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{{magnify|factor=1.5|text=[[Final Fantasy VI:ROM map|ROM map]]}}
{{magnify|factor=1.5|text=[[Final Fantasy VI:Yousei ROM map version 1|Yousei ROM map version 1]]}}
{{magnify|factor=1.5|text=[[Final Fantasy VI:Yousei ROM map version 2 (rare)|Yousei ROM map version 2 (rare)]]}}
{{magnify|factor=1.5|text=[[Final Fantasy VI:RAM map|RAM map]]}}
{{magnify|factor=1.5|text=[[Final Fantasy VI:RAM map|RAM map]]}}

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  • Lord J Utilities
    • FF3usME (Multi Editor)

The most advanced Final Fantasy III editor.
FF3usME can edit:
-Single monster in every aspect (names, stats/effects, sprites, attack scripts...).
-Single items specs and morph items packs.
-Colloseum betting system.
-Monster Formations in every aspect.
-Characters starting stats and growth specs.
-Magic spells (names and every stats/effects).
-Graphic palettes.

  • Other Lord J Utilities
    • FF3usSpriteEd, an advanced character Sprite editor.
    • EventDump extraction/insertion utility, a DOS script modifier.
    • FF3h, an advanced SRAM editor.


  • RPGOne -- has retranslated the game from the original Japanese. Their translation is "much more faithful to the original Japanese game with regards to the translation, the extras, and the graphics." Additionaly, they provide optional patch fixes for glitches overlooked in the original release.


This game was released in the United States as Final Fantasy III.
In addition to the version 1.0, there is a version 1.1 of the US release.
Version 1.1 might contain some fixes for the countless bugs of the version 1.0

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