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Final Fantasy VI has been extensively hacked.




  • Lord J
    • Final Fantasy 3 us Multi Editor, the most advanced Final Fantasy VI editor

FF3usME menu:
-Advanced single monsters edior (names, stats/effects, sprites, attack scripts...)
-Advanced single items & morph items packs editor
-Colloseum betting system editor
-Advanced monster formations editor
-Advanced characters starting stats and growth properties editor
-Advanced magic spells editor (names and every stats/effects)
-GFX palettes editor

    • FF3usSpriteEd, a character sprite editor
    • EventDump extraction/insertion utility, a DOS script modifier
    • FF3h, an advanced SRAM editor
  • Yousei
    • Final Fantasy 3 Edit, is another powerful editor for Final Fantasy III (U) (v1.0) only, created by Yousei, continued by Eizneckam

FF3 US Editor menu:
-World maps GFX editor
-Dialogues and fonts editor
-Items, Shops, Magic and Espers editor
-Monster formations and monster statistics editor
-Character starting stats and growth properties

  • Terii Senshi
    • Final Fantasy VI Sprite Editor, an advanced sprite editor

-Monsters sprite editor
-Espers sprite editor
-Charaters portrait editor
-Charaters sprite editor

    • Final Fantasy VI Veldt Monster Finder, used to find any monster you want on the Veldt
    • Final Fantasy VI Doom Gaze Finder, used to find where Doom Gaze is hiding
  • BlitzKrieg Innovations
    • FF3us/6 Shop Editor, this program edits the shop data from the ROMs


  • RPGOne -- has retranslated the game from the original Japanese. Their translation is "much more faithful to the original Japanese game with regards to the translation, the extras, and the graphics." Additionaly, they provide optional patch fixes for glitches overlooked in the original release.

Bug Fixes

Repairs the 25% physical damage reduction caused by Genji Glove so that the cut happens just when you have two weapons. Normally, that penalty would occur only if you had the Genji Glove on and one or no weapons equipped; hence the need for the fix, since that obviously doesn't make any sense.

Repairs the main Magic Damage Calculation function to make sure damage stays within a 16-bit value. Previously, there was nothing preventing magical attacks from overflowing the damage counter, wrapping it to some paltry number; try a Level 99 character with 140+ Magic Power and Ultima to see the bug in action. Thankfully, Square did foolproof all (?) the other functions that can increase damage, minimizing my work.

Status immunities in this game are two-way: if a target is immune to a status but doesn't have it, it can't be given to it; if a target is immune to a status but already has it, it can't be removed from it. However, a couple special cases break the rules: Zombie (through Overcast) and Near Fatal (through HP <= 1/8 of its maximum). With these two cases, it's possible to enter those statuses while already immune to them, which in turn causes the statuses to be impossible to remove. This patch will prevent the former from happening, thus preserving 2-way immunity.

There are five bugs involving Jump here, a couple specific to Ogre Nix. This patch fixes all those bugs. If you're interested in how it does that or more info on the bugs themselves, consult the Readme, particularly Sections 0 and 6.

Fixes this attack property to work correctly. In doing so, Acid Rain and Virite no longer heal the Undead (like Runic for example), and Seizure now heals the Undead as it should. Seizure is the most noticable effect of the patch since things such as Whispers on the Phantom Train no longer degenerate (along with Gau if he uses the Rage, so now it has a profitable effect).

This patch fixes the behavior of the FC 05 enemy script conditional command. In the normal game, FC 05 counterattacks the first damaging blow dealt (HP or MP), and after that it counterattacks anything. The bugfix makes it so that FC 05 only counterattacks HP or MP damaging attacks. This should, at the same time, fix a targeting bug in which FC 05 doesn't change targets if the last attacker didn't do damage, since now it only counters HP or MP damaging attacks.

    • Slot derigging patches for v1.0 and v1.1

This branches past the code that rigs Setzer's Slot command against you when trying to get attacks such as Bahamut, and leaves it to your own timing to get the right combination. At least with this, you can't blame the game when you miss the last 7. The readme also provides Game Genie codes to use on your cartridge that do the same as the patch (it only changes 4 bytes anyway). Try 1.1 if the 1.0 patch doesn't work. Neither are guaranteed, but at least I tried to make this hack work on both versions for once. ^_^

Other hacks


This game was released in the United States as Final Fantasy III.
In addition to the version 1.0, there is a version 1.1 of the US release.
Version 1.1 might contain some fixes for the countless bugs of the version 1.0

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