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(clean up)
Line 1,473: Line 1,473:
  C1/AB7B: C904    CMP #$04
  C1/AB7B: C904    CMP #$04
  C1/AB7D: B00B    BCS $AB8A
  C1/AB7D: B00B    BCS $AB8A
  C1/AB7F: 2903    AND #$03
  C1/AB7F: 2903    AND #$03 (''note: whatever A's value was before, now it only can be #$00, #$01, #$02 or #$03'')
  C1/AB81: 0A      ASL A
  C1/AB81: 0A      ASL A
  C1/AB82: 0A      ASL A
  C1/AB82: 0A      ASL A
  C1/AB83: 0A      ASL A
  C1/AB83: 0A      ASL A
  C1/AB84: 0A      ASL A
  C1/AB84: 0A      ASL A
  C1/AB85: 0A      ASL A
  C1/AB85: 0A      ASL A (''note: whatever A's value was before, now it only can be #$00, #$20, #$40 or #$60'')
  C1/AB86: AA      TAX  
  C1/AB86: AA      TAX  
  C1/AB87: 9EBB61  STZ $61BB,X
  C1/AB87: 9EBB61  STZ $61BB,X
  C1/AB8A: 60      RTS
  C1/AB8A: 60      RTS
==C1/AB8B JSR unknow==
==C1/AB8B JSR unknow==
  C1/AB8B: A00100  LDY #$0001
  C1/AB8B: A00100  LDY #$0001

Revision as of 11:50, 5 December 2013

C1/A013 unknow

C1/A013:	0002    	BRK #$02
C1/A015:	0406    	TSB $06
C1/A017:	08      	PHP 
C1/A018:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A019:	0C0E10  	TSB $100E
C1/A01C:	1214    	ORA ($14)
C1/A01E:	1618    	ASL $18,X
C1/A020:	1A      	INC A
C1/A021:	1C1E1E  	TRB $1E1E
C1/A024:	1C1A18  	TRB $181A
C1/A027:	1614    	ASL $14,X
C1/A029:	1210    	ORA ($10)
C1/A02B:	0E0C0A  	ASL $0A0C
C1/A02E:	08      	PHP 
C1/A02F:	0604    	ASL $04
C1/A031:	0200    	COP #$00

C1/A033 unknow

C1/A033:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A035:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A036:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A037:	A9FFFF  	LDA #$FFFF
C1/A03A:	9D3FCE  	STA $CE3F,X
C1/A03D:	9DBFD8  	STA $D8BF,X
C1/A040:	E8      	INX 
C1/A041:	E8      	INX 
C1/A042:	E0800A  	CPX #$0A80
C1/A045:	D0F3    	BNE $A03A
C1/A047:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A048:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A04A:	60      	RTS

C1/A04B unknow

C1/A04B:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/A04D:	2080A0  	JSR $A080
C1/A050:	1A      	INC A
C1/A051:	C907    	CMP #$07
C1/A053:	D0F8    	BNE $A04D
C1/A055:	60      	RTS

C1/A056 DAT unknow

C1/A056:	42 00 C3 D7 43 E2 
C1/A05C:	43 00 1F D6 9F E0
C1/A062:	44 00 73 D6 F3 E0
C1/A068:	45 00 C7 D6 47 E1 
C1/A06E:	46 00 1B D7 9B E1 
C1/A074:	47 00 6F D7 EF E1  
C1/A07A:	48 00 17 D8 97 E2 
C1/A080:	48 0A 85 12 0A 18

C1/A086 unknow

C1/A086:	6512    	ADC $12
C1/A088:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A089:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A08B:	BF56A0C1	LDA $C1A056,X
C1/A08F:	48      	PHA 
C1/A090:	BF58A0C1	LDA $C1A058,X
C1/A094:	8514    	STA $14
C1/A096:	BF5AA0C1	LDA $C1A05A,X
C1/A09A:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/A09C:	FA      	PLX 
C1/A09D:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A09E:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A0A0:	208BA1  	JSR $A18B
C1/A0A3:	A9D1    	LDA #$D1
C1/A0A5:	8512    	STA $12
C1/A0A7:	20C6A0  	JSR $A0C6
C1/A0AA:	68      	PLA 
C1/A0AB:	60      	RTS

C1/A0AC unknow

C1/A0AC:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A0AD:	2080A0  	JSR $A080
C1/A0B0:	A906    	LDA #$06
C1/A0B2:	4C80A0  	JMP $A080

C1/A0B5 unknow

C1/A0B5:	2033A0  	JSR $A033
C1/A0B8:	A9D1    	LDA #$D1
C1/A0BA:	8512    	STA $12
C1/A0BC:	A23FCE  	LDX #$CE3F
C1/A0BF:	8614    	STX $14
C1/A0C1:	A2BFD8  	LDX #$D8BF
C1/A0C4:	861C    	STX $1C
C1/A0C9:	293F    	AND #$3F
C1/A0D1:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A0D2:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A0D3:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A0D4:	8518    	STA $18
C1/A0D9:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A0DA:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A0DB:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A0DC:	8519    	STA $19
C1/A0DE:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A0E3:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A0E4:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A0E9:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A0EF:	851A    	STA $1A
C1/A0F1:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A0F2:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A0F4:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A0F5:	A610    	LDX $10
C1/A0F7:	E41A    	CPX $1A
C1/A0F9:	F069    	BEQ $A164
C1/A0FB:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A0FD:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/A0FF:	F054    	BEQ $A155
C1/A101:	29F0    	AND #$F0
C1/A103:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A105:	38      	SEC 
C1/A106:	E518    	SBC $18
C1/A108:	9114    	STA ($14),Y
C1/A10A:	A522    	LDA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A10C:	49FF    	EOR #$FF
C1/A10E:	1A      	INC A
C1/A10F:	38      	SEC 
C1/A110:	E910    	SBC #$10
C1/A112:	18      	CLC 
C1/A113:	6518    	ADC $18
C1/A115:	911C    	STA ($1C),Y
C1/A117:	C8      	INY 
C1/A118:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A11A:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/A11C:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A11D:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A11E:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A11F:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A120:	38      	SEC 
C1/A121:	E519    	SBC $19
C1/A123:	9114    	STA ($14),Y
C1/A125:	911C    	STA ($1C),Y
C1/A127:	C8      	INY 
C1/A128:	A610    	LDX $10
C1/A12A:	E8      	INX 
C1/A12B:	8610    	STX $10
C1/A12D:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A12F:	2907    	AND #$07
C1/A131:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A132:	8516    	STA $16
C1/A134:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A136:	2938    	AND #$38
C1/A138:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A139:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A13A:	18      	CLC 
C1/A13B:	6516    	ADC $16
C1/A13D:	9114    	STA ($14),Y
C1/A13F:	911C    	STA ($1C),Y
C1/A141:	C8      	INY 
C1/A142:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A144:	29C0    	AND #$C0
C1/A146:	9114    	STA ($14),Y
C1/A148:	4940    	EOR #$40
C1/A14A:	911C    	STA ($1C),Y
C1/A14C:	C8      	INY 
C1/A14D:	A610    	LDX $10
C1/A14F:	E8      	INX 
C1/A150:	8610    	STX $10
C1/A152:	4CF5A0  	JMP $A0F5

C1/A155 unknow

C1/A155:	5A      	PHY 
C1/A156:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/A159:	B710    	LDA [$10],Y
C1/A15B:	7A      	PLY 
C1/A15C:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/A15E:	F004    	BEQ $A164
C1/A160:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/A162:	809D    	BRA $A101
C1/A164:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/A166:	9114    	STA ($14),Y
C1/A168:	911C    	STA ($1C),Y
C1/A16A:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A16C:	A514    	LDA $14
C1/A16E:	18      	CLC 
C1/A16F:	695400  	ADC #$0054
C1/A172:	8514    	STA $14
C1/A174:	A51C    	LDA $1C
C1/A176:	18      	CLC 
C1/A177:	695400  	ADC #$0054
C1/A17A:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/A17F:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A180:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A182:	CEEA7A  	DEC $7AEA
C1/A185:	F003    	BEQ $A18A
C1/A187:	4CDEA0  	JMP $A0DE
C1/A18A:	60      	RTS

C1/A18B unknow

Copy 6 bytes from (D4D000 + 6 * "Spell Graphic" pointer) to 7AEA-7AEF
C1/A18B:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A18D:	8A      	TXA 
C1/A18E:	29FF7F  	AND #$7FFF
C1/A191:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A192:	8DEA7A  	STA $7AEA		(Spell graphic times 2)
C1/A195:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A196:	18      	CLC 
C1/A197:	6DEA7A  	ADC $7AEA
C1/A19A:	AA      	TAX 			(Now X holds the spell graphic pointer times 6)
C1/A19B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A19C:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A19D:	BF00D0D4	LDA $D4D000,X
C1/A1A1:	99EA7A  	STA $7AEA,Y
C1/A1A4:	E8      	INX 
C1/A1A5:	E8      	INX 
C1/A1A6:	C8      	INY 
C1/A1A7:	C8      	INY 
C1/A1A8:	C00600  	CPY #$0006
C1/A1AB:	D0F0    	BNE $A19D
C1/A1AD:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A1AE:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A1B0:	60      	RTS

C1/A1B1 unknow

C1/A1B1:	8610    	STX $10
C1/A1B3:	A28000  	LDX #$0080
C1/A1B6:	8616    	STX $16
C1/A1B8:	A20024  	LDX #$2400
C1/A1BB:	861A    	STX $1A

C1/A1C0 unknow

C1/A1C0:	8610    	STX $10
C1/A1C2:	A26000  	LDX #$0060
C1/A1C5:	8616    	STX $16
C1/A1C7:	A20026  	LDX #$2600
C1/A1CA:	861A    	STX $1A

C1/A1CF unknow

C1/A1CF:	8610    	STX $10
C1/A1D1:	A28000  	LDX #$0080
C1/A1D4:	8616    	STX $16
C1/A1D6:	A20050  	LDX #$5000
C1/A1D9:	861A    	STX $1A
C1/A1DB:	A511    	LDA $11
C1/A1DD:	4CC8A3  	JMP $A3C8
C1/A1E0:	8610    	STX $10
C1/A1E2:	A2A000  	LDX #$00A0
C1/A1E5:	8616    	STX $16
C1/A1E7:	A20000  	LDX #$0000
C1/A1EA:	861A    	STX $1A

C1/A1EF unknow

C1/A1EF:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/A1F1:	3005    	BMI $A1F8
C1/A1F3:	A511    	LDA $11
C1/A1F5:	4CFDA1  	JMP $A1FD
C1/A1F8:	A511    	LDA $11
C1/A1FA:	4C06A3  	JMP $A306

C1/A1FD unknow

C1/A1FD:	8511    	STA $11
C1/A1FF:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/A201:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A202:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A203:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A204:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A205:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A206:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A207:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/A209:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A20B:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A20D:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/A20F:	EB      	XBA 
C1/A210:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A211:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A212:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A213:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A214:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A215:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A216:	18      	CLC 
C1/A217:	690000  	ADC #$0000
C1/A21A:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A21C:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A21D:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A21F:	A9D2    	LDA #$D2
C1/A221:	8512    	STA $12
C1/A223:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/A225:	8528    	STA $28
C1/A227:	A200E4  	LDX #$E400
C1/A22A:	8626    	STX $26
C1/A22C:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A22E:	A516    	LDA $16
C1/A230:	48      	PHA 
C1/A231:	6424    	STZ $24
C1/A233:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A235:	29FF3F  	AND #$3FFF
C1/A238:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A239:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A23A:	2624    	ROL $24
C1/A23C:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A23D:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A23F:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A240:	2624    	ROL $24
C1/A242:	18      	CLC 
C1/A243:	6522    	ADC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A245:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A247:	A524    	LDA $24
C1/A249:	690000  	ADC #$0000
C1/A24C:	8524    	STA $24
C1/A24E:	A522    	LDA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A250:	18      	CLC 
C1/A251:	690000  	ADC #$0000
C1/A254:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A256:	A524    	LDA $24
C1/A258:	69D300  	ADC #$00D3      This is in the midst of the weapon sprite loading function
C1/A25B:	8524    	STA $24
C1/A25D:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A25F:	290040  	AND #$4000
C1/A262:	8514    	STA $14
C1/A264:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A266:	290080  	AND #$8000
C1/A269:	D039    	BNE $A2A4
C1/A26B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A26C:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A26D:	A722    	LDA [$22]
C1/A26F:	2070A4  	JSR $A470
C1/A272:	9726    	STA [$26],Y
C1/A274:	A522    	LDA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A276:	18      	CLC 
C1/A277:	690200  	ADC #$0002
C1/A27A:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A27C:	A524    	LDA $24
C1/A27E:	690000  	ADC #$0000
C1/A281:	8524    	STA $24
C1/A283:	C8      	INY 
C1/A284:	C8      	INY 
C1/A285:	C01000  	CPY #$0010
C1/A288:	D0E3    	BNE $A26D
C1/A28A:	A722    	LDA [$22]
C1/A28C:	2070A4  	JSR $A470
C1/A28F:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/A292:	9726    	STA [$26],Y
C1/A294:	E622    	INC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A296:	D002    	BNE $A29A
C1/A298:	E624    	INC $24
C1/A29A:	C8      	INY 
C1/A29B:	C8      	INY 
C1/A29C:	C02000  	CPY #$0020
C1/A29F:	D0E9    	BNE $A28A
C1/A2A1:	4CDEA2  	JMP $A2DE

C1/A2A4 unknow

C1/A2A4:	A00E00  	LDY #$000E
C1/A2A7:	A722    	LDA [$22]
C1/A2A9:	2070A4  	JSR $A470
C1/A2AC:	9726    	STA [$26],Y
C1/A2AE:	A522    	LDA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A2B0:	18      	CLC 
C1/A2B1:	690200  	ADC #$0002
C1/A2B4:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A2B6:	A524    	LDA $24
C1/A2B8:	690000  	ADC #$0000
C1/A2BB:	8524    	STA $24
C1/A2BD:	88      	DEY 
C1/A2BE:	88      	DEY 
C1/A2C2:	D0E3    	BNE $A2A7
C1/A2C4:	A01E00  	LDY #$001E
C1/A2C7:	A722    	LDA [$22]
C1/A2C9:	2070A4  	JSR $A470
C1/A2CC:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/A2CF:	9726    	STA [$26],Y
C1/A2D1:	E622    	INC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A2D3:	D002    	BNE $A2D7
C1/A2D5:	E624    	INC $24
C1/A2D7:	88      	DEY 
C1/A2D8:	88      	DEY 
C1/A2D9:	C00E00  	CPY #$000E
C1/A2DC:	D0E9    	BNE $A2C7
C1/A2DE:	A526    	LDA $26
C1/A2E0:	18      	CLC 
C1/A2E1:	692000  	ADC #$0020
C1/A2E4:	8526    	STA $26
C1/A2E6:	E610    	INC $10
C1/A2E8:	E610    	INC $10
C1/A2EA:	C616    	DEC $16
C1/A2EC:	F003    	BEQ $A2F1
C1/A2EE:	4C31A2  	JMP $A231

C1/A2F1 unknow

C1/A2F1:	68      	PLA 
C1/A2F2:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A2F3:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A2F4:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A2F5:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A2F6:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A2F7:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A2F9:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A2FA:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A2FC:	A200E4  	LDX #$E400
C1/A2FF:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/A301:	A41A    	LDY $1A
C1/A303:	4C8D19  	JMP $198D

C1/A306 unknow

C1/A306:	8511    	STA $11
C1/A308:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/A30A:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A30B:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A30C:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A30D:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A30E:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A30F:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A310:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/A312:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A314:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A316:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/A318:	EB      	XBA 
C1/A319:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A31A:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A31B:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A31C:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A31D:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A31E:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A31F:	18      	CLC 
C1/A320:	6900C0  	ADC #$C000
C1/A323:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A325:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A326:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A328:	A9D2    	LDA #$D2
C1/A32A:	8512    	STA $12
C1/A32C:	A9D8    	LDA #$D8
C1/A32E:	8524    	STA $24
C1/A330:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/A332:	8528    	STA $28
C1/A334:	A200E4  	LDX #$E400
C1/A337:	8626    	STX $26
C1/A339:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A33B:	A516    	LDA $16
C1/A33D:	48      	PHA 
C1/A33E:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A340:	29FF3F  	AND #$3FFF
C1/A343:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A344:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A345:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A346:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A347:	18      	CLC 
C1/A348:	690070  	ADC #$7000
C1/A34B:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A34D:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A34F:	290040  	AND #$4000
C1/A352:	8514    	STA $14
C1/A354:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A356:	290080  	AND #$8000
C1/A359:	D021    	BNE $A37C
C1/A35B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A35C:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A35D:	A722    	LDA [$22]
C1/A35F:	2070A4  	JSR $A470
C1/A362:	9726    	STA [$26],Y
C1/A364:	E622    	INC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A366:	E622    	INC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A368:	C8      	INY 
C1/A369:	C8      	INY 
C1/A36A:	C01000  	CPY #$0010
C1/A36D:	D0EE    	BNE $A35D
C1/A36F:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A370:	9726    	STA [$26],Y
C1/A372:	C8      	INY 
C1/A373:	C8      	INY 
C1/A374:	C02000  	CPY #$0020
C1/A377:	D0F7    	BNE $A370
C1/A379:	4CA0A3  	JMP $A3A0

C1/A37C unknow

C1/A37C:	A00E00  	LDY #$000E
C1/A37F:	A722    	LDA [$22]
C1/A381:	2070A4  	JSR $A470
C1/A384:	9726    	STA [$26],Y
C1/A386:	E622    	INC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A388:	E622    	INC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A38A:	88      	DEY 
C1/A38B:	88      	DEY 
C1/A38F:	D0EE    	BNE $A37F
C1/A391:	A01E00  	LDY #$001E
C1/A394:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A395:	9726    	STA [$26],Y
C1/A397:	E622    	INC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A399:	88      	DEY 
C1/A39A:	88      	DEY 
C1/A39B:	C00E00  	CPY #$000E
C1/A39E:	D0F5    	BNE $A395
C1/A3A0:	A526    	LDA $26
C1/A3A2:	18      	CLC 
C1/A3A3:	692000  	ADC #$0020
C1/A3A6:	8526    	STA $26
C1/A3A8:	E610    	INC $10
C1/A3AA:	E610    	INC $10
C1/A3AC:	C616    	DEC $16
C1/A3AE:	F003    	BEQ $A3B3
C1/A3B0:	4C3EA3  	JMP $A33E

C1/A3B3 unknow

C1/A3B3:	68      	PLA 
C1/A3B4:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A3B5:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A3B6:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A3B7:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A3B8:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A3B9:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A3BB:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A3BC:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A3BE:	A200E4  	LDX #$E400
C1/A3C1:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/A3C3:	A41A    	LDY $1A
C1/A3C5:	4C8D19  	JMP $198D

C1/A3C8 unknow

C1/A3C8:	8511    	STA $11
C1/A3CA:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/A3CC:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A3CD:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A3CE:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A3CF:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A3D0:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A3D1:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A3D2:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/A3D4:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A3D6:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A3D8:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/A3DA:	EB      	XBA 
C1/A3DB:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A3DC:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A3DD:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A3DE:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A3DF:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A3E0:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A3E1:	18      	CLC 
C1/A3E2:	6900C0  	ADC #$C000
C1/A3E5:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A3E7:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A3E8:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A3EA:	A9D2    	LDA #$D2
C1/A3EC:	8512    	STA $12
C1/A3EE:	A9D8    	LDA #$D8
C1/A3F0:	8524    	STA $24
C1/A3F2:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/A3F4:	8528    	STA $28
C1/A3F6:	A200E4  	LDX #$E400
C1/A3F9:	8626    	STX $26
C1/A3FB:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A3FD:	A516    	LDA $16
C1/A3FF:	48      	PHA 
C1/A400:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A402:	29FF3F  	AND #$3FFF
C1/A405:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A406:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A407:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A408:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A409:	18      	CLC 
C1/A40A:	690070  	ADC #$7000
C1/A40D:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A40F:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A411:	290040  	AND #$4000
C1/A414:	8514    	STA $14
C1/A416:	A710    	LDA [$10]
C1/A418:	290080  	AND #$8000
C1/A41B:	D017    	BNE $A434
C1/A41D:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A41E:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A41F:	A722    	LDA [$22]
C1/A421:	2070A4  	JSR $A470
C1/A424:	9726    	STA [$26],Y
C1/A426:	E622    	INC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A428:	E622    	INC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A42A:	C8      	INY 
C1/A42B:	C8      	INY 
C1/A42C:	C01000  	CPY #$0010
C1/A42F:	D0EE    	BNE $A41F
C1/A431:	4C49A4  	JMP $A449

C1/A434 unknow

C1/A434:	A00E00  	LDY #$000E
C1/A437:	A722    	LDA [$22]
C1/A439:	2070A4  	JSR $A470
C1/A43C:	9726    	STA [$26],Y
C1/A43E:	E622    	INC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A440:	E622    	INC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A442:	88      	DEY 
C1/A443:	88      	DEY 
C1/A444:	C0FEFF  	CPY #$FFFE
C1/A447:	D0EE    	BNE $A437
C1/A449:	A526    	LDA $26
C1/A44B:	18      	CLC 
C1/A44C:	691000  	ADC #$0010
C1/A44F:	8526    	STA $26
C1/A451:	E610    	INC $10
C1/A453:	E610    	INC $10
C1/A455:	C616    	DEC $16
C1/A457:	F003    	BEQ $A45C
C1/A459:	4C00A4  	JMP $A400

C1/A45C unknow

C1/A45C:	68      	PLA 
C1/A45D:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A45E:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A45F:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A460:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A461:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A463:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A464:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A466:	A200E4  	LDX #$E400
C1/A469:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/A46B:	A41A    	LDY $1A
C1/A46D:	4C8D19  	JMP $198D

C1/A470 unknow

C1/A470:	48      	PHA 
C1/A471:	A514    	LDA $14
C1/A473:	F010    	BEQ $A485
C1/A475:	68      	PLA 
C1/A476:	EB      	XBA 
C1/A477:	8518    	STA $18
C1/A479:	DA      	PHX 
C1/A47A:	A21000  	LDX #$0010
C1/A47D:	0618    	ASL $18
C1/A47F:	6A      	ROR A
C1/A480:	CA      	DEX 
C1/A481:	D0FA    	BNE $A47D
C1/A483:	FA      	PLX 
C1/A484:	60      	RTS
C1/A485:	68      	PLA 
C1/A486:	60      	RTS

C1/A487 unknow

C1/A487:	8B      	PHB 
C1/A488:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/A48A:	48      	PHA 
C1/A48B:	AB      	PLB 
C1/A48C:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A48E:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A48F:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A490:	9D00E4  	STA $E400,X
C1/A493:	E8      	INX 
C1/A494:	E8      	INX 
C1/A495:	E00014  	CPX #$1400
C1/A498:	D0F6    	BNE $A490
C1/A49A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A49B:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A49C:	9E3F7B  	STZ $7B3F,X
C1/A49F:	9E497B  	STZ $7B49,X
C1/A4A2:	9E537B  	STZ $7B53,X
C1/A4A5:	9E5D7B  	STZ $7B5D,X
C1/A4A8:	E8      	INX 
C1/A4A9:	E8      	INX 
C1/A4AA:	E00A00  	CPX #$000A
C1/A4AD:	D0ED    	BNE $A49C
C1/A4AF:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A4B1:	AB      	PLB 
C1/A4B2:	60      	RTS

C1/A4B3 battle dynamics 0B - display damage numerals

C1/A4B3:	AD2E63  	LDA $632E		(from C1/956B, X = B)
C1/A4B6:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/A4B8:	8D2E63  	STA $632E
C1/A4BB:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A4BC:	9E1A63  	STZ $631A,X
C1/A4BF:	9E2263  	STZ $6322,X
C1/A4C2:	202A02  	JSR $022A
C1/A4C5:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A4C6:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A4C7:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A4C8:	C8      	INY 
C1/A4C9:	BD1A63  	LDA $631A,X
C1/A4CC:	F00E    	BEQ $A4DC
C1/A4CE:	B176    	LDA ($76),Y		(Loads final damage)
C1/A4D0:	DD1E63  	CMP $631E,X
C1/A4D3:	D007    	BNE $A4DC
C1/A4D5:	A908    	LDA #$08
C1/A4D7:	20B69B  	JSR $9BB6
C1/A4DA:	8006    	BRA $A4E2
C1/A4DC:	E8      	INX 
C1/A4DD:	E00400  	CPX #$0004
C1/A4E0:	D0E7    	BNE $A4C9
C1/A4E2:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A4E3:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A4E4:	9EB360  	STZ $60B3,X
C1/A4E7:	E8      	INX 
C1/A4E8:	E08000  	CPX #$0080
C1/A4EB:	D0F7    	BNE $A4E4
C1/A4ED:	AD2E63  	LDA $632E
C1/A4F0:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A4F1:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A4F6:	8D1763  	STA $6317
C1/A4FD:	8D1863  	STA $6318
C1/A500:	EE1663  	INC $6316
C1/A503:	202A02  	JSR $022A
C1/A506:	A00300  	LDY #$0003
C1/A509:	B176    	LDA ($76),Y		(Load final damage)
C1/A50B:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF		(Is there nothing there?)
C1/A50D:	D001    	BNE $A510		(Branch if graphic to display)
C1/A50F:	60      	RTS

C1/A510 unknow

C1/A510:	851E    	STA $1E
C1/A512:	2940    	AND #$40		(Isolate bottom bits)
C1/A514:	F01B    	BEQ $A531		(Branch if not 'Miss' bit)
C1/A516:	C220    	REP #$20		(Set accumulator to 16-bit)
C1/A518:	7B      	TDC 			(Clear accumulator)
C1/A519:	AA      	TAX 			(Copy accumulator to X register)
C1/A51A:	BF00BC7F	LDA $7FBC00,X	(Load 'Miss' graphic)
C1/A51E:	9DD360  	STA $60D3,X		(Set as graphic to display)
C1/A521:	E8      	INX 			(Move to next two bits)
C1/A522:	E8      	INX 
C1/A523:	E04000  	CPX #$0040		(Check graphic: is it 2 tiles?)
C1/A526:	D0F2    	BNE $A51A		(If not, repeat until 2 tiles)
C1/A528:	7B      	TDC 			(Clear accumulator)
C1/A529:	E220    	SEP #$20		(Set accmulator to 8-bit)
C1/A52B:	A908    	LDA #$08		(Load #$08...)
C1/A52D:	8514    	STA $14		(...and set position to 8 pixels from the right)
C1/A52F:	8058    	BRA $A589		(Skip numeral display routines)

C1/A531 unknow

C1/A531:	88      	DEY 
C1/A532:	C220    	REP #$20		(Set accumulator to 16-bit)
C1/A534:	B176    	LDA ($76),Y		(Load final damage)
C1/A536:	29FF3F  	AND #$3FFF		(Zero out bit 14 and bit 15)
C1/A539:	AA      	TAX 			(Copy final damage to X register)
C1/A53A:	7B      	TDC 			(Clear accumulator)
C1/A53B:	E220    	SEP #$20		(Set accumulator to 8-bit)
C1/A53D:	6468    	STZ $68		(Use direct page register as a counter with next function)
C1/A53F:	202B1B  	JSR $1B2B		(Jump to multiple numeral display function)
C1/A542:	C220    	REP #$20		(Set accumulator to 16-bit)
C1/A544:	A0B360  	LDY #$60B3		(Load #$60B3 to Y register for later accumulators)
C1/A547:	A91000  	LDA #$0010		(Load value for 1000's factor position)
C1/A54A:	8514    	STA $14		(Set as position)
C1/A54C:	A569    	LDA $69		(1000's numeral)
C1/A54E:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF		(Isolate top bits; if accumulator is not cleared..)
C1/A551:	D01F    	BNE $A572	(...there are four digits, so branch to show each one)
C1/A553:	A90C00  	LDA #$000C		(Load value for 100's factor position)
C1/A556:	8514    	STA $14		(Set as position)
C1/A558:	A56A    	LDA $6A		(100's numeral)
C1/A55A:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF		(Isolate top bits...)
C1/A55D:	D018    	BNE $A577		(Branch to show up to three digits)
C1/A55F:	A90800  	LDA #$0008		(Load value for 10's factor position)
C1/A562:	8514    	STA $14		(Set as position)
C1/A564:	A56B    	LDA $6B		(10's numeral)
C1/A566:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF		(Isolate top bits...)
C1/A569:	D011    	BNE $A57C		(Branch to show up to two digits)
C1/A56B:	A90400  	LDA #$0004		(Load value for 1's factor position)
C1/A56E:	8514    	STA $14		(Set as position)
C1/A570:	800F    	BRA $A581	(There is always at least one digit to show)
C1/A572:	A569    	LDA $69		(1000's numeral)
C1/A574:	20DBA5  	JSR $A5DB		(Show numeral)
C1/A577:	A56A    	LDA $6A		(100's numeral)
C1/A579:	20DBA5  	JSR $A5DB		(Show numeral)
C1/A57C:	A56B    	LDA $6B		(10's numeral)
C1/A57E:	20DBA5  	JSR $A5DB		(Show numeral)
C1/A581:	A56C    	LDA $6C		(1's numeral)
C1/A583:	20DBA5  	JSR $A5DB		(Show numeral)
C1/A586:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A587:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A589:	AD2E63  	LDA $632E
C1/A58C:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/A58E:	8D2E63  	STA $632E
C1/A591:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A592:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/A595:	B176    	LDA ($76),Y		(Load final damage)
C1/A597:	9D1E63  	STA $631E,X
C1/A59A:	A514    	LDA $14
C1/A59C:	9D2663  	STA $6326,X
C1/A59F:	9E2A63  	STZ $632A,X
C1/A5A2:	9E2263  	STZ $6322,X
C1/A5A5:	A51E    	LDA $1E
C1/A5A7:	2980    	AND #$80
C1/A5A9:	0901    	ORA #$01
C1/A5AB:	9D1A63  	STA $631A,X
C1/A5AE:	AD2E63  	LDA $632E
C1/A5B1:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A5B2:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A5B3:	BFD3A5C1	LDA $C1A5D3,X
C1/A5B7:	8D1763  	STA $6317
C1/A5BE:	8D1863  	STA $6318
C1/A5C1:	EE1663  	INC $6316
C1/A5C4:	202A02  	JSR $022A
C1/A5C7:	EE2E63  	INC $632E
C1/A5CA:	60      	RTS

C1/A5CB DAT unknow

C1/A5CB:	002D    	
C1/A5CD:	402D
C1/A5CF:	802D  	
C1/A5D1:	C02D  	
C1/A5D3:	002C
C1/A5D5:	402C  	
C1/A5D7:	802C    	
C1/A5D9:	C02C  

C1/A5DB JSR unknow

C1/A5DB:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF		(Isolate bottom bits)
C1/A5DE:	0A		ASL			(Double remaining byte, the next lowest log factor)
C1/A5DF:	AA		TAX			(Transfer byte to X register)
C1/A5E0:	BF35A7C1	LDA $C1A735,X	(Load numeral graphic data from location of X register byte)
C1/A5E4:	AA      	TAX 			(Transfer read graphic data to X register)
C1/A5E5:	A91000    	LDA #$0010
C1/A5E8:	8512    	STA $12
C1/A5EA:	BF00007F        LDA $7F0000,X	(Load location of X register graphic data bytes)
C1/A5EE:	990000  	STA $0000,Y     (Store in accumulator from Y register, starting at #$60B3)
C1/A5F1:	E8      	INX 			(Increment X register twice)
C1/A5F2:	E8      	INX 
C1/A5F3:	C8      	INY 			(Increment Y register twice, now #$60B5)
C1/A5F4:	C8      	INY 
C1/A5F5:	C612    	DEC $12		(Decrement direct page register...)
C1/A5F7:	D0F1    	BNE $A5EA		(...and repeat until it hits a zero)
C1/A5F9:	60      	RTS

C1/A5FA unknow

C1/A5FA:	2087A4  	JSR $A487
C1/A5FD:	9C3E7B  	STZ $7B3E
C1/A600:	AD3D7B  	LDA $7B3D
C1/A603:	EE3D7B  	INC $7B3D
C1/A606:	EB      	XBA 
C1/A607:	A914    	LDA #$14
C1/A609:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA
C1/A60C:	AF164200	LDA $004216
C1/A610:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A611:	A90A    	LDA #$0A
C1/A613:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A615:	6416    	STZ $16
C1/A617:	6420    	STZ $20
C1/A619:	6414    	STZ $14
C1/A61B:	B9CF2B  	LDA $2BCF,Y
C1/A61E:	851E    	STA $1E
C1/A620:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/A622:	D003    	BNE $A627
C1/A624:	4CEBA6  	JMP $A6EB
C1/A627:	2940    	AND #$40
C1/A629:	F02A    	BEQ $A655
C1/A62B:	8B      	PHB 
C1/A62C:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/A62E:	48      	PHA 
C1/A62F:	AB      	PLB 
C1/A630:	5A      	PHY 
C1/A631:	A520    	LDA $20
C1/A633:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A634:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A635:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A637:	BF49A7C1	LDA $C1A749,X
C1/A63B:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A63C:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A63D:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A63E:	B900BC  	LDA $BC00,Y
C1/A641:	9D2000  	STA $0020,X
C1/A644:	E8      	INX 
C1/A645:	E8      	INX 
C1/A646:	C8      	INY 
C1/A647:	C8      	INY 
C1/A648:	C04000  	CPY #$0040
C1/A64B:	D0F1    	BNE $A63E
C1/A64D:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A64E:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A650:	7A      	PLY 
C1/A651:	AB      	PLB 
C1/A652:	4CBDA6  	JMP $A6BD
C1/A655:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A657:	B9CE2B  	LDA $2BCE,Y
C1/A65A:	29FF3F  	AND #$3FFF
C1/A65D:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A65E:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A65F:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A661:	6468    	STZ $68
C1/A663:	202B1B  	JSR $1B2B
C1/A666:	8B      	PHB 
C1/A667:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/A669:	48      	PHA 
C1/A66A:	AB      	PLB 
C1/A66B:	5A      	PHY 
C1/A66C:	A520    	LDA $20
C1/A66E:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A66F:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A670:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A672:	BF49A7C1	LDA $C1A749,X
C1/A676:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A677:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A678:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A679:	A91000  	LDA #$0010
C1/A67C:	8514    	STA $14
C1/A67E:	A569    	LDA $69
C1/A680:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/A683:	D01F    	BNE $A6A4
C1/A685:	A90C00  	LDA #$000C
C1/A688:	8514    	STA $14
C1/A68A:	A56A    	LDA $6A
C1/A68C:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/A68F:	D018    	BNE $A6A9
C1/A691:	A90800  	LDA #$0008
C1/A694:	8514    	STA $14
C1/A696:	A56B    	LDA $6B
C1/A698:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/A69B:	D011    	BNE $A6AE
C1/A69D:	A90400  	LDA #$0004
C1/A6A0:	8514    	STA $14
C1/A6A2:	800F    	BRA $A6B3
C1/A6A4:	A569    	LDA $69
C1/A6A6:	2015A7  	JSR $A715
C1/A6A9:	A56A    	LDA $6A
C1/A6AB:	2015A7  	JSR $A715
C1/A6AE:	A56B    	LDA $6B
C1/A6B0:	2015A7  	JSR $A715
C1/A6B3:	A56C    	LDA $6C
C1/A6B5:	2015A7  	JSR $A715
C1/A6B8:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A6B9:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A6BB:	7A      	PLY 
C1/A6BC:	AB      	PLB 
C1/A6BD:	A520    	LDA $20
C1/A6BF:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A6C0:	E00400  	CPX #$0004
C1/A6C3:	900E    	BCC $A6D3
C1/A6C5:	BFFD19C1	LDA $C119FD,X
C1/A6C9:	2D1E20  	AND $201E		(Remove any invalid monster targets)
C1/A6CC:	2DAB61  	AND $61AB
C1/A6CF:	F01A    	BEQ $A6EB
C1/A6D1:	800F    	BRA $A6E2
C1/A6D3:	BF011AC1	LDA $C11A01,X
C1/A6D7:	2D1D20  	AND $201D		(Remove any invalid character targets)
C1/A6DA:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/A6DD:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/A6E0:	F009    	BEQ $A6EB
C1/A6E2:	A51E    	LDA $1E
C1/A6E4:	2980    	AND #$80
C1/A6E6:	0901    	ORA #$01
C1/A6E8:	9D3F7B  	STA $7B3F,X
C1/A6EB:	A520    	LDA $20
C1/A6ED:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A6EE:	A514    	LDA $14
C1/A6F0:	9D537B  	STA $7B53,X
C1/A6F3:	9E5D7B  	STZ $7B5D,X
C1/A6F6:	E620    	INC $20
C1/A6F8:	C8      	INY 
C1/A6F9:	C8      	INY 
C1/A6FA:	C610    	DEC $10
C1/A6FC:	F003    	BEQ $A701
C1/A6FE:	4C19A6  	JMP $A619
C1/A701:	A2000C  	LDX #$0C00
C1/A704:	8610    	STX $10
C1/A706:	A200E4  	LDX #$E400
C1/A709:	A00026  	LDY #$2600
C1/A70C:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/A70E:	208D19  	JSR $198D
C1/A711:	EE3E7B  	INC $7B3E
C1/A714:	60      	RTS

C1/A715 JSR unknow

C1/A715:	DA      	PHX 
C1/A716:	29FF00    	AND #$00FF
C1/A719:	0A              ASL A
C1/A71A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A71B:	BF35A7C1	LDA $C1A735,X
C1/A71F:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A720:	FA      	PLX 
C1/A721:	A910    	LDA #$0010
C1/A724:	8512		STA $12
C1/A726:	B90000      LDA $0000,Y
C1/A729:	9D0000  	STA $0000,X
C1/A72C:	E8      	INX 
C1/A72D:	E8      	INX 
C1/A72E:	C8      	INY 
C1/A72F:	C8      	INY 
C1/A730:	C612    	DEC $12
C1/A732:	D0F2    	BNE $A726
C1/A734:	60      	RTS

C1/A735 DAT unknow

C1/A735:	40BC
C1/A737:	60BC  
C1/A739:	80BC   
C1/A73B:	A0BC
C1/A73D:	C0BC
C1/A73F:	E0BC  
C1/A741:	00BD    
C1/A743:	20BD
C1/A745:	40BD
C1/A747:	60BD  
C1/A749:	00E4   	
C1/A74B:	80E4   	
C1/A74D:	00E5   	
C1/A74F:	80E5   	
C1/A751:	00E8   
C1/A753:	80E8   
C1/A755:	00E9   
C1/A757:	80E9   
C1/A759:	00EC   
C1/A75B:	80EC   
C1/A75D:	0100    	
C1/A75F:	0200    	
C1/A761:	0400    	
C1/A763:	0800
C1/A765:	0001
C1/A767:	0002
C1/A769:	0004
C1/A76B:	0008      	
C1/A76D:	0010    	
C1/A76F:	0020    	

C1/A771 unknow

C1/A771:	5A      	PHY 
C1/A772:	6410    	STZ $10
C1/A774:	A00A00  	LDY #$000A
C1/A777:	ADC062  	LDA $62C0
C1/A77A:	F003    	BEQ $A77F
C1/A77C:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A77D:	8014    	BRA $A793
C1/A77F:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/A781:	F006    	BEQ $A789
C1/A783:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/A785:	0910    	ORA #$10
C1/A787:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A789:	4610    	LSR $10
C1/A78B:	C8      	INY 
C1/A78C:	C00E00  	CPY #$000E
C1/A78F:	D0EE    	BNE $A77F
C1/A791:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/A793:	8D8260  	STA $6082
C1/A796:	9C8360  	STZ $6083
C1/A799:	7A      	PLY 
C1/A79A:	60      	RTS

C1/A79B battle dynamics command 09

C1/A79B:	20F494  	JSR $94F4		(from C1/956B, X = 9)
C1/A79E:	EED162  	INC $62D1
C1/A7A1:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A7A2:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A7A3:	8C3D61  	STY $613D
C1/A7A6:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/A7A8:	3024    	BMI $A7CE
C1/A7AA:	98      	TYA 
C1/A7AB:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A7AC:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A7B1:	0D3D61  	ORA $613D
C1/A7B4:	8D3D61  	STA $613D
C1/A7B7:	BF5EA7C1	LDA $C1A75E,X
C1/A7BB:	0D3E61  	ORA $613E
C1/A7BE:	8D3E61  	STA $613E
C1/A7C1:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/A7C3:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/A7C5:	9005    	BCC $A7CC
C1/A7C7:	38      	SEC 
C1/A7C8:	E904    	SBC #$04
C1/A7CA:	8002    	BRA $A7CE
C1/A7CC:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/A7CE:	994261  	STA $6142,Y
C1/A7D1:	C8      	INY 
C1/A7D2:	C00A00  	CPY #$000A
C1/A7D5:	D0CF    	BNE $A7A6
C1/A7D7:	2043AB  	JSR $AB43
C1/A7DA:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A7DB:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A7DC:	841E    	STY $1E
C1/A7DE:	A00200  	LDY #$0002
C1/A7E1:	B176    	LDA ($76),Y		(parameter 2 for command 9)
C1/A7E3:	20B39C  	JSR $9CB3         (Load graphic data for spell animation)
C1/A7E6:	AD3D61  	LDA $613D
C1/A7E9:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A7EA:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A7EB:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A7EC:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A7ED:	8512    	STA $12
C1/A7EF:	AD3E61  	LDA $613E
C1/A7F2:	8513    	STA $13
C1/A7F4:	A00E00  	LDY #$000E
C1/A7F7:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/A7F9:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A7FA:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A7FB:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A7FC:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A7FD:	8D7E60  	STA $607E
C1/A800:	C8      	INY 
C1/A801:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/A803:	8D7F60  	STA $607F
C1/A806:	8DAF62  	STA $62AF
C1/A809:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A80B:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/A80D:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A80E:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A80F:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A810:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A811:	8512    	STA $12
C1/A813:	AD7E60  	LDA $607E
C1/A816:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A817:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A818:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A819:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A81A:	8D7E60  	STA $607E
C1/A81D:	48      	PHA 
C1/A81E:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A81F:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A821:	9C0B89  	STZ $890B
C1/A824:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/A826:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/A828:	8D8460  	STA $6084
C1/A82B:	AD8260  	LDA $6082
C1/A82E:	0D8360  	ORA $6083
C1/A831:	0D8060  	ORA $6080
C1/A834:	0D8160  	ORA $6081
C1/A837:	D005    	BNE $A83E
C1/A839:	AC7362  	LDY $6273	    (Spell's "Graphic 1" (bytes 1 & 2) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/A83C:	3075    	BMI $A8B3
C1/A83E:	AD0B89  	LDA $890B
C1/A841:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/A843:	9002    	BCC $A847
C1/A845:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/A847:	8D4061  	STA $6140
C1/A84A:	AD0B89  	LDA $890B
C1/A84D:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A84E:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/A850:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/A852:	9002    	BCC $A856
C1/A854:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/A856:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/A859:	AD0B89  	LDA $890B
C1/A85C:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/A85E:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A860:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A861:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A866:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A867:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A868:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A86A:	AD0B89  	LDA $890B
C1/A86D:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/A86F:	B00A    	BCS $A87B
C1/A871:	18      	CLC 
C1/A872:	690A    	ADC #$0A
C1/A874:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A875:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/A877:	C903    	CMP #$03
C1/A879:	F012    	BEQ $A88D
C1/A87B:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/A87D:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/A87F:	F024    	BEQ $A8A5
C1/A881:	AC357B  	LDY $7B35
C1/A884:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A886:	AC7362  	LDY $6273	    (Spell's "Graphic 1" (bytes 1 & 2) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/A889:	8424    	STY $24
C1/A88B:	800A    	BRA $A897
C1/A88D:	A00101  	LDY #$0101
C1/A890:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A892:	A04800  	LDY #$0048
C1/A895:	8424    	STY $24
C1/A897:	A412    	LDY $12
C1/A899:	5A      	PHY 
C1/A89A:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/A89C:	8D7E60  	STA $607E
C1/A89F:	203EB2  	JSR $B23E
C1/A8A2:	7A      	PLY 
C1/A8A3:	8412    	STY $12
C1/A8A5:	6613    	ROR $13
C1/A8A7:	6612    	ROR $12
C1/A8A9:	EE0B89  	INC $890B
C1/A8AC:	AD0B89  	LDA $890B
C1/A8AF:	C90A    	CMP #$0A
C1/A8B1:	D08B    	BNE $A83E
C1/A8B3:	AC7562  	LDY $6275	    (Spell's "Graphic 2" (bytes 3 & 4) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/A8B6:	3027    	BMI $A8DF
C1/A8B8:	20C3AA  	JSR $AAC3
C1/A8BB:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/A8BD:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/A8C0:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/A8C2:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/A8C4:	A20005  	LDX #$0500
C1/A8C7:	AC317B  	LDY $7B31
C1/A8CA:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A8CC:	AC7562  	LDY $6275	    (Spell's "Graphic 2" (bytes 3 & 4) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/A8CF:	8424    	STY $24
C1/A8D1:	203EB2  	JSR $B23E
C1/A8D4:	A20005  	LDX #$0500
C1/A8D7:	BD866F  	LDA $6F86,X
C1/A8DA:	0901    	ORA #$01
C1/A8DC:	9D866F  	STA $6F86,X
C1/A8DF:	AC7762  	LDY $6277	    (Spell's "Graphic 3" (bytes 5 & 6) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/A8E2:	3027    	BMI $A90B
C1/A8E4:	20C3AA  	JSR $AAC3
C1/A8E7:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/A8E9:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/A8EC:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/A8EE:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/A8F0:	A21005  	LDX #$0510
C1/A8F3:	AC337B  	LDY $7B33
C1/A8F6:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A8F8:	AC7762  	LDY $6277	    (Spell's "Graphic 3" (bytes 5 & 6) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/A8FB:	8424    	STY $24
C1/A8FD:	203EB2  	JSR $B23E
C1/A900:	A21005  	LDX #$0510
C1/A903:	BD866F  	LDA $6F86,X
C1/A906:	0902    	ORA #$02
C1/A908:	9D866F  	STA $6F86,X
C1/A90B:	AC7E62  	LDY $627E	(Spell's ??? (bytes 12 & 13) --- courtesy Mnrogar)	
C1/A911:	F04B    	BEQ $A95E
C1/A913:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/A915:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/A917:	AC377B  	LDY $7B37
C1/A91A:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/A91C:	AC7E62  	LDY $627E
C1/A91F:	8424    	STY $24
C1/A921:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A922:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A923:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/A925:	301E    	BMI $A945
C1/A927:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/A929:	9002    	BCC $A92D
C1/A92B:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/A92D:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/A930:	ADD062  	LDA $62D0
C1/A933:	F007    	BEQ $A93C
C1/A935:	2089BC  	JSR $BC89
C1/A938:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/A93A:	8011    	BRA $A94D
C1/A93C:	98      	TYA 
C1/A93D:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/A93F:	9002    	BCC $A943
C1/A941:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/A943:	8006    	BRA $A94B
C1/A945:	C8      	INY 
C1/A946:	C00A00  	CPY #$000A
C1/A949:	D0D8    	BNE $A923
C1/A94B:	8510    	STA $10
C1/A94D:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/A94F:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A951:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A952:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A957:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A958:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A959:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A95B:	2008B2  	JSR $B208
C1/A95E:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A95F:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A960:	8E8060  	STX $6080
C1/A963:	FA      	PLX 
C1/A964:	8E7E60  	STX $607E
C1/A967:	DA      	PHX 
C1/A968:	9CEEE9  	STZ $E9EE
C1/A96B:	203CB1  	JSR $B13C
C1/A96E:	FA      	PLX 
C1/A96F:	8E7E60  	STX $607E
C1/A972:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A973:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A974:	8E8060  	STX $6080
C1/A977:	202FAE  	JSR $AE2F
C1/A97A:	20E594  	JSR $94E5
C1/A97D:	2053C6  	JSR $C653
C1/A980:	200395  	JSR $9503
C1/A983:	2085B0  	JSR $B085
C1/A986:	9CD162  	STZ $62D1
C1/A989:	9CD062  	STZ $62D0
C1/A98C:	4C6E95  	JMP $956E

C1/A98F battle dynamics command 15

C1/A98F:	20F494  	JSR $94F4		(from C1/956B, X = 15)
C1/A992:	EED062  	INC $62D0
C1/A995:	EED162  	INC $62D1
C1/A998:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A999:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A99A:	8C3D61  	STY $613D
C1/A99D:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/A99F:	3024    	BMI $A9C5
C1/A9A1:	98      	TYA 
C1/A9A2:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A9A3:	AA      	TAX 
C1/A9A4:	BF5DA7C1	LDA $C1A75D,X
C1/A9A8:	0D3D61  	ORA $613D
C1/A9AB:	8D3D61  	STA $613D
C1/A9B2:	0D3E61  	ORA $613E
C1/A9B5:	8D3E61  	STA $613E
C1/A9B8:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/A9BA:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/A9BC:	9005    	BCC $A9C3
C1/A9BE:	38      	SEC 
C1/A9BF:	E904    	SBC #$04
C1/A9C1:	8002    	BRA $A9C5
C1/A9C3:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/A9C5:	994261  	STA $6142,Y
C1/A9C8:	C8      	INY 
C1/A9C9:	C00A00  	CPY #$000A
C1/A9CC:	D0CF    	BNE $A99D
C1/A9CE:	20C3AA  	JSR $AAC3
C1/A9D1:	2043AB  	JSR $AB43
C1/A9D4:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A9D5:	A8      	TAY 
C1/A9D6:	841E    	STY $1E
C1/A9D8:	A00200  	LDY #$0002
C1/A9DB:	B176    	LDA ($76),Y		
C1/A9DD:	20B39C  	JSR $9CB3          (Load graphic data for spell animation)
C1/A9E0:	AD3D61  	LDA $613D
C1/A9E3:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A9E4:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A9E5:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A9E6:	0A      	ASL A
C1/A9E7:	8512    	STA $12
C1/A9E9:	AD3E61  	LDA $613E
C1/A9EC:	8513    	STA $13
C1/A9EE:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/A9F0:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/A9F2:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A9F3:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A9F4:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A9F5:	4A      	LSR A
C1/A9F6:	8512    	STA $12
C1/A9F8:	48      	PHA 
C1/A9F9:	7B      	TDC 
C1/A9FA:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/A9FC:	20C3AA  	JSR $AAC3
C1/A9FF:	9C0B89  	STZ $890B
C1/AA02:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/AA04:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/AA06:	8D8460  	STA $6084
C1/AA09:	AD8260  	LDA $6082
C1/AA0C:	0D8360  	ORA $6083
C1/AA0F:	0D8060  	ORA $6080
C1/AA12:	0D8160  	ORA $6081
C1/AA15:	D005    	BNE $AA1C
C1/AA17:	AC7362  	LDY $6273	    (Spell's "Graphic 1" (bytes 1 & 2) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/AA1A:	3071    	BMI $AA8D
C1/AA1C:	AD0B89  	LDA $890B
C1/AA1F:	A8      	TAY 
C1/AA20:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AA22:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/AA24:	9002    	BCC $AA28
C1/AA26:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/AA28:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/AA2B:	AD0B89  	LDA $890B
C1/AA2E:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/AA30:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/AA32:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AA33:	AA      	TAX 
C1/AA38:	AA      	TAX 
C1/AA39:	7B      	TDC 
C1/AA3A:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/AA3C:	AD0B89  	LDA $890B
C1/AA3F:	A8      	TAY 
C1/AA40:	ADC062  	LDA $62C0
C1/AA43:	D010    	BNE $AA55
C1/AA45:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AA47:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/AA49:	B00A    	BCS $AA55
C1/AA4B:	18      	CLC 
C1/AA4C:	690A    	ADC #$0A
C1/AA4E:	A8      	TAY 
C1/AA4F:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AA51:	C903    	CMP #$03
C1/AA53:	F012    	BEQ $AA67
C1/AA55:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/AA57:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/AA59:	F024    	BEQ $AA7F
C1/AA5B:	AC357B  	LDY $7B35
C1/AA5E:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/AA60:	AC7362  	LDY $6273	    (Spell's "Graphic 1" (bytes 1 & 2) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/AA63:	8424    	STY $24
C1/AA65:	800A    	BRA $AA71
C1/AA67:	A00101  	LDY #$0101
C1/AA6A:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/AA6C:	A04800  	LDY #$0048
C1/AA6F:	8424    	STY $24
C1/AA71:	A412    	LDY $12
C1/AA73:	5A      	PHY 
C1/AA74:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/AA76:	8D7E60  	STA $607E
C1/AA79:	203EB2  	JSR $B23E
C1/AA7C:	7A      	PLY 
C1/AA7D:	8412    	STY $12
C1/AA7F:	6613    	ROR $13
C1/AA81:	6612    	ROR $12
C1/AA83:	EE0B89  	INC $890B
C1/AA86:	AD0B89  	LDA $890B
C1/AA89:	C90A    	CMP #$0A
C1/AA8B:	D08F    	BNE $AA1C
C1/AA8D:	2089BC  	JSR $BC89
C1/AA90:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/AA92:	300A    	BMI $AA9E
C1/AA94:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AA95:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AA96:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AA97:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AA98:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AA99:	A8      	TAY 
C1/AA9A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/AA9B:	99BB61  	STA $61BB,Y
C1/AA9E:	4CB3A8  	JMP $A8B3

C1/AAA1 JSL unknow

C1/AAA1:	20A5AA  	JSR $AAA5		(from C2/EBA0, C2/F31C, C2/F36F, C2/F871)
C1/AAA4:	6B      	RTL

C1/AAA5 JSR unknow

C1/AAA5:	ADD162  	LDA $62D1
C1/AAA8:	D019    	BNE $AAC3

C1/AAAD unknow

C1/AAAD:	A00E00  	LDY #$000E
C1/AAB0:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AAB2:	F003    	BEQ $AAB7
C1/AAB4:	4C0F1A  	JMP $1A0F
C1/AAB7:	C8      	INY 
C1/AAB8:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AABA:	200F1A  	JSR $1A0F
C1/AABD:	18      	CLC 
C1/AABE:	6904    	ADC #$04
C1/AAC0:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/AAC2:	60      	RTS
C1/AAC3:	ADD062  	LDA $62D0
C1/AAC6:	F007    	BEQ $AACF
C1/AACB:	8D4061  	STA $6140
C1/AACE:	60      	RTS

C1/AACF unknow

C1/AACF:	7B      	TDC 
C1/AAD0:	A8      	TAY 
C1/AAD1:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AAD3:	1008    	BPL $AADD
C1/AAD5:	C8      	INY 
C1/AAD6:	C00A00  	CPY #$000A
C1/AAD9:	D0F6    	BNE $AAD1
C1/AADB:	7B      	TDC 
C1/AADC:	A8      	TAY 
C1/AADD:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/AADF:	9002    	BCC $AAE3
C1/AAE1:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/AAE3:	8512    	STA $12
C1/AAE5:	98      	TYA 
C1/AAE6:	8D4061  	STA $6140
C1/AAE9:	60      	RTS

C1/AAEA unknow

C1/AAEA:	AC7562  	LDY $6275	    (Spell's "Graphic 2" (bytes 3 & 4) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/AAED:	3027    	BMI $AB16
C1/AAF2:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/AAF4:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/AAF7:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/AAF9:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/AAFB:	A20005  	LDX #$0500
C1/AAFE:	AC317B  	LDY $7B31
C1/AB01:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/AB03:	AC7562  	LDY $6275	    (Spell's "Graphic 2" (bytes 3 & 4) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/AB06:	8424    	STY $24
C1/AB08:	203EB2  	JSR $B23E
C1/AB0B:	A20005  	LDX #$0500
C1/AB0E:	BD866F  	LDA $6F86,X
C1/AB11:	0901    	ORA #$01
C1/AB13:	9D866F  	STA $6F86,X
C1/AB16:	AC7762  	LDY $6277	    (Spell's "Graphic 3" (bytes 5 & 6) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/AB19:	3027    	BMI $AB42
C1/AB1B:	20A5AA  	JSR $AAA5
C1/AB1E:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/AB20:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/AB23:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/AB25:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/AB27:	A21005  	LDX #$0510
C1/AB2A:	AC337B  	LDY $7B33
C1/AB2D:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/AB2F:	AC7762  	LDY $6277	    (Spell's "Graphic 3" (bytes 5 & 6) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/AB32:	8424    	STY $24
C1/AB34:	203EB2  	JSR $B23E
C1/AB37:	A21005  	LDX #$0510
C1/AB3A:	BD866F  	LDA $6F86,X
C1/AB3D:	0902    	ORA #$02
C1/AB3F:	9D866F  	STA $6F86,X
C1/AB42:	60      	RTS

C1/AB43 JSR unknow

C1/AB43:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/AB45:	8D0E7B  	STA $7B0E
C1/AB48:	8D0F7B  	STA $7B0F
C1/AB4B:	9CAA60  	STZ $60AA
C1/AB4E:	9CAC60  	STZ $60AC
C1/AB51:	9CAD60  	STZ $60AD
C1/AB54:	9C9900  	STZ $0099
C1/AB57:	60      	RTS

C1/AB58 unknow

C1/AB58:	9CB062  	STZ $62B0
C1/AB5B:	20F494  	JSR $94F4
C1/AB5E:	2067AB  	JSR $AB67
C1/AB61:	20A29A  	JSR $9AA2
C1/AB64:	4C43AB  	JMP $AB43

C1/AB67 JSR unknow

C1/AB67:	A00200  	LDY #$0002
C1/AB6A:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AB6C:	8D3D61  	STA $613D
C1/AB6F:	C8      	INY 
C1/AB70:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AB72:	8D3E61  	STA $613E
C1/AB75:	60      	RTS

C1/AB76 JSR battle dynamics commands 0E/16/17/18/19/1A

C1/AB76:	A00100  	LDY #$0001		(from C1/956B, X = E, 16, 17, 18, 19, or 1A)
C1/AB79:	B176    	LDA ($76),Y	
C1/AB7B:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/AB7D:	B00B    	BCS $AB8A
C1/AB7F:	2903    	AND #$03			(note: whatever A's value was before, now it only can be #$00, #$01, #$02 or #$03)
C1/AB81:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AB82:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AB83:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AB84:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AB85:	0A      	ASL A				(note: whatever A's value was before, now it only can be #$00, #$20, #$40 or #$60)
C1/AB86:	AA      	TAX 
C1/AB87:	9EBB61  	STZ $61BB,X
C1/AB8A:	60      	RTS

C1/AB8B JSR unknow

C1/AB8B:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/AB8E:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AB90:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/AB92:	B00A    	BCS $AB9E
C1/AB94:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AB95:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AB96:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AB97:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AB98:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AB99:	A8      	TAY 
C1/AB9A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/AB9B:	99BB61  	STA $61BB,Y
C1/AB9E:	60      	RTS

C1/AB9F unknow

C1/AB9F:	A00200  	LDY #$0002
C1/ABA2:	7B      	TDC 
C1/ABA3:	AA      	TAX 
C1/ABA4:	B176    	LDA ($76),Y		
C1/ABA6:	C918    	CMP #$18
C1/ABA8:	9011    	BCC $ABBB
C1/ABAA:	E8      	INX 
C1/ABAB:	E8      	INX 
C1/ABAC:	C936    	CMP #$36
C1/ABAE:	900B    	BCC $ABBB
C1/ABB0:	E8      	INX 
C1/ABB1:	E8      	INX 
C1/ABB2:	C951    	CMP #$51
C1/ABB4:	9005    	BCC $ABBB
C1/ABB6:	9CC062  	STZ $62C0
C1/ABB9:	802C    	BRA $ABE7
C1/ABBB:	EEC062  	INC $62C0
C1/ABBE:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/ABC0:	BF8E91C1	LDA $C1918E,X
C1/ABC4:	851E    	STA $1E
C1/ABC6:	7B      	TDC 
C1/ABC7:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/ABC9:	20B39C  	JSR $9CB3          (Load graphic data for spell Battle Dynamics)
C1/ABCF:	2089BC  	JSR $BC89
C1/ABD2:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/ABD4:	300B    	BMI $ABE1
C1/ABD6:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/ABD8:	AA      	TAX 
C1/ABD9:	ADA462  	LDA $62A4
C1/ABDC:	D003    	BNE $ABE1
C1/ABE1:	9CC062  	STZ $62C0
C1/ABE4:	2043AB  	JSR $AB43
C1/ABE7:	208BAB  	JSR $AB8B
C1/ABEA:	60      	RTS

C1/ABEB JSR animation of summon/magic/x-magic command

C1/ABEB:	A00200  	LDY #$0002		(from C1/B76F, X = 02, 17, or 19)
C1/ABEE:	B176    	LDA ($76),Y	
C1/ABF0:	C9F9    	CMP #$F9
C1/ABF2:	D012    	BNE $AC06
C1/ABF4:	7B      	TDC 
C1/ABF5:	9176    	STA ($76),Y
C1/ABF7:	C8      	INY 
C1/ABF8:	A94E    	LDA #$4E
C1/ABFA:	9176    	STA ($76),Y
C1/AC05:	60      	RTS
C1/AC06:	2058AB  	JSR $AB58
C1/AC09:	208BAB  	JSR $AB8B
C1/AC0C:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/AC0F:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AC11:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/AC13:	B009    	BCS $AC1E
C1/AC15:	B278    	LDA ($78)
C1/AC17:	2910    	AND #$10
C1/AC19:	D003    	BNE $AC1E
C1/AC1B:	209FAB  	JSR $AB9F
C1/AC1E:	2041B9  	JSR $B941
C1/AC21:	900E    	BCC $AC31
C1/AC23:	7B      	TDC 
C1/AC24:	A8      	TAY 
C1/AC25:	841E    	STY $1E
C1/AC27:	C8      	INY 
C1/AC28:	C8      	INY 
C1/AC29:	B176    	LDA ($76),Y	
C1/AC2B:	20B39C  	JSR $9CB3          (Load graphic data for spell Battle Dynamics)
C1/AC2E:	205BAC  	JSR $AC5B
C1/AC31:	2035AC  	JSR $AC35
C1/AC34:	60      	RTS

C1/AC35 unknow

C1/AC35:	20CA9E  	JSR $9ECA
C1/AC38:	A20008  	LDX #$0800
C1/AC3B:	8610    	STX $10
C1/AC3D:	A200C4  	LDX #$C400
C1/AC40:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/AC42:	A0000C  	LDY #$0C00
C1/AC45:	208D19  	JSR $198D
C1/AC48:	20EE9E  	JSR $9EEE
C1/AC4B:	A20008  	LDX #$0800
C1/AC4E:	8610    	STX $10
C1/AC50:	A200E4  	LDX #$E400
C1/AC53:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/AC55:	A00054  	LDY #$5400
C1/AC58:	4C8D19  	JMP $198D
C1/AC5B:	206BAC  	JSR $AC6B
C1/AC5E:	2053C6  	JSR $C653
C1/AC61:	200395  	JSR $9503
C1/AC64:	4C85B0  	JMP $B085
C1/AC67:	206BAC  	JSR $AC6B
C1/AC6A:	6B      	RTL

C1/AC6B unknow

C1/AC6B:	A00200  	LDY #$0002
C1/AC6E:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AC70:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AC71:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AC72:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AC73:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AC74:	8512    	STA $12
C1/AC76:	C8      	INY 
C1/AC77:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AC79:	8513    	STA $13
C1/AC7B:	C8      	INY 
C1/AC7C:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AC7E:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AC7F:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AC80:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AC81:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AC82:	8D7E60  	STA $607E
C1/AC85:	C8      	INY 
C1/AC86:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AC88:	8D7F60  	STA $607F
C1/AC8B:	8DAF62  	STA $62AF
C1/AC8E:	C8      	INY 
C1/AC8F:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AC91:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AC92:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AC93:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AC94:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AC95:	8D8060  	STA $6080
C1/AC98:	C8      	INY 
C1/AC99:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AC9B:	8D8160  	STA $6081
C1/AC9E:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/ACA0:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/ACA2:	4A      	LSR A
C1/ACA3:	4A      	LSR A
C1/ACA4:	4A      	LSR A
C1/ACA5:	4A      	LSR A
C1/ACA6:	8512    	STA $12
C1/ACA8:	AD7E60  	LDA $607E
C1/ACAB:	4A      	LSR A
C1/ACAC:	4A      	LSR A
C1/ACAD:	4A      	LSR A
C1/ACAE:	4A      	LSR A
C1/ACAF:	8D7E60  	STA $607E
C1/ACB2:	AD8060  	LDA $6080
C1/ACB5:	4A      	LSR A
C1/ACB6:	4A      	LSR A
C1/ACB7:	4A      	LSR A
C1/ACB8:	4A      	LSR A
C1/ACB9:	8D8060  	STA $6080
C1/ACBC:	ADC062  	LDA $62C0
C1/ACBF:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/ACC2:	F008    	BEQ $ACCC
C1/ACC4:	9C8060  	STZ $6080
C1/ACC7:	7B      	TDC 
C1/ACC8:	3A      	DEC A
C1/ACC9:	8D7E60  	STA $607E
C1/ACCC:	7B      	TDC 
C1/ACCD:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/ACCF:	AE8060  	LDX $6080
C1/ACD2:	DA      	PHX 
C1/ACD3:	AE7E60  	LDX $607E
C1/ACD6:	DA      	PHX 
C1/ACD7:	2089BC  	JSR $BC89
C1/ACDA:	8D4061  	STA $6140
C1/ACDD:	9C0B89  	STZ $890B
C1/ACE0:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/ACE2:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/ACE4:	8D8460  	STA $6084
C1/ACE7:	AD8260  	LDA $6082
C1/ACEA:	0D8360  	ORA $6083
C1/ACED:	0D8060  	ORA $6080
C1/ACF0:	0D8160  	ORA $6081
C1/ACF3:	D005    	BNE $ACFA
C1/ACF5:	AC7362  	LDY $6273	    (Spell's "Graphic 1" (bytes 1 & 2) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/ACF8:	307C    	BMI $AD76
C1/ACFA:	AD0B89  	LDA $890B
C1/ACFD:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/AD00:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/AD02:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/AD04:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AD05:	AA      	TAX 
C1/AD0A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/AD0B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/AD0C:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/AD0E:	ADC062  	LDA $62C0
C1/AD11:	D011    	BNE $AD24
C1/AD13:	AD0B89  	LDA $890B
C1/AD16:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/AD18:	B00A    	BCS $AD24
C1/AD1A:	18      	CLC 
C1/AD1B:	690A    	ADC #$0A
C1/AD1D:	A8      	TAY 
C1/AD1E:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AD20:	C903    	CMP #$03
C1/AD22:	F025    	BEQ $AD49
C1/AD24:	AD8060  	LDA $6080
C1/AD27:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/AD29:	D012    	BNE $AD3D
C1/AD2B:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/AD2D:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/AD2F:	F02B    	BEQ $AD5C
C1/AD31:	AC357B  	LDY $7B35
C1/AD34:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/AD36:	AC7362  	LDY $6273	    (Spell's "Graphic 1" (bytes 1 & 2) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/AD39:	8424    	STY $24
C1/AD3B:	8016    	BRA $AD53
C1/AD3D:	A00202  	LDY #$0202
C1/AD40:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/AD42:	A04200  	LDY #$0042
C1/AD45:	8424    	STY $24
C1/AD47:	800A    	BRA $AD53
C1/AD49:	A00101  	LDY #$0101
C1/AD4C:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/AD4E:	A06300  	LDY #$0063
C1/AD51:	8424    	STY $24
C1/AD53:	A412    	LDY $12
C1/AD55:	5A      	PHY 
C1/AD56:	203EB2  	JSR $B23E
C1/AD59:	7A      	PLY 
C1/AD5A:	8412    	STY $12
C1/AD5C:	6613    	ROR $13
C1/AD5E:	6612    	ROR $12
C1/AD60:	6E7F60  	ROR $607F
C1/AD63:	6E7E60  	ROR $607E
C1/AD66:	6E8160  	ROR $6081
C1/AD69:	6E8060  	ROR $6080
C1/AD6C:	EE0B89  	INC $890B
C1/AD6F:	AD0B89  	LDA $890B
C1/AD72:	C90A    	CMP #$0A
C1/AD74:	D084    	BNE $ACFA
C1/AD79:	AC7E62  	LDY $627E	    (Spell's ??? (bytes 12 & 13) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/AD7F:	F059    	BEQ $ADDA
C1/AD81:	3059    	BMI $ADDC
C1/AD83:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/AD85:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/AD87:	AC377B  	LDY $7B37
C1/AD8A:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/AD8C:	AC7E62  	LDY $627E	    (Spell's ??? (bytes 12 & 13) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/AD8F:	8424    	STY $24
C1/AD91:	2089BC  	JSR $BC89
C1/AD94:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/AD96:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/AD98:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/AD9A:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AD9B:	AA      	TAX 
C1/ADA0:	AA      	TAX 
C1/ADA1:	7B      	TDC 
C1/ADA2:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/ADA4:	AD7D62  	LDA $627D	    (Spell's ??? (byte 11) --- courtesy Mnrogar)	
C1/ADA7:	297F    	AND #$7F
C1/ADA9:	C912    	CMP #$12
C1/ADAB:	D004    	BNE $ADB1
C1/ADAD:	A903    	LDA #$03
C1/ADAF:	800A    	BRA $ADBB
C1/ADB1:	C911    	CMP #$11
C1/ADB3:	D004    	BNE $ADB9
C1/ADB5:	A906    	LDA #$06
C1/ADB7:	8002    	BRA $ADBB
C1/ADB9:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/ADBB:	48      	PHA 
C1/ADBC:	DA      	PHX 
C1/ADC0:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/ADC2:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/ADC5:	FA      	PLX 
C1/ADC6:	DA      	PHX 
C1/ADC7:	2008B2  	JSR $B208
C1/ADCA:	FA      	PLX 
C1/ADCB:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/ADCD:	8A      	TXA 
C1/ADCE:	18      	CLC 
C1/ADCF:	691000  	ADC #$0010
C1/ADD2:	AA      	TAX 
C1/ADD3:	7B      	TDC 
C1/ADD4:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/ADD6:	68      	PLA 
C1/ADD7:	3A      	DEC A
C1/ADD8:	D0E1    	BNE $ADBB
C1/ADDA:	8027    	BRA $AE03
C1/ADDC:	2089BC  	JSR $BC89
C1/ADE2:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/ADE4:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/ADE7:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/ADE9:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/ADEB:	A22005  	LDX #$0520
C1/ADEE:	AC377B  	LDY $7B37
C1/ADF1:	8422    	STY $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/ADF3:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/ADF5:	AD7E62  	LDA $627E	    (Spell's ??? (bytes 12 & 13) --- courtesy Mnrogar)
C1/ADF8:	29FF7F  	AND #$7FFF
C1/ADFB:	8524    	STA $24
C1/ADFD:	7B      	TDC 
C1/ADFE:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/AE00:	203EB2  	JSR $B23E
C1/AE03:	A00600  	LDY #$0006
C1/AE06:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AE08:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AE09:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AE0A:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AE0B:	0A      	ASL A
C1/AE0C:	8D8060  	STA $6080
C1/AE0F:	C8      	INY 
C1/AE10:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AE12:	8D8160  	STA $6081
C1/AE15:	FA      	PLX 
C1/AE16:	8E7E60  	STX $607E
C1/AE19:	DA      	PHX 
C1/AE1D:	203CB1  	JSR $B13C
C1/AE20:	FA      	PLX 
C1/AE21:	8E7E60  	STX $607E
C1/AE24:	FA      	PLX 
C1/AE25:	8E8060  	STX $6080
C1/AE28:	202FAE  	JSR $AE2F
C1/AE2B:	20E594  	JSR $94E5
C1/AE2E:	60      	RTS

C1/AE2F unknow

C1/AE2F:	2089BC  	JSR $BC89
C1/AE35:	F001    	BEQ $AE38
C1/AE37:	60      	RTS

C1/AE38 unknow

C1/AE38:	AE8260  	LDX $6082
C1/AE3B:	DA      	PHX 
C1/AE3C:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/AE3E:	A00A00  	LDY #$000A
C1/AE41:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AE43:	8DA562  	STA $62A5
C1/AE46:	C8      	INY 
C1/AE47:	C8      	INY 
C1/AE48:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AE4A:	8DA762  	STA $62A7
C1/AE4D:	AD8260  	LDA $6082
C1/AE50:	49FFFF  	EOR #$FFFF
C1/AE53:	8516    	STA $16
C1/AE55:	AD8060  	LDA $6080
C1/AE58:	49FFFF  	EOR #$FFFF
C1/AE5B:	8514    	STA $14
C1/AE5D:	AD7E60  	LDA $607E
C1/AE60:	2514    	AND $14
C1/AE62:	2516    	AND $16
C1/AE64:	852A    	STA $2A
C1/AE66:	7B      	TDC 
C1/AE67:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/AE69:	A52A    	LDA $2A
C1/AE6B:	052B    	ORA $2B
C1/AE6D:	D054    	BNE $AEC3
C1/AE6F:	AD8060  	LDA $6080
C1/AE72:	0D8160  	ORA $6081
C1/AE75:	0D8260  	ORA $6082
C1/AE78:	0D8360  	ORA $6083
C1/AE7B:	0D7E60  	ORA $607E
C1/AE7E:	0D7F60  	ORA $607F
C1/AE81:	F018    	BEQ $AE9B
C1/AE83:	9C2E6F  	STZ $6F2E
C1/AE86:	9C3E6F  	STZ $6F3E
C1/AE89:	9C4E6F  	STZ $6F4E
C1/AE8C:	9C5E6F  	STZ $6F5E
C1/AE8F:	9C6E6F  	STZ $6F6E
C1/AE92:	9C9900  	STZ $0099
C1/AE95:	9CAD60  	STZ $60AD
C1/AE98:	9CAC60  	STZ $60AC
C1/AE9B:	AD8874  	LDA $7488
C1/AE9E:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/AEA0:	8D8874  	STA $7488
C1/AEA3:	AD9874  	LDA $7498
C1/AEA6:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/AEA8:	8D9874  	STA $7498
C1/AEAB:	ADA874  	LDA $74A8
C1/AEAE:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/AEB0:	8DA874  	STA $74A8
C1/AEB3:	ADB874  	LDA $74B8
C1/AEB6:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/AEB8:	8DB874  	STA $74B8
C1/AEBB:	ADC874  	LDA $74C8
C1/AEBE:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/AEC0:	8DC874  	STA $74C8
C1/AEC3:	7B      	TDC 
C1/AEC4:	AA      	TAX 
C1/AEC5:	AD8260  	LDA $6082
C1/AEC8:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/AECA:	D02D    	BNE $AEF9
C1/AECC:	AD8060  	LDA $6080
C1/AECF:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/AED1:	D026    	BNE $AEF9
C1/AED3:	AD7E60  	LDA $607E
C1/AED6:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/AED8:	D057    	BNE $AF31
C1/AEDA:	DA      	PHX 
C1/AEDB:	A908    	LDA #$08
C1/AEDD:	8518    	STA $18
C1/AEDF:	BD886F  	LDA $6F88,X
C1/AEE2:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/AEE4:	9D886F  	STA $6F88,X
C1/AEE7:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/AEE9:	8A      	TXA 
C1/AEEA:	18      	CLC 
C1/AEEB:	691000  	ADC #$0010
C1/AEEE:	AA      	TAX 
C1/AEEF:	7B      	TDC 
C1/AEF0:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/AEF2:	C618    	DEC $18
C1/AEF4:	D0E9    	BNE $AEDF
C1/AEF6:	FA      	PLX 
C1/AEF7:	8038    	BRA $AF31
C1/AEF9:	BD3E6A  	LDA $6A3E,X
C1/AEFC:	2902    	AND #$02
C1/AEFE:	9D3E6A  	STA $6A3E,X
C1/AF01:	BD4E6A  	LDA $6A4E,X
C1/AF04:	2902    	AND #$02
C1/AF06:	9D4E6A  	STA $6A4E,X
C1/AF09:	BD5E6A  	LDA $6A5E,X
C1/AF0C:	2902    	AND #$02
C1/AF0E:	9D5E6A  	STA $6A5E,X
C1/AF11:	BD6E6A  	LDA $6A6E,X
C1/AF14:	2902    	AND #$02
C1/AF16:	9D6E6A  	STA $6A6E,X
C1/AF19:	BD7E6A  	LDA $6A7E,X
C1/AF1C:	2902    	AND #$02
C1/AF1E:	9D7E6A  	STA $6A7E,X
C1/AF21:	BD8E6A  	LDA $6A8E,X
C1/AF24:	2902    	AND #$02
C1/AF26:	9D8E6A  	STA $6A8E,X
C1/AF29:	BD9E6A  	LDA $6A9E,X
C1/AF2C:	2902    	AND #$02
C1/AF2E:	9D9E6A  	STA $6A9E,X
C1/AF31:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/AF33:	8A      	TXA 
C1/AF34:	18      	CLC 
C1/AF35:	698000  	ADC #$0080
C1/AF38:	AA      	TAX 
C1/AF39:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/AF3B:	6E8360  	ROR $6083
C1/AF3E:	6E8260  	ROR $6082
C1/AF41:	6E7F60  	ROR $607F
C1/AF44:	6E7E60  	ROR $607E
C1/AF47:	6E8160  	ROR $6081
C1/AF4A:	6E8060  	ROR $6080
C1/AF4D:	E00005  	CPX #$0500
C1/AF50:	F003    	BEQ $AF55
C1/AF52:	4CC5AE  	JMP $AEC5
C1/AF55:	FA      	PLX 
C1/AF56:	8E8260  	STX $6082
C1/AF59:	60      	RTS

C1/AF5A unknow

C1/AF5A:	2298F4C2	JSR $C2F498
C1/AF5E:	A906    	LDA #$06
C1/AF60:	8D0C80  	STA $800C
C1/AF63:	A00500  	LDY #$0005
C1/AF66:	B178    	LDA ($78),Y
C1/AF68:	8D7F60  	STA $607F
C1/AF6B:	9C7E60  	STZ $607E
C1/AF6E:	9C677B  	STZ $7B67
C1/AF71:	202A02  	JSR $022A
C1/AF74:	202A02  	JSR $022A
C1/AF77:	AD7E60  	LDA $607E
C1/AF7A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/AF7B:	AD7F60  	LDA $607F
C1/AF7E:	3F011AC1	AND $C11A01,X
C1/AF82:	F059    	BEQ $AFDD
C1/AF84:	48      	PHA 
C1/AF85:	20631E  	JSR $1E63
C1/AF88:	201AB0  	JSR $B01A
C1/AF8B:	20261F  	JSR $1F26
C1/AF8E:	202A02  	JSR $022A
C1/AF91:	68      	PLA 
C1/AF92:	49FF    	EOR #$FF
C1/AF94:	8DAB60  	STA $60AB
C1/AF97:	9C6D5F  	STZ $5F6D
C1/AF9A:	A980    	LDA #$80
C1/AF9C:	8510    	STA $10
C1/AF9E:	A9BE    	LDA #$BE
C1/AFA0:	20EF17  	JSR $17EF
C1/AFA3:	202A02  	JSR $022A
C1/AFA6:	AD6D5F  	LDA $5F6D
C1/AFA9:	A21000  	LDX #$0010
C1/AFAC:	8624    	STX $24
C1/AFB1:	20676C  	JSR $6C67
C1/AFB4:	205FB0  	JSR $B05F
C1/AFB7:	202DB0  	JSR $B02D
C1/AFBD:	18      	CLC 
C1/AFBE:	6902    	ADC #$02
C1/AFC0:	8D6D5F  	STA $5F6D
C1/AFC3:	C940    	CMP #$40
C1/AFC5:	D0DC    	BNE $AFA3
C1/AFC7:	7B      	TDC 
C1/AFC8:	AA      	TAX 
C1/AFC9:	8628    	STX $28
C1/AFCB:	205FB0  	JSR $B05F
C1/AFCE:	AD1E20  	LDA $201E		(Load the valid monster targets)
C1/AFD1:	2DAB61  	AND $61AB
C1/AFD4:	2DAB60  	AND $60AB
C1/AFD7:	8D1E20  	STA $201E		(Store the new valid monster targets)
C1/AFDA:	20591E  	JSR $1E59
C1/AFDD:	EE7E60  	INC $607E
C1/AFE0:	AD7E60  	LDA $607E
C1/AFE3:	C906    	CMP #$06
C1/AFE5:	D08D    	BNE $AF74
C1/AFE7:	202A02  	JSR $022A
C1/AFEA:	20591E  	JSR $1E59
C1/AFED:	7B      	TDC 
C1/AFEE:	AA      	TAX 
C1/AFEF:	8610    	STX $10
C1/AFF1:	8EB464  	STX $64B4
C1/AFF4:	8EB664  	STX $64B6
C1/AFF7:	203CC2  	JSR $C23C
C1/AFFA:	A903    	LDA #$03
C1/AFFC:	8D0C80  	STA $800C
C1/AFFF:	60      	RTS