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{{title|Final Fantasy V}}
{{SNES| title = Final Fantasy V
|name = Final Fantasy V
|game = Final Fantasy V
*'''FF5 Multi Editor''', coded by '''JCE3000GT''' of [http://www.blitzkrieg.finalconquest.net/ BlitzKrieg Innovations]
*'''FF5 Multi Editor''', coded by '''JCE3000GT''' of [http://www.blitzkrieg.finalconquest.net/ BlitzKrieg Innovations]

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Final Fantasy V
Name Final Fantasy V
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-A character editor (stats, equipment and battle command)
-An advanced monster editor (for every individual aspect of monsters, sprite excepted)


  • RPGe has released an english translation of Final Fantasy V on 1998, available at The Whirlpool

Translation Comments - by Spinner 8

RPGe's FFV translation is probably the most famous fan translation ever. It was the first RPG to ever be completely translated, and a lot of ROM hackers and translators today cite this project as the reason they got into the hobby. Given the project's troubled history, it's really nice to see such an overwhelmingly positive result.

  • JCE3000GT (also known as BlitzKrieg)
    • Final Fantasy V - EasyType V1.0. This basically makes your characters gods and makes the game a breeze to play through. This patch was made by request for people who wanted to see the story and not worry about the tediousness of RPG micromangement.
    • Final Fantasy V - Expert 0.947. Unlike the above hack I decided to make a harder one. I cannot remember what all I changed so you'll just have to play it. = )
  • Dragonsbrethren (formerly known as Dark Knight Kain [DKK]


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