008 0x00555BDD Amber Gleam
0x207 0x0055700C 0x00555BF4 Alpha
0x208 0x00557010 0x00555BFB Descent
0x209 0x00557014 0x00555C04 Magi
0x20A 0x00557018 0x00555C0A Spellbind
0x20B 0x0055701C 0x00555C15 Breath of God
0x20C 0x00557020 0x00555C30 Lightspeed
0x20D 0x00557024 0x00555C3C Firestream
0x20E 0x00557028 0x00555C48 Howl of Rage
0x20F 0x0055702C 0x00555C61 Presence
0x210 0x00557030 0x00555C6B Logos
0x211 0x00557034 0x00555C72 Adrammalech
0x212 0x00557038 0x00555C7F Mateus
0x213 0x0055703C 0x00555C87 Ultima
0x214 0x00557040 0x00555C8F Exodus
0x215 0x00557044 0x00555C97 Famfrit
0x216 0x00557048 0x00555CA0 Abate
0x217 0x0055704C 0x00555CA7 Judge Sword
0x218 0x00557050 0x00555CBE Bind
0x219 0x00557054 0x00555CC4 JP Gift
0x21A 0x00557058 0x00555CD3 Yellow Clip
0x21B 0x0055705C 0x00555CEA Judge Sword
0x21C 0x00557060 0x00555D01 Yellow Card
0x21D 0x00557064 0x00555D18 Palaistra
0x21E 0x00557068 0x00555D23 Blank Card
0x21F 0x0055706C 0x00555D38 Blue Combo
0x220 0x00557070 0x00555D4D Red Combo
0x221 0x00557074 0x00555D60 Hunt Combo
0x222 0x00557078 0x00555D75 Knight Combo
0x223 0x0055707C 0x00555D8E Pray Combo
0x224 0x00557080 0x00555DA3 Black Combo
0x225 0x00557084 0x00555DBA Wise Combo
0x226 0x00557088 0x00555DCF Sacred Combo
0x227 0x0055708C 0x00555DE8 Thief Combo
0x228 0x00557090 0x00555DFF Killer Combo
0x229 0x00557094 0x00555E18 Juggle Combo
0x22A 0x00557098 0x00555E31 Gun Combo
0x22B 0x0055709C 0x00555E44 Defend Combo
0x22C 0x005570A0 0x00555E5D Summon Combo
0x22D 0x005570A4 0x00555E77 White Combo
0x22E 0x005570A8 0x00555E8E Spirit Combo
0x22F 0x005570AC 0x00555EA7 Combat Combo
0x230 0x005570B0 0x00555EC0 Sniper Combo
0x231 0x005570B4 0x00555ED9 Spell Combo
0x232 0x005570B8 0x00555EF0 Charge Combo
0x233 0x005570BC 0x00555F09 Fight Combo
0x234 0x005570C0 0x00555F20 Animal Combo
0x235 0x005570C4 0x00555F39 Time Combo
0x236 0x005570C8 0x00555F4E Lunge Combo
0x237 0x005570CC 0x00555F65 Morph Combo
0x238 0x005570D0 0x00555F7C Ninja Combo
0x239 0x005570D4 0x00555F93 Gadget Combo
0x23A 0x005570D8 0x00555FAC Bow Combo
0x23B 0x005570DC 0x00555FBF Sword Combo
0x23C 0x005570E0 0x00555FD6 Beast Combo
0x23D 0x005570E4 0x00555FED Monk Combo
0x23E 0x005570E8 0x00556002 Dragon Combo
0x23F 0x005570EC 0x0055601B Gold Combo
0x240 0x005570F0 0x00556030 Dummy
0x241 0x005570F4 0x00556037 Dummy
0x242 0x005570F8 0x0055603E Dummy
0x243 0x005570FC 0x00556045 Dummy
0x244 0x00557100 0x0055604C Dummy
0x245 0x00557104 0x00556053 Dummy
0x246 0x00557108 0x0055605A Dummy
0x247 0x0055710C 0x00556061 Dummy
0x248 0x00557110 0x00556068 Dummy
0x249 0x00557114 0x0055606F Dummy
0x24A 0x00557118 0x00556076 Dummy
0x24B 0x0055711C 0x0055607D Dummy
0x24C 0x00557120 0x00556084 Dummy
0x24D 0x00557124 0x0055608B Dummy
0x24E 0x00557128 0x00556092 Dummy
0x24F 0x0055712C 0x00556099 Dummy
0x250 0x00557130 0x005560A0 Dummy
0x251 0x00557134 0x005560A7 Dummy
0x252 0x00557138 0x005560AE Dummy
0x253 0x0055713C 0x005560B5 Dummy
0x254 0x00557140 0x005560BC Dummy
0x255 0x00557144 0x005560C3 Dummy
0x256 0x00557148 0x005560CA Dummy
0x257 0x0055714C 0x005560D1 Dummy
0x258 0x00557150 0x005560D8 Dummy
0x259 0x00557154 0x005560DF Dummy
0x25A 0x00557158 0x005560E6 Dummy
0x25B 0x0055715C 0x005560ED Dummy
0x25C 0x00557160 0x005560F4 Dummy
0x25D 0x00557164 0x005560FB Dummy
0x25E 0x00557168 0x00556102 Dummy
0x25F 0x0055716C 0x00556109 Dummy
0x260 0x00557170 0x00556110 Dummy
0x261 0x00557174 0x00556117 Dummy
0x262 0x00557178 0x0055611E Dummy
0x263 0x0055717C 0x00556125 Dummy
0x264 0x00557180 0x0055612C Dummy
0x265 0x00557184 0x00556133 Dummy
0x266 0x00557188 0x0055613A Dummy
0x267 0x0055718C 0x00556141 Dummy
0x268 0x00557190 0x00556148 Dummy
0x269 0x00557194 0x0055614F Dummy
0x26A 0x00557198 0x00556156 Dummy
0x26B 0x0055719C 0x0055615D Dummy
0x26C 0x005571A0 0x00556164 Dummy
0x26D 0x005571A4 0x0055616B Dummy
0x26E 0x005571A8 0x00556172 Dummy
0x26F 0x005571AC 0x00556179 Dummy
0x270 0x005571B0 0x00556180 Dummy
0x271 0x005571B4 0x00556187 Dummy
0x272 0x005571B8 0x0055618E Dummy
0x273 0x005571BC 0x00556195 Dummy
0x274 0x005571C0 0x0055619C Dummy
0x275 0x005571C4 0x005561A3 Dummy
0x276 0x005571C8 0x005561AA Dummy
0x277 0x005571CC 0x005561B1 Dummy
0x278 0x005571D0 0x005561B8 Dummy
0x279 0x005571D4 0x005561BF Dummy
0x27A 0x005571D8 0x005561C6 Dummy
0x27B 0x005571DC 0x005561CD Dummy
0x27C 0x005571E0 0x005561D4 Dummy
0x27D 0x005571E4 0x005561DB Dummy
0x27E 0x005571E8 0x005561E2 Dummy
0x27F 0x005571EC 0x005561E9 Dummy
0x280 0x005571F0 0x005561F0 Dummy
0x281 0x005571F4 0x005561F7 Dummy
0x282 0x005571F8 0x005561FE Dummy
0x283 0x005571FC 0x00556205 Dummy
0x284 0x00557200 0x0055620C Dummy
0x285 0x00557204 0x00556213 Dummy
0x286 0x00557208 0x0055621A Dummy
0x287 0x0055720C 0x00556221 Dummy
0x288 0x00557210 0x00556228 Dummy
0x289 0x00557214 0x0055622F Dummy
0x28A 0x00557218 0x00556236 Dummy
0x28B 0x0055721C 0x0055623D Dummy
0x28C 0x00557220 0x00556244 Dummy
0x28D 0x00557224 0x0055624B Dummy
0x28E 0x00557228 0x00556252 Dummy
0x28F 0x0055722C 0x00556259 Dummy
0x290 0x00557230 0x00556260 Dummy
0x291 0x00557234 0x00556267 Dummy
0x292 0x00557238 0x0055626E Dummy
0x293 0x0055723C 0x00556275 Dummy
0x294 0x00557240 0x0055627C Dummy
0x295 0x00557244 0x00556283 Dummy
0x296 0x00557248 0x0055628A Dummy
0x297 0x0055724C 0x00556291 Dummy
0x298 0x00557250 0x00556298 Dummy
0x299 0x00557254 0x0055629F Dummy
0x29A 0x00557258 0x005562A6 Dummy
0x29B 0x0055725C 0x005562AD Dummy
0x29C 0x00557260 0x005562B4 Dummy
0x29D 0x00557264 0x005562BB Dummy
0x29E 0x00557268 0x005562C2 Dummy
0x29F 0x0055726C 0x005562C9 Dummy
0x2A0 0x00557270 0x005562D0 Dummy
0x2A1 0x00557274 0x005562D7 Dummy
0x2A2 0x00557278 0x005562DE Dummy
0x2A3 0x0055727C 0x005562E5 Dummy
0x2A4 0x00557280 0x005562EC Dummy
0x2A5 0x00557284 0x005562F3 Dummy
0x2A6 0x00557288 0x005562FA Dummy
0x2A7 0x0055728C 0x00556301 Dummy
0x2A8 0x00557290 0x00556308 Dummy
0x2A9 0x00557294 0x0055630F Dummy
0x2AA 0x00557298 0x00556316 Dummy
0x2AB 0x0055729C 0x0055631D Dummy
0x2AC 0x005572A0 0x00556324 Dummy
0x2AD 0x005572A4 0x0055632B Dummy
0x2AE 0x005572A8 0x00556332 Dummy
0x2AF 0x005572AC 0x00556339 Sword?
0x2B0 0x005572B0 0x00556341 Sharp Sword?
0x2B1 0x005572B4 0x0055635A Bent Sword?
0x2B2 0x005572B8 0x00556371 Rusty Sword?
0x2B3 0x005572BC 0x0055638A Big Sword?
0x2B4 0x005572C0 0x0055639F Heavy Sword?
0x2B5 0x005572C4 0x005563B8 Knife?
0x2B6 0x005572C8 0x005563C0 Thin Sword?
0x2B7 0x005572CC 0x005563D7 Blade?
0x2B8 0x005572D0 0x005563DF Old Staff?
0x2B9 0x005572D4 0x005563F4 Rod?
0x2BA 0x005572D8 0x005563FA Heavy Club?
0x2BB 0x005572DC 0x00556411 Bow?
0x2BC 0x005572E0 0x00556417 Big Bow?
0x2BD 0x005572E4 0x00556428 Spear?
0x2BE 0x005572E8 0x00556430 Instrument?
0x2BF 0x005572EC 0x0055643D Gloves?
0x2C0 0x005572F0 0x00556446 Bauble?
0x2C1 0x005572F4 0x0055644F Rusty Gun?
0x2C2 0x005572F8 0x00556464 Shield?
0x2C3 0x005572FC 0x0055646D Rusty Helm?
0x2C4 0x00557300 0x00556484 Old Cap?
0x2C5 0x00557304 0x00556495 Armor?
0x2C6 0x00557308 0x0055649D Clothes?
0x2C7 0x0055730C 0x005564A7 Robe?
0x2C8 0x00557310 0x005564AE Boots?
0x2C9 0x00557314 0x005564B6 Gauntlet?
0x2CA 0x00557318 0x005564C1 Trinket?
0x2CB 0x0055731C 0x005564CB Bag?
0x2CC 0x00557320 0x005564D1 Metal?
0x2CD 0x00557324 0x005564D9 Status Down
0x2CE 0x00557328 0x005564F0 Monster Run
0x2CF 0x0055732C 0x00556507 Item Fine
0x2D0 0x00557330 0x0055651A Card Fine
0x2D1 0x00557334 0x0055652D AP Fine
0x2D2 0x00557338 0x0055653C EqpItem Fine
0x2D3 0x0055733C 0x00556555 Volunteer
0x2D4 0x00557340 0x00556560 Gil Fine
0x2D5 0x00557344 0x00556571 HP MAX
0x2D6 0x00557348 0x0055657E MP MAX
0x2D7 0x0055734C 0x0055658B Weapon Atk
0x2D8 0x00557350 0x005565A0 Weapon Def
0x2D9 0x00557354 0x005565B5 Magic Pow
0x2DA 0x00557358 0x005565C8 Magic Res
0x2DB 0x0055735C 0x005565DB Speed
0x2DC 0x00557360 0x005565E2 Gil
0x2DD 0x00557364 0x005565E7 No Award!
0x2DE 0x00557368 0x005565FA No AP!
0x2DF 0x0055736C 0x00556607 No AP+Award!
0x2E0 0x00557370 0x00556620 All Items!
0x2E1 0x00557374 0x00556635 Empty Handed!
0x2E2 0x00557378 0x00556651 3 Cards!
0x2E3 0x0055737C 0x00556662 5 Cards!
0x2E4 0x00557380 0x00556673 10 Cards!?
0x2E5 0x00557384 0x00556688 All Cards!!
0x2E6 0x00557388 0x0055669F No Abilities!
0x2E7 0x0055738C 0x005566BA Nothing!
0x2E8 0x00557390 0x005566C4 No Monsters!
0x2E9 0x00557394 0x005566DD Color Mode
0x2EA 0x00557398 0x005566F2 Cursor Type
0x2EB 0x0055739C 0x00556709 Cursor Spd
0x2EC 0x005573A0 0x0055671E Message Spd
0x2ED 0x005573A4 0x00556735 Attack Name
0x2EE 0x005573A8 0x0055674C EXP?
0x2EF 0x005573AC 0x00556752 Judge Pts?
0x2F0 0x005573B0 0x00556767 NonEqpItems?
0x2F1 0x005573B4 0x00556775 L BUTTON
0x2F2 0x005573B8 0x00556786 Default
0x2F3 0x005573BC 0x0055678F LCD A
0x2F4 0x005573C0 0x0055679A LCD B
0x2F5 0x005573C4 0x005567A5 TV
0x2F6 0x005573C8 0x005567A9 Type A
0x2F7 0x005573CC 0x005567B6 Type B
0x2F8 0x005573D0 0x005567C3 Fast
0x2F9 0x005573D4 0x005567C9 Normal
0x2FA 0x005573D8 0x005567D1 Slow
0x2FB 0x005573DC 0x005567D7 Slow
0x2FC 0x005573E0 0x005567DD Quick
0x2FD 0x005573E4 0x005567E4 ON
0x2FE 0x005573E8 0x005567E8 OFF

Item/Location Names String Table
Game Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Start Address 0x00526680
End Address 0x00527244
# of Entries 753 pointers (0x2F1)
Entry Length 4 bytes
Total Length 3012 bytes (0xBC4)
Back to the ROM map

Item and Location Names Strings

Index Pointer Offset Text Offset Text
0x000 0x00526680 0x0052336C -
0x001 0x00526684 0x0052336F Ahriman
0x002 0x00526688 0x00523378 Ice Flan
0x003 0x0052668C 0x00523389 Blue Mage
0x004 0x00526690 0x0052339C Red Mage
0x005 0x00526694 0x005233AD Assassin
0x006 0x00526698 0x005233B7 Alchemist
0x007 0x0052669C 0x005233C2 Antlion
0x008 0x005266A0 0x005233CB Cream
0x009 0x005266A4 0x005233D2 Vampire
0x00A 0x005266A8 0x005233DB Blade Biter
0x00B 0x005266AC 0x005233F2 Defender
0x00C 0x005266B0 0x005233FC Gadgeteer
0x00D 0x005266B4 0x00523407 Coeurl
0x00E 0x005266B8 0x0052340F Gladiator
0x00F 0x005266BC 0x0052341A Grenade
0x010 0x005266C0 0x00523423 Black Mage
0x011 0x005266C4 0x00523438 Illusionist
0x012 0x005266C8 0x00523445 Goblin
0x013 0x005266CC 0x0052344D Thundrake
0x014 0x005266D0 0x00523458 Thief
0x015 0x005266D4 0x0052345F Elementalist
0x016 0x005266D8 0x0052346D Juggler
0x017 0x005266DC 0x00523476 Gunner
0x018 0x005266E0 0x0052347E Summoner
0x019 0x005266E4 0x00523488 White Mage
0x01A 0x005266E8 0x0052349D Sniper
0x01B 0x005266EC 0x005234A5 Sprite
0x01C 0x005266F0 0x005234AD Sage
0x01D 0x005266F4 0x005234B3 Soldier
0x01E 0x005266F8 0x005234BC Zombie
0x01F 0x005266FC 0x005234C4 Titania
0x020 0x00526700 0x005234CD Fighter
0x021 0x00526704 0x005234D6 Animist
0x022 0x00526708 0x005234DF Time Mage
0x023 0x0052670C 0x005234F2 Morpher
0x024 0x00526710 0x005234FB Tonberry
0x025 0x00526714 0x00523505 Masterberry
0x026 0x00526718 0x00523512 Ninja
0x027 0x0052671C 0x00523519 Paladin
0x028 0x00526720 0x00523522 Templar
0x029 0x00526724 0x0052352B Hunter
0x02A 0x00526728 0x00523533 Bishop
0x02B 0x0052672C 0x0052353B Warrior
0x02C 0x00526730 0x00523544 Jawbreaker
0x02D 0x00526734 0x00523550 Fencer
0x02E 0x00526738 0x00523558 Icedrake
0x02F 0x0052673C 0x00523562 Toughskin
0x030 0x00526740 0x0052356D Floateye
0x031 0x00526744 0x00523577 Bomb
0x032 0x00526748 0x0052357D White Monk
0x033 0x0052674C 0x00523592 Beastmaster
0x034 0x00526750 0x0052359F Mog Knight
0x035 0x00526754 0x005235B4 Malboro
0x036 0x00526758 0x005235BD Big Malboro
0x037 0x0052675C 0x005235D4 Archer
0x038 0x00526760 0x005235DC Lamia
0x039 0x00526764 0x005235E3 Dragoon
0x03A 0x00526768 0x005235EC Lilith
0x03B 0x0052676C 0x005235F4 Red Cap
0x03C 0x00526770 0x00523603 Firewyrm
0x03D 0x00526774 0x0052360D Red Panther
0x03E 0x00526778 0x00523624 Jelly
0x03F 0x0052677C 0x0052362B Runeseeker
0x040 0x00526780 0x00523637 Hermetic
0x041 0x00526784 0x00523641 Biskmatar
0x042 0x00526788 0x0052364C Li-grim
0x043 0x0052678C 0x00523655 Totema
0x044 0x00526790 0x0052365D Judgemaster
0x045 0x00526794 0x0052366A Judge
0x046 0x00526798 0x00523671 New Kid
0x047 0x0052679C 0x00523680 Librarian
0x048 0x005267A0 0x0052368B Class Head
0x049 0x005267A4 0x005236A0 PE Head
0x04A 0x005267A8 0x005236AF D.J.
0x04B 0x005267AC 0x005236B5 Nurse
0x04C 0x005267B0 0x005236BC Custodian
0x04D 0x005267B4 0x005236C7 Mr. Leslaie
0x04E 0x005267B8 0x005236DE Battle Queen
0x04F 0x005267BC 0x005236F7 Avatar
0x050 0x005267C0 0x005236FF Dephs
0x051 0x005267C4 0x00523706 dummy
0x052 0x005267C8 0x0052370D dummy
0x053 0x005267CC 0x00523714 Burglar
0x054 0x005267D0 0x0052371D Box
0x055 0x005267D4 0x00523722 Statue
0x056 0x005267D8 0x0052372A Sphere
0x057 0x005267DC 0x00523732 Borzoi Capo
0x058 0x005267E0 0x00523749 Borzoi Boss
0x059 0x005267E4 0x00523760 Falgabird
0x05A 0x005267E8 0x0052376B Naga
0x05B 0x005267EC 0x00523771 Dark Knight
0x05C 0x005267F0 0x00523788 Ark Knight
0x05D 0x005267F4 0x0052379D Rukavi
0x05E 0x005267F8 0x005237A5 World Wyrm
0x05F 0x005267FC 0x005237BA Ba Boss
0x060 0x00526800 0x005237C9 Swordman
0x061 0x00526804 0x005237D3 Inverlilith
0x062 0x00526808 0x005237E0 Top Malboro
0x063 0x0052680C 0x005237F7 Blacksmith
0x064 0x00526810 0x00523803 Bladesmith
0x065 0x00526814 0x0052380F Top Coeurl
0x066 0x00526818 0x00523824 Lost One
0x067 0x0052681C 0x00523835 Ruin Ward
0x068 0x00526820 0x00523848 Dread Raven
0x069 0x00526824 0x0052385F Mombomb
0x06A 0x00526828 0x00523868 Redwings
0x06B 0x0052682C 0x00523872 Rune Knight
0x06C 0x00526830 0x00523889 Queen Lamia
0x06D 0x00526834 0x005238A0 Adamantoise
0x06E 0x00526838 0x005238AD Ochu
0x06F 0x0052683C 0x005238B3 Neochu
0x070 0x00526840 0x005238BB Dread Lord
0x071 0x00526844 0x005238D0 Kin
0x072 0x00526848 0x005238D5 Hel Boss
0x073 0x0052684C 0x005238E6 Gelm Boss
0x074 0x00526850 0x005238F9 Kagle Boss
0x075 0x00526854 0x0052390E Fes Boss
0x076 0x00526858 0x0052391F Swordmaster
0x077 0x0052685C 0x0052392C Mamaflan
0x078 0x00526860 0x00523936 Devilboro
0x079 0x00526864 0x00523941 Clan Borzoi
0x07A 0x00526868 0x00523958 Official
0x07B 0x0052686C 0x00523962 dummy
0x07C 0x00526870 0x00523969 Shortsword
0x07D 0x00526874 0x00523975 Silver Sword
0x07E 0x00526878 0x0052398E Buster Sword
0x07F 0x0052687C 0x005239A7 Burglar Sword
0x080 0x00526880 0x005239C2 Gale Sword
0x081 0x00526884 0x005239D7 Blood Sword
0x082 0x00526888 0x005239EE Restorer
0x083 0x0052688C 0x005239F8 Vitanova
0x084 0x00526890 0x00523A02 Mythril Sword
0x085 0x00526894 0x00523A1D Victor Sword
0x086 0x00526898 0x00523A36 Onion Sword
0x087 0x0052689C 0x00523A4D Chirijiraden
0x088 0x005268A0 0x00523A5B Laglace Sword
0x089 0x005268A4 0x00523A76 Sweep Blade
0x08A 0x005268A8 0x00523A8D Shadow Blade
0x08B 0x005268AC 0x00523AA6 Sun Blade
0x08C 0x005268B0 0x00523AB9 Atmos Blade
0x08D 0x005268B4 0x00523AD0 Flametongue
0x08E 0x005268B8 0x00523ADD Air Blade
0x08F 0x005268BC 0x00523AF0 Icebrand
0x090 0x005268C0 0x00523AFA Kwigon Blade
0x091 0x005268C4 0x00523B13 Ogun Blade
0x092 0x005268C8 0x00523B28 Pearl Blade
0x093 0x005268CC 0x00523B3F Paraiba Blade
0x094 0x005268D0 0x00523B5A Venus Blade
0x095 0x005268D4 0x00523B71 Materia Blade
0x096 0x005268D8 0x00523B8C Mythril Blade
0x097 0x005268DC 0x00523BA7 Ebon Blade
0x098 0x005268E0 0x00523BBC Adaman Blade
0x099 0x005268E4 0x00523BD5 Ayvuir Red
0x09A 0x005268E8 0x00523BEA Ayvuir Blue
0x09B 0x005268EC 0x00523C01 Blue Saber
0x09C 0x005268F0 0x00523C16 Shamshir
0x09D 0x005268F4 0x00523C20 Aqua Saber
0x09E 0x005268F8 0x00523C35 Harpe
0x09F 0x005268FC 0x00523C3C Manganese
0x0A0 0x00526900 0x00523C47 Mythril Saber
0x0A1 0x00526904 0x00523C62 Tulwar
0x0A2 0x00526908 0x00523C6A Soulsaber
0x0A3 0x0052690C 0x00523C75 Defender
0x0A4 0x00526910 0x00523C7F Apocalypse
0x0A5 0x00526914 0x00523C8B Lionheart
0x0A6 0x00526918 0x00523C96 Ragnarok
0x0A7 0x0052691C 0x00523CA0 Lohengrin
0x0A8 0x00526920 0x00523CAB SaveTheQueen
0x0A9 0x00526924 0x00523CB9 Arch Sword
0x0AA 0x00526928 0x00523CCE Excalibur
0x0AB 0x0052692C 0x00523CD9 Mythril Brand
0x0AC 0x00526930 0x00523CF4 Excalibur2
0x0AD 0x00526934 0x00523D00 Nagrarok
0x0AE 0x00526938 0x00523D0A Sequence
0x0AF 0x0052693C 0x00523D14 Barong
0x0B0 0x00526940 0x00523D1C Ancient Sword
0x0B1 0x00526944 0x00523D37 Diamond Sword
0x0B2 0x00526948 0x00523D53 Hardedge
0x0B3 0x0052694C 0x00523D5D Vigilante
0x0B4 0x00526950 0x00523D68 Zankplus
0x0B5 0x00526954 0x00523D72 Master Sword
0x0B6 0x00526958 0x00523D8B Oblige
0x0B7 0x0052695C 0x00523D93 Iceprism
0x0B8 0x00526960 0x00523D9D Lurebreaker
0x0B9 0x00526964 0x00523DAA Samson Sword
0x0BA 0x00526968 0x00523DC3 Falchion
0x0BB 0x0052696C 0x00523DCD Predator
0x0BC 0x00526970 0x00523DD7 Striborg
0x0BD 0x00526974 0x00523DE1 El Cid Sword
0x0BE 0x00526978 0x00523DFA Claymore
0x0BF 0x0052697C 0x00523E04 Vajra
0x0C0 0x00526980 0x00523E0B Tabarise
0x0C1 0x00526984 0x00523E15 Rhomphaia
0x0C2 0x00526988 0x00523E20 Beastsword
0x0C3 0x0052698C 0x00523E2C Eclipse
0x0C4 0x00526990 0x00523E35 Estreledge
0x0C5 0x00526994 0x00523E41 Jack Knife
0x0C6 0x00526998 0x00523E56 Kris Knife
0x0C7 0x0052699C 0x00523E6B Khukuri
0x0C8 0x005269A0 0x00523E74 Kard
0x0C9 0x005269A4 0x00523E7A Scramasax
0x0CA 0x005269A8 0x00523E85 Rondell Dagger
0x0CB 0x005269AC 0x00523EA3 Jambiya
0x0CC 0x005269B0 0x00523EAC Zorlin Shape
0x0CD 0x005269B4 0x00523EC5 Sword Breaker
0x0CE 0x005269B8 0x00523EE0 Orichalcum
0x0CF 0x005269BC 0x00523EEC Cinquedea
0x0D0 0x005269C0 0x00523EF7 Mythril Knife
0x0D1 0x005269C4 0x00523F12 Tonberrian
0x0D2 0x005269C8 0x00523F1E Tiptaptwo
0x0D3 0x005269CC 0x00523F29 Stinger
0x0D4 0x005269D0 0x00523F32 Estoc
0x0D5 0x005269D4 0x00523F39 Fleuret
0x0D6 0x005269D8 0x00523F42 Scarlette
0x0D7 0x005269DC 0x00523F4D Flamberge
0x0D8 0x005269E0 0x00523F58 Silver Rapier
0x0D9 0x005269E4 0x00523F73 Djinn Flyssa
0x0DA 0x005269E8 0x00523F8C Joyeuse
0x0DB 0x005269EC 0x00523F95 Mage Masher
0x0DC 0x005269F0 0x00523FAC Colichemarde
0x0DD 0x005269F4 0x00523FBA Gupti Aga
0x0DE 0x005269F8 0x00523FCD Madu
0x0DF 0x005269FC 0x00523FD3 Epeprism
0x0E0 0x00526A00 0x00523FDD Mythril Rapier
0x0E1 0x00526A04 0x00523FFA Last Letter
0x0E2 0x00526A08 0x00524011 Diabolique
0x0E3 0x00526A0C 0x0052401D Femme Fatale
0x0E4 0x00526A10 0x00524036 Aerial Hole
0x0E5 0x00526A14 0x0052404D Ninja Knife
0x0E6 0x00526A18 0x00524064 Murasame
0x0E7 0x00526A1C 0x0052406E Ashura
0x0E8 0x00526A20 0x00524076 Osafune
0x0E9 0x00526A24 0x0052407F Petalchaser
0x0EA 0x00526A28 0x0052408C Kotetsu
0x0EB 0x00526A2C 0x00524095 Kikuichimonji
0x0EC 0x00526A30 0x005240A4 Heaven[']s Cloud
0x0ED 0x00526A34 0x005240C8 Nosada
0x0EE 0x00526A38 0x005240D0 Masamune
0x0EF 0x00526A3C 0x005240DA Zanmato
0x0F0 0x00526A40 0x005240E3 Mythril Epee
0x0F1 0x00526A44 0x005240FC Masamune 100
0x0F2 0x00526A48 0x00524115 Charfire
0x0F3 0x00526A4C 0x0052411F Silkmoon
0x0F4 0x00526A50 0x00524129 White Staff
0x0F5 0x00526A54 0x00524140 Guard Staff
0x0F6 0x00526A58 0x00524157 Judge Staff
0x0F7 0x00526A5C 0x0052416E Cure Staff
0x0F8 0x00526A60 0x00524183 Pure Staff
0x0F9 0x00526A64 0x00524198 Bless Staff
0x0FA 0x00526A68 0x005241AF Snake Staff
0x0FB 0x00526A6C 0x005241C6 Spring Staff
0x0FC 0x00526A70 0x005241DF Garnet Staff
0x0FD 0x00526A74 0x005241F8 Cheer Staff
0x0FE 0x00526A78 0x0052420F Nirvana Staff
0x0FF 0x00526A7C 0x0052422A Mythril Staff
0x100 0x00526A80 0x00524245 Power Staff
0x101 0x00526A84 0x0052425C Dream Watcher
0x102 0x00526A88 0x00524278 Rod
0x103 0x00526A8C 0x0052427D Firewheel Rod
0x104 0x00526A90 0x00524298 Thunder Rod
0x105 0x00526A94 0x005242AF Sleet Rod
0x106 0x00526A98 0x005242C2 Terre Rod
0x107 0x00526A9C 0x005242D5 Force Rod
0x108 0x00526AA0 0x005242E8 Flame Rod
0x109 0x00526AA4 0x005242FB Thor Rod
0x10A 0x00526AA8 0x0052430C Chill Rod
0x10B 0x00526AAC 0x0052431F Stardust Rod
0x10C 0x00526AB0 0x00524338 Princess Rod
0x10D 0x00526AB4 0x00524351 Mythril Rod
0x10E 0x00526AB8 0x00524368 Heretic Rod
0x10F 0x00526ABC 0x0052437F Sapere Aude
0x110 0x00526AC0 0x00524396 Battle Mace
0x111 0x00526AC4 0x005243AD Energy Mace
0x112 0x00526AC8 0x005243C4 Druid Mace
0x113 0x00526ACC 0x005243D9 Sage Crosier
0x114 0x00526AD0 0x005243F2 Morning Star
0x115 0x00526AD4 0x0052440B Mandragora
0x116 0x00526AD8 0x00524417 Life Crosier
0x117 0x00526ADC 0x00524430 Lotus Mace
0x118 0x00526AE0 0x00524445 Scorpion Tail
0x119 0x00526AE4 0x00524460 Zeus Mace
0x11A 0x00526AE8 0x00524473 Mythril Mace
0x11B 0x00526AEC 0x0052448C Cactus Stick
0x11C 0x00526AF0 0x005244A5 Vesper
0x11D 0x00526AF4 0x005244AD Longbow
0x11E 0x00526AF8 0x005244B6 Char Bow
0x11F 0x00526AFC 0x005244C7 Thorn Bow
0x120 0x00526B00 0x005244DA Nail Bow
0x121 0x00526B04 0x005244EB Silver Bow
0x122 0x00526B08 0x00524500 Artemis Bow
0x123 0x00526B0C 0x00524517 Yoichi Bow
0x124 0x00526B10 0x0052452C Target Bow
0x125 0x00526B14 0x00524541 Perseus Bow
0x126 0x00526B18 0x00524558 Mythril Bow
0x127 0x00526B1C 0x0052456F Crescent Bow
0x128 0x00526B20 0x00524588 Malbow
0x129 0x00526B24 0x00524590 Windslash Bow
0x12A 0x00526B28 0x005245AB Ranger Bow
0x12B 0x00526B2C 0x005245C0 Cranequin
0x12C 0x00526B30 0x005245CB Twin Bow
0x12D 0x00526B34 0x005245DC Hunt Bow
0x12E 0x00526B38 0x005245ED Fey Bow
0x12F 0x00526B3C 0x005245FC Hades Bow
0x130 0x00526B40 0x0052460F Nike Bow
0x131 0x00526B44 0x00524620 Master Bow
0x132 0x00526B48 0x00524635 Max[']s Oathbow
0x133 0x00526B4C 0x00524657 Seventh Heaven
0x134 0x00526B50 0x00524681 Mythril Shot
0x135 0x00526B54 0x0052469A Marduk Bow
0x136 0x00526B58 0x005246AF Gastra Bow
0x137 0x00526B5C 0x005246C4 Arbalest
0x138 0x00526B60 0x005246CE Javelin
0x139 0x00526B64 0x005246D7 Lava Spear
0x13A 0x00526B68 0x005246EC Gae Bolg
0x13B 0x00526B6C 0x005246FD Ice Lance
0x13C 0x00526B70 0x00524710 Partisan
0x13D 0x00526B74 0x0052471A Kain[']s Lance
0x13E 0x00526B78 0x00524733 Trident
0x13F 0x00526B7C 0x0052473C Dragon Whisker
0x140 0x00526B80 0x00524760 Mythril Spear
0x141 0x00526B84 0x0052477B Odin Lance
0x142 0x00526B88 0x00524790 Beastspear
0x143 0x00526B8C 0x0052479C Bangaa Spike
0x144 0x00526B90 0x005247B5 Demon Bell
0x145 0x00526B94 0x005247CA Glass Bell
0x146 0x00526B98 0x005247DF War Trumpet
0x147 0x00526B9C 0x005247F6 Conch Shell
0x148 0x00526BA0 0x0052480D Earth Bell
0x149 0x00526BA4 0x00524822 Black Quena
0x14A 0x00526BA8 0x00524839 Satyr Flute
0x14B 0x00526BAC 0x00524850 Fairy Harp
0x14C 0x00526BB0 0x00524865 Aona Flute
0x14D 0x00526BB4 0x0052487A Heal Chime
0x14E 0x00526BB8 0x0052488F Blood Strings
0x14F 0x00526BBC 0x005248AA Mythril Bell
0x150 0x00526BC0 0x005248C3 Dark Fiddle
0x151 0x00526BC4 0x005248DA Fell Castanets
0x152 0x00526BC8 0x005248F7 Hard Knuckles
0x153 0x00526BCC 0x00524912 Rising Sun
0x154 0x00526BD0 0x00524927 Sick Knuckles
0x155 0x00526BD4 0x00524942 Dream Claws
0x156 0x00526BD8 0x00524959 Kaiser Knuckles
0x157 0x00526BDC 0x0052497F Cat Claws
0x158 0x00526BE0 0x00524992 Survivor
0x159 0x00526BE4 0x0052499C White Fangs
0x15A 0x00526BE8 0x005249B3 Godhand
0x15B 0x00526BEC 0x005249BC Tiger Fangs
0x15C 0x00526BF0 0x005249D3 Death Claws
0x15D 0x00526BF4 0x005249EA Mythril Claws
0x15E 0x00526BF8 0x00524A05 Greaseburst
0x15F 0x00526BFC 0x00524A12 Magic Hands
0x160 0x00526C00 0x00524A29 Goblin Soul
0x161 0x00526C04 0x00524A40 Flan Soul
0x162 0x00526C08 0x00524A53 Bomb Soul
0x163 0x00526C0C 0x00524A66 Dragon Soul
0x164 0x00526C10 0x00524A7D Lamia Soul
0x165 0x00526C14 0x00524A92 Bug Soul
0x166 0x00526C18 0x00524AA3 Panther Soul
0x167 0x00526C1C 0x00524ABC Malboro Soul
0x168 0x00526C20 0x00524AD5 Eye Soul
0x169 0x00526C24 0x00524AE6 Mythril Soul
0x16A 0x00526C28 0x00524AFF Dread Soul
0x16B 0x00526C2C 0x00524B14 Rukavi Soul
0x16C 0x00526C30 0x00524B2B Aiot Gun
0x16D 0x00526C34 0x00524B3C Silver Cannon
0x16E 0x00526C38 0x00524B57 Riot Gun
0x16F 0x00526C3C 0x00524B68 Chaos Rifle
0x170 0x00526C40 0x00524B7F Lost Gun
0x171 0x00526C44 0x00524B90 Peacemaker
0x172 0x00526C48 0x00524B9C Giot Gun
0x173 0x00526C4C 0x00524BAD Longbarrel
0x174 0x00526C50 0x00524BB9 Outsider
0x175 0x00526C54 0x00524BC3 Mythril Gun
0x176 0x00526C58 0x00524BDA Bindsnipe
0x177 0x00526C5C 0x00524BE5 Calling Gun
0x178 0x00526C60 0x00524BFC Bronze Shield
0x179 0x00526C64 0x00524C17 Round Shield
0x17A 0x00526C68 0x00524C30 Opal Shield
0x17B 0x00526C6C 0x00524C47 Ice Shield
0x17C 0x00526C70 0x00524C5C Flame Shield
0x17D 0x00526C74 0x00524C75 Aegis Shield
0x17E 0x00526C78 0x00524C8E Genji Shield
0x17F 0x00526C7C 0x00524CA7 Sacri Shield
0x180 0x00526C80 0x00524CC0 Shijin Shield
0x181 0x00526C84 0x00524CDB Choco Shield
0x182 0x00526C88 0x00524CF4 La Seraphica
0x183 0x00526C8C 0x00524D0D Reverie Shield
0x184 0x00526C90 0x00524D2A Bronze Helm
0x185 0x00526C94 0x00524D41 Iron Helm
0x186 0x00526C98 0x00524D54 Opal Helm
0x187 0x00526C9C 0x00524D67 Cross Helm
0x188 0x00526CA0 0x00524D7C Diamond Helm
0x189 0x00526CA4 0x00524D95 Genji Helm
0x18A 0x00526CA8 0x00524DAA Parade Helm
0x18B 0x00526CAC 0x00524DC1 Hanya Helm
0x18C 0x00526CB0 0x00524DD6 Bangaa Helm
0x18D 0x00526CB4 0x00524DED Cachusha
0x18E 0x00526CB8 0x00524DF7 Barette
0x18F 0x00526CBC 0x00524E00 Ribbon
0x190 0x00526CC0 0x00524E08 Feather Cap
0x191 0x00526CC4 0x00524E1F Circlet
0x192 0x00526CC8 0x00524E28 Green Beret
0x193 0x00526CCC 0x00524E3F Headband
0x194 0x00526CD0 0x00524E49 Wizard Hat
0x195 0x00526CD4 0x00524E5E Gold Hairpin
0x196 0x00526CD8 0x00524E77 Thief Hat
0x197 0x00526CDC 0x00524E8A Black Hat
0x198 0x00526CE0 0x00524E9D White Hat
0x199 0x00526CE4 0x00524EB0 Acacia Hat
0x19A 0x00526CE8 0x00524EC5 Tiara
0x19B 0x00526CEC 0x00524ECC Cuirass
0x19C 0x00526CF0 0x00524ED5 Bronze Armor
0x19D 0x00526CF4 0x00524EEE Iron Armor
0x19E 0x00526CF8 0x00524F03 Platemail
0x19F 0x00526CFC 0x00524F0E Gold Armor
0x1A0 0x00526D00 0x00524F23 Diamond Armor
0x1A1 0x00526D04 0x00524F3E Opal Armor
0x1A2 0x00526D08 0x00524F53 Carabini Mail
0x1A3 0x00526D0C 0x00524F6E Mirror Mail
0x1A4 0x00526D10 0x00524F85 Dragon Mail
0x1A5 0x00526D14 0x00524F9C Genji Armor
0x1A6 0x00526D18 0x00524FB3 Maximillian
0x1A7 0x00526D1C 0x00524FC0 Adaman Armor
0x1A8 0x00526D20 0x00524FD9 Materia Armor
0x1A9 0x00526D24 0x00524FF4 Peytral
0x1AA 0x00526D28 0x00524FFD Leather Garb
0x1AB 0x00526D2C 0x00525016 Chain Plate
0x1AC 0x00526D30 0x0052502D Adaman Vest
0x1AD 0x00526D34 0x00525044 Survival Vest
0x1AE 0x00526D38 0x0052505F Brigandine
0x1AF 0x00526D3C 0x0052506B Judo Uniform
0x1B0 0x00526D40 0x00525084 Power Sash
0x1B1 0x00526D44 0x00525099 Gaia Gear
0x1B2 0x00526D48 0x005250AC Minerva Plate
0x1B3 0x00526D4C 0x005250C7 Ninja Gear
0x1B4 0x00526D50 0x005250DC Dark Gear
0x1B5 0x00526D54 0x005250EF Wygar
0x1B6 0x00526D58 0x005250F6 Mirage Vest
0x1B7 0x00526D5C 0x0052510D Rubber Suit
0x1B8 0x00526D60 0x00525124 Bone Plate
0x1B9 0x00526D64 0x00525139 Onlyone
0x1BA 0x00526D68 0x00525142 Brint Set
0x1BB 0x00526D6C 0x00525155 Galmia Set
0x1BC 0x00526D70 0x0052516A Judge Coat
0x1BD 0x00526D74 0x0052517F Temple Cloth
0x1BE 0x00526D78 0x00525198 Hempen Robe
0x1BF 0x00526D7C 0x005251AF Silken Robe
0x1C0 0x00526D80 0x005251C6 Magus Robe
0x1C1 0x00526D84 0x005251DB Mistle Robe
0x1C2 0x00526D88 0x005251F2 Blaze Robe
0x1C3 0x00526D8C 0x00525207 Thunder Robe
0x1C4 0x00526D90 0x00525220 Flurry Robe
0x1C5 0x00526D94 0x00525237 White Robe
0x1C6 0x00526D98 0x0052524C Black Robe
0x1C7 0x00526D9C 0x00525261 Light Robe
0x1C8 0x00526DA0 0x00525276 Lordly Robe
0x1C9 0x00526DA4 0x0052528D Silver Coat
0x1CA 0x00526DA8 0x005252A4 Red Robe
0x1CB 0x00526DAC 0x005252B5 Sage Robe
0x1CC 0x00526DB0 0x005252C8 Magic Robe
0x1CD 0x00526DB4 0x005252DD Reaper Cloak
0x1CE 0x00526DB8 0x005252F6 Battle Boots
0x1CF 0x00526DBC 0x0052530F Spiked Boots
0x1D0 0x00526DC0 0x00525328 Dash Boots
0x1D1 0x00526DC4 0x0052533D Red Boots
0x1D2 0x00526DC8 0x00525350 Feather Boots
0x1D3 0x00526DCC 0x0052536B Germinas
0x1D4 0x00526DD0 0x00525375 Galmia Shoes
0x1D5 0x00526DD4 0x0052538E Fairy Shoes
0x1D6 0x00526DD8 0x005253A5 Caligula
0x1D7 0x00526DDC 0x005253AF Ninja Tabi
0x1D8 0x00526DE0 0x005253C4 Gauntlets
0x1D9 0x00526DE4 0x005253CF Thief Armlets
0x1DA 0x00526DE8 0x005253EA Bracers
0x1DB 0x00526DEC 0x005253F3 Genji Armlets
0x1DC 0x00526DF0 0x0052540E Fire Mitts
0x1DD 0x00526DF4 0x00525423 Bone Armlets
0x1DE 0x00526DF8 0x0052543C Fortune Ring
0x1DF 0x00526DFC 0x00525455 Magic Ring
0x1E0 0x00526E00 0x0052546A Angel Ring
0x1E1 0x00526E04 0x0052547F Scarab
0x1E2 0x00526E08 0x00525487 Ruby Earring
0x1E3 0x00526E0C 0x005254A0 Star Armlet
0x1E4 0x00526E10 0x005254B7 Mindu Gem
0x1E5 0x00526E14 0x005254CA Potion
0x1E6 0x00526E18 0x005254D2 Hi-Potion
0x1E7 0x00526E1C 0x005254DD X-Potion
0x1E8 0x00526E20 0x005254E7 Ether
0x1E9 0x00526E24 0x005254EE Elixir
0x1EA 0x00526E28 0x005254F6 Antidote
0x1EB 0x00526E2C 0x00525500 Eye Drops
0x1EC 0x00526E30 0x00525513 Echo Screen
0x1ED 0x00526E34 0x0052552A Maiden Kiss
0x1EE 0x00526E38 0x00525541 Soft
0x1EF 0x00526E3C 0x00525547 Holy Water
0x1F0 0x00526E40 0x0052555C Bandage
0x1F1 0x00526E44 0x00525565 Cureall
0x1F2 0x00526E48 0x0052556E Phoenix Down
0x1F3 0x00526E4C 0x00525587 Magic Trophy
0x1F4 0x00526E50 0x005255A0 Fight Trophy
0x1F5 0x00526E54 0x005255B9 Sport Trophy
0x1F6 0x00526E58 0x005255D2 Elda[']s Cup
0x1F7 0x00526E5C 0x005255E7 Ogma[']s Seal
0x1F8 0x00526E60 0x005255FE Gold Vessel
0x1F9 0x00526E64 0x00525615 Magic Medal
0x1FA 0x00526E68 0x0052562C Ancient Medal
0x1FB 0x00526E6C 0x00525647 Coast Medal
0x1FC 0x00526E70 0x0052565E Guard Medal
0x1FD 0x00526E74 0x00525675 Friend Pin
0x1FE 0x00526E78 0x0052568A Master Brave
0x1FF 0x00526E7C 0x005256A3 Badge
0x200 0x00526E80 0x005256AA Rainbowite
0x201 0x00526E84 0x005256B6 Delta Fang
0x202 0x00526E88 0x005256CB Cat[']s Tears
0x203 0x00526E8C 0x005256E2 Dame[']s Blush
0x204 0x00526E90 0x005256FB Thunderstone
0x205 0x00526E94 0x00525709 Stormstone
0x206 0x00526E98 0x00525715 Esteroth
0x207 0x00526E9C 0x0052571F Ahriman Eye
0x208 0x00526EA0 0x00525736 Wyrmstone
0x209 0x00526EA4 0x00525741 Topaz Armring
0x20A 0x00526EA8 0x0052575C Zodiac Ore
0x20B 0x00526EAC 0x00525771 Silvril
0x20C 0x00526EB0 0x0052577A Materite
0x20D 0x00526EB4 0x00525784 Leestone
0x20E 0x00526EB8 0x0052578E Adamantite
0x20F 0x00526EBC 0x0052579A Spiritstone
0x210 0x00526EC0 0x005257A7 Amber
0x211 0x00526EC4 0x005257AE Adaman Alloy
0x212 0x00526EC8 0x005257C7 Mysidia Alloy
0x213 0x00526ECC 0x005257E2 Crusite Alloy
0x214 0x00526ED0 0x005257FD Lodestone
0x215 0x00526ED4 0x00525808 Black Thread
0x216 0x00526ED8 0x00525821 White Thread
0x217 0x00526EDC 0x0052583A Chocobo Skin
0x218 0x00526EE0 0x00525853 Magic Cloth
0x219 0x00526EE4 0x0052586A Magic Cotton
0x21A 0x00526EE8 0x00525883 Blood Shawl
0x21B 0x00526EEC 0x0052589A Ahriman Wing
0x21C 0x00526EF0 0x005258B3 Fairy Wing
0x21D 0x00526EF4 0x005258C8 Bomb Shell
0x21E 0x00526EF8 0x005258DD Panther Hide
0x21F 0x00526EFC 0x005258F6 Tiger Hide
0x220 0x00526F00 0x0052590B Jerky
0x221 0x00526F04 0x00525912 Gysahl Greens
0x222 0x00526F08 0x0052592D Chocobo Egg
0x223 0x00526F0C 0x00525944 Goldcap
0x224 0x00526F10 0x0052594D Life Water
0x225 0x00526F14 0x00525962 Eldagusto
0x226 0x00526F18 0x0052596D Cyril Ice
0x227 0x00526F1C 0x00525980 Choco Bread
0x228 0x00526F20 0x00525997 Choco Gratin
0x229 0x00526F24 0x005259B0 Kiddy Bread
0x22A 0x00526F28 0x005259C7 Grownup Bread
0x22B 0x00526F2C 0x005259E3 Malboro Wine
0x22C 0x00526F30 0x005259FC Gedegg Soup
0x22D 0x00526F34 0x00525A13 Ancient Text
0x22E 0x00526F38 0x00525A2C Magic Vellum
0x22F 0x00526F3C 0x00525A45 Justice Badge
0x230 0x00526F40 0x00525A60 Friend Badge
0x231 0x00526F44 0x00525A79 Runba[']s Tale
0x232 0x00526F48 0x00525A92 The Hero Gaol
0x233 0x00526F4C 0x00525AAD Edaroya Tome
0x234 0x00526F50 0x00525AC6 Homework
0x235 0x00526F54 0x00525AD0 Encyclopedia
0x236 0x00526F58 0x00525ADE Dictionary
0x237 0x00526F5C 0x00525AEA Monster Guide
0x238 0x00526F60 0x00525B05 Secret Books
0x239 0x00526F64 0x00525B1E Sketchbook
0x23A 0x00526F68 0x00525B2A Stuffed Bear
0x23B 0x00526F6C 0x00525B43 Rat Tail
0x23C 0x00526F70 0x00525B54 Rabbit Tail
0x23D 0x00526F74 0x00525B6B Danbukwood
0x23E 0x00526F78 0x00525B77 Moonwood
0x23F 0x00526F7C 0x00525B81 Stradivari
0x240 0x00526F80 0x00525B8D Clock Post
0x241 0x00526F84 0x00525BA2 Fountain Pen
0x242 0x00526F88 0x00525BBB Earplugs
0x243 0x00526F8C 0x00525BC5 Crystal
0x244 0x00526F90 0x00525BCE Old Statue
0x245 0x00526F94 0x00525BE3 Neighbor Pin
0x246 0x00526F98 0x00525BFC Trichord
0x247 0x00526F9C 0x00525C06 Rusty Sword
0x248 0x00526FA0 0x00525C1D Broken Sword
0x249 0x00526FA4 0x00525C36 Bent Sword
0x24A 0x00526FA8 0x00525C4B Rusty Spear
0x24B 0x00526FAC 0x00525C62 Fire Sigil
0x24C 0x00526FB0 0x00525C77 Water Sigil
0x24D 0x00526FB4 0x00525C8E Wind Sigil
0x24E 0x00526FB8 0x00525CA3 Earth Sigil
0x24F 0x00526FBC 0x00525CBA Mind Ceffyl
0x250 0x00526FC0 0x00525CD1 Body Ceffyl
0x251 0x00526FC4 0x00525CE8 Feather Badge
0x252 0x00526FC8 0x00525D03 Insignia
0x253 0x00526FCC 0x00525D0D Ally Finder
0x254 0x00526FD0 0x00525D24 Ally Finder2
0x255 0x00526FD4 0x00525D3D Tranquil Box
0x256 0x00526FD8 0x00525D56 Loaded Dice
0x257 0x00526FDC 0x00525D6D Snake Shield
0x258 0x00526FE0 0x00525D86 Stasis Rope
0x259 0x00526FE4 0x00525D9D Mythril Pick
0x25A 0x00526FE8 0x00525DB6 Caravan Musk
0x25B 0x00526FEC 0x00525DCF Love Potion
0x25C 0x00526FF0 0x00525DE6 Tonberry Lamp
0x25D 0x00526FF4 0x00525E01 Stilpool Scroll
0x25E 0x00526FF8 0x00525E20 Flower Vase
0x25F 0x00526FFC 0x00525E37 Dragon Bone
0x260 0x00527000 0x00525E4E Animal Bone
0x261 0x00527004 0x00525E65 Skull
0x262 0x00527008 0x00525E6C Helje Key
0x263 0x0052700C 0x00525E7F Clock Gear
0x264 0x00527010 0x00525E94 Gun Gear
0x265 0x00527014 0x00525EA5 Sprinkler
0x266 0x00527018 0x00525EB0 Silk Bloom
0x267 0x0052701C 0x00525EC5 Moon Bloom
0x268 0x00527020 0x00525EDA Telaq Flower
0x269 0x00527024 0x00525EF3 Blue Rose
0x26A 0x00527028 0x00525F06 White Flowers
0x26B 0x0052702C 0x00525F21 Blood Apple
0x26C 0x00527030 0x00525F38 Magic Fruit
0x26D 0x00527034 0x00525F4F Power Fruit
0x26E 0x00527038 0x00525F66 Vermillion
0x26F 0x0052703C 0x00525F72 Stolen Gil
0x270 0x00527040 0x00525F87 Ancient Bills
0x271 0x00527044 0x00525FA2 Ancient Coins
0x272 0x00527048 0x00525FBD Skills
0x273 0x0052704C 0x00525FC5 Techniques
0x274 0x00527050 0x00525FD1 Color Magic
0x275 0x00527054 0x00525FE8 Chivalry
0x276 0x00527058 0x00525FF2 Prayer
0x277 0x0052705C 0x00525FFA Defend
0x278 0x00527060 0x00526002 Elementals
0x279 0x00527064 0x0052600E Hunt
0x27A 0x00527068 0x00526014 Charge
0x27B 0x0052706C 0x0052601C Time Magic
0x27C 0x00527070 0x00526031 Aim
0x27D 0x00527074 0x00526036 Sharpshoot
0x27E 0x00527078 0x00526042 Gunmanship
0x27F 0x0052707C 0x0052604E Steal
0x280 0x00527080 0x00526055 Corner
0x281 0x00527084 0x0052605D Control
0x282 0x00527088 0x00526066 Morph
0x283 0x0052708C 0x0052606D Call
0x284 0x00527090 0x00526073 Summon
0x285 0x00527094 0x0052607B Items
0x286 0x00527098 0x00526082 Fire
0x287 0x0052709C 0x00526088 Ice
0x288 0x005270A0 0x0052608D Lightning
0x289 0x005270A4 0x00526098 Holy
0x28A 0x005270A8 0x0052609E Wind
0x28B 0x005270AC 0x005260A4 xxxx
0x28C 0x005270B0 0x005260AA xxxx
0x28D 0x005270B4 0x005260B0 xxxx
0x28E 0x005270B8 0x005260B6 xxxx
0x28F 0x005270BC 0x005260BC Ganging Up
0x290 0x005270C0 0x005260D1 Full HP
0x291 0x005270C4 0x005260E0 HP > 1/2
0x292 0x005270C8 0x005260F1 Copycat
0x293 0x005270CC 0x005260FA Fight
0x294 0x005270D0 0x00526101 Target Area
0x295 0x005270D4 0x00526118 Target All
0x296 0x005270D8 0x0052612D Swords
0x297 0x005270DC 0x00526135 Blades
0x298 0x005270E0 0x0052613D Sabers
0x299 0x005270E4 0x00526145 Knightswords
0x29A 0x005270E8 0x00526153 Greatswords
0x29B 0x005270EC 0x00526160 Broadswords
0x29C 0x005270F0 0x0052616D Knives
0x29D 0x005270F4 0x00526175 Rapiers
0x29E 0x005270F8 0x0052617E Katanas
0x29F 0x005270FC 0x00526187 Spears
0x2A0 0x00527100 0x0052618F Instruments
0x2A1 0x00527104 0x0052619C Knuckles
0x2A2 0x00527108 0x005261A6 Soul
0x2A3 0x0052710C 0x005261AC Missile
0x2A4 0x00527110 0x005261B5 Dark
0x2A5 0x00527114 0x005261BB Staves
0x2A6 0x00527118 0x005261C3 Rods
0x2A7 0x0052711C 0x005261C9 Maces
0x2A8 0x00527120 0x005261D0 Bare Hands
0x2A9 0x00527124 0x005261E5 Damage > 100
0x2AA 0x00527128 0x005261FE Heal < 50
0x2AB 0x0052712C 0x00526211 Heal < 100
0x2AC 0x00527130 0x00526226 Heal > 50
0x2AD 0x00527134 0x00526239 Heal > 100
0x2AE 0x00527138 0x0052624E Healing
0x2AF 0x0052713C 0x00526257 Petrify
0x2B0 0x00527140 0x00526260 Frog
0x2B1 0x00527144 0x00526266 Poison
0x2B2 0x00527148 0x0052626E Confuse
0x2B3 0x0052714C 0x00526277 Berserk
0x2B4 0x00527150 0x00526280 Silence
0x2B5 0x00527154 0x00526289 Charm
0x2B6 0x00527158 0x00526290 Bind
0x2B7 0x0052715C 0x00526296 Addle
0x2B8 0x00527160 0x0052629D Slow
0x2B9 0x00527164 0x005262A3 Stop
0x2BA 0x00527168 0x005262A9 Status
0x2BB 0x0052716C 0x005262B1 Shell
0x2BC 0x00527170 0x005262B8 Protect
0x2BD 0x00527174 0x005262C1 Haste
0x2BE 0x00527178 0x005262C8 Dmg2: Human
0x2BF 0x0052717C 0x005262DF Dmg2: Bangaa
0x2C0 0x00527180 0x005262F8 Dmg2: Nu Mou
0x2C1 0x00527184 0x00526311 Dmg2: Viera
0x2C2 0x00527188 0x00526328 Dmg2: Moogle
0x2C3 0x0052718C 0x00526341 Dmg2: Animal
0x2C4 0x00527190 0x0052635A Law Cards
0x2C5 0x00527194 0x0052636D NoClr Magic
0x2C6 0x00527198 0x00526384 (not used)
0x2C7 0x0052719C 0x00526399 R1 Antilaw
0x2C8 0x005271A0 0x005263AE R2 Antilaw
0x2C9 0x005271A4 0x005263C3 R3 Antilaw
0x2CA 0x005271A8 0x005263D8 R4 Antilaw
0x2CB 0x005271AC 0x005263ED R5 Antilaw
0x2CC 0x005271B0 0x00526402 R6 Antilaw
0x2CD 0x005271B4 0x00526417 Allmighty
0x2CE 0x005271B8 0x00526422 Bervenia Palace
0x2CF 0x005271BC 0x0052644B Cyril
0x2D0 0x005271C0 0x00526452 Sprohm
0x2D1 0x005271C4 0x0052645A Muscadet
0x2D2 0x005271C8 0x00526464 Cadoan
0x2D3 0x005271CC 0x0052646C Baguba Port
0x2D4 0x005271D0 0x00526483 Nubswood
0x2D5 0x005271D4 0x0052648D Giza Plains
0x2D6 0x005271D8 0x005264A4 Kudik Peaks
0x2D7 0x005271DC 0x005264BB Uladon Bog
0x2D8 0x005271E0 0x005264D0 Jeraw Sands
0x2D9 0x005271E4 0x005264E7 Lutia Pass
0x2DA 0x005271E8 0x005264FC Koringwood
0x2DB 0x005271EC 0x00526508 Ulei River
0x2DC 0x005271F0 0x0052651D Aisenfield
0x2DD 0x005271F4 0x00526529 Roda Volcano
0x2DE 0x005271F8 0x00526542 Eluut Sands
0x2DF 0x005271FC 0x00526559 Nargai Cave
0x2E0 0x00527200 0x00526570 Salikawood
0x2E1 0x00527204 0x0052657C Delia Dunes
0x2E2 0x00527208 0x00526593 Gotor Sands
0x2E3 0x0052720C 0x005265AA Ozmonfield
0x2E4 0x00527210 0x005265B6 Deti Plains
0x2E5 0x00527214 0x005265CD Siena Gorge
0x2E6 0x00527218 0x005265E4 Materiwood
0x2E7 0x0052721C 0x005265F0 Tubola Cave
0x2E8 0x00527220 0x00526607 Jagd Dorsa
0x2E9 0x00527224 0x0052661C Jagd Helje
0x2EA 0x00527228 0x00526631 Jagd Ahli
0x2EB 0x0052722C 0x00526644 Ambervale
0x2EC 0x00527230 0x0052664F Kingmoon
0x2ED 0x00527234 0x00526659 Madmoon
0x2EE 0x00527238 0x00526662 Sagemoon
0x2EF 0x0052723C 0x0052666C Huntmoon
0x2F0 0x00527240 0x00526676 Bardmoon


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