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C3/402F data: position of white magic

Positions of white values for magic order selection
C3/402F:	A541    	
C3/4031:	A941    	
C3/4033:	AD41  	
C3/4035:	B141    	
C3/4037:	B541    	
C3/4039:	B941

C3/403B unknow

C3/403B:	7B      	TDC
C3/403C:	8F959E7E	STA $7E9E95
C3/4040:	7B      	TDC
C3/4041:	AD541D  	LDA $1D54
C3/4044:	2907    	AND #$07
C3/4046:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4047:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4048:	AA      	TAX
C3/4049:	A00300  	LDY #$0003
C3/404C:	5A      	PHY
C3/404D:	DA      	PHX
C3/404E:	205840  	JSR $4058
C3/4051:	FA      	PLX
C3/4052:	7A      	PLY
C3/4053:	E8      	INX
C3/4054:	88      	DEY
C3/4055:	D0F5    	BNE $404C
C3/4057:	60      	RTS

C3/4058 display the magic order

C3/4058:	7B      	TDC			(from C3/404E)
C3/4059:	BFD240C3	LDA $C340D2,X
C3/405D:	AA      	TAX
C3/405E:	BFD34AC3	LDA $C34AD3,X
C3/4062:	8F8B9E7E	STA $7E9E8B
C3/4066:	BFD44AC3	LDA $C34AD4,X
C3/406A:	8F8C9E7E	STA $7E9E8C
C3/406E:	BFD54AC3	LDA $C34AD5,X
C3/4072:	8F8D9E7E	STA $7E9E8D
C3/4076:	BFD64AC3	LDA $C34AD6,X
C3/407A:	8F8E9E7E	STA $7E9E8E
C3/407E:	BFD74AC3	LDA $C34AD7,X
C3/4082:	8F8F9E7E	STA $7E9E8F
C3/4086:	BFD84AC3	LDA $C34AD8,X
C3/408A:	8F909E7E	STA $7E9E90
C3/408E:	BFD94AC3	LDA $C34AD9,X
C3/4092:	8F919E7E	STA $7E9E91
C3/4096:	BFDA4AC3	LDA $C34ADA,X
C3/409A:	8F929E7E	STA $7E9E92
C3/40A2:	8F939E7E	STA $7E9E93
C3/40AA:	8F949E7E	STA $7E9E94
C3/40AE:	7B      	TDC
C3/40AF:	88      	DEY
C3/40B0:	98      	TYA 
C3/40B1:	0A      	ASL A
C3/40B2:	AA      	TAX
C3/40B3:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/40B5:	BFCC40C3	LDA $C340CC,X
C3/40B9:	8F899E7E	STA $7E9E89
C3/40BD:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/40BF:	A0899E  	LDY #$9E89
C3/40C2:	84E7    	STY $E7
C3/40C4:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C3/40C6:	85E9    	STA $E9
C3/40C8:	20FF02  	JSR $02FF
C3/40CB:	60      	RTS

C3/40CC data: unknow

C3/40CC:	2943
C3/40CE:	A942
C3/40D0:	2942

C3/40D2 data: changing magic order

Data: changing magic order in config screen 2
C3/40D2:	00 0A
C3/40D4:	14 00

C3/40D6:	00 14
C3/40D8:	0A 00

C3/40DA:	0A 14
C3/409C:	00 00

C3/409E:	0A 00
C3/40E0:	14 00

C3/40E2:	14 00
C3/40E4:	0A 00  

C3/40E6:	14 0A      	
C3/40E8:	00 00

C3/40EA setting the window background

C3/40EA:	A928    	LDA #$28
C3/40EC:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to gray)
C3/40EE:	A0934A  	LDY #$4A93
C3/40F1:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8")
C3/40F4:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/40F6:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/40F8:	7B      	TDC
C3/40F9:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E
C3/40FC:	290F    	AND #$0F
C3/40FE:	0A      	ASL A
C3/40FF:	AA      	TAX
C3/4100:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4102:	BF2341C3	LDA $C34123,X
C3/4106:	85F7    	STA $F7
C3/4108:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/410A:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E
C3/410D:	290F    	AND #$0F
C3/410F:	18      	CLC
C3/4110:	69B5    	ADC #$B5
C3/4112:	85F9    	STA $F9
C3/4114:	64FA    	STZ $FA
C3/4116:	A0F700  	LDY #$00F7
C3/4119:	84E7    	STY $E7
C3/411B:	A900    	LDA #$00
C3/411D:	85E9    	STA $E9
C3/411F:	20FF02  	JSR $02FF      (this is normally for text, but this appears to be setting the background)
C3/4122:	60      	RTS

C3/4123 data: unknow

Positions of white values for window background selection
C3/4123:	A543
C3/4125:	A943
C3/4127:	AD43
C3/4129:	B143
C3/412B:	B543
C3/412D:	B943
C3/413F:	BD43
C3/4131:	C143

C3/4133 unknow

C3/4133:	A93C    	LDA #$3C
C3/4134:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to...)
C3/4137:	A0C94A  	LDY #$4AC9
C3/413A:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display box that holds font palette tweaker?)
C3/413D:	A09D41  	LDY #$419D
C3/4140:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "       ")
C3/4143:	7B      	TDC
C3/4144:	AD541D  	LDA $1D54
C3/4147:	2938    	AND #$38
C3/4149:	F026    	BEQ $4171
C3/414B:	4A      	LSR A
C3/414C:	4A      	LSR A
C3/414D:	AA      	TAX
C3/414E:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/4150:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/4152:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4154:	BF8D41C3	LDA $C3418D,X
C3/4158:	85E7    	STA $E7
C3/415A:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/415C:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/415E:	85E9    	STA $E9
C3/4160:	20FF02  	JSR $02FF
C3/4163:	A928    	LDA #$28
C3/4165:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to gray)
C3/4167:	207F41  	JSR $417F
C3/416A:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/416C:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/416E:	4C8641  	JMP $4186

C3/4171 unknow

C3/4171:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/4173:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/4175:	207F41  	JSR $417F
C3/4178:	A928    	LDA #$28
C3/417A:	8529    	STA $29
C3/417C:	4C8641  	JMP $4186

C3/417F unknow

C3/417F:	A0B34A  	LDY #$4AB3
C3/4182:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Font")
C3/4185:	60      	RTS

C3/4186 unknow

C3/4186:	A0BA4A  	LDY #$4ABA
C3/4189:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Window")
C3/418C:	60      	RTS

C3/418D data: unknow

C3/418D:	9D41    	(position of "       ")
C3/418F:	A741    	(position of character $D4)
C3/4191:	AB41    	(position of character $D4)
C3/4193:	AF41    	(position of character $D4)
C3/4195:	B341    	(position of character $D4)
C3/4197:	B741    	(position of character $D4)
C3/4199:	BB41    	(position of character $D4)
C3/419B:	BF41    	(position of character $D4)

C3/419D:	F544FFFFFFFFFFFFFF00   ("       ")
C3/41A7:	F544D400
C3/41AB:	F744D400
C3/41AF:	F944D400
C3/41B3:	FB44D400
C3/41B7:	FD44D400
C3/41BB:	FF44D400
C3/41BF:	0145D400

C3/41C3 unknow

C3/41C3:	205039  	JSR $3950
C3/41C6:	7B      	TDC
C3/41C7:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E
C3/41CA:	290F    	AND #$0F
C3/41CC:	8D0242  	STA $4202
C3/41CF:	A90E    	LDA #$0E
C3/41D1:	8D0342  	STA $4203
C3/41D4:	AD541D  	LDA $1D54
C3/41D7:	2938    	AND #$38
C3/41D9:	F00C    	BEQ $41E7
C3/41DB:	4A      	LSR A
C3/41DC:	4A      	LSR A
C3/41DD:	18      	CLC
C3/41DE:	6D1642  	ADC $4216
C3/41E1:	AA      	TAX
C3/41E2:	BC551D  	LDY $1D55,X
C3/41E5:	8003    	BRA $41EA
C3/41E7:	AC551D  	LDY $1D55
C3/41EA:	849A    	STY $9A
C3/41EC:	20FE41  	JSR $41FE
C3/41EF:	206342  	JSR $4263
C3/41F2:	20FE41  	JSR $41FE
C3/41F5:	205042  	JSR $4250
C3/41F8:	20FE41  	JSR $41FE
C3/41FB:	4C3D42  	JMP $423D      (BRA would work here)

C3/41FE unknow

C3/41FE:	A49A    	LDY $9A
C3/4200:	84E7    	STY $E7
C3/4202:	A5E7    	LDA $E7
C3/4204:	291F    	AND #$1F
C3/4206:	85E2    	STA $E2
C3/4208:	A5E8    	LDA $E8
C3/420A:	297C    	AND #$7C
C3/420C:	4A      	LSR A
C3/420D:	4A      	LSR A
C3/420E:	85E0    	STA $E0
C3/4210:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4212:	A5E7    	LDA $E7
C3/4214:	29E003  	AND #$03E0
C3/4217:	4A      	LSR A
C3/4218:	4A      	LSR A
C3/4219:	4A      	LSR A
C3/421A:	4A      	LSR A
C3/421B:	4A      	LSR A
C3/421C:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/421E:	85E1    	STA $E1
C3/4220:	60      	RTS

C3/4221 unknow

C3/4221:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/4223:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4224:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4225:	85E8    	STA $E8
C3/4227:	A5E2    	LDA $E2
C3/4229:	85E7    	STA $E7
C3/422B:	7B      	TDC
C3/422C:	A5E1    	LDA $E1
C3/422E:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4230:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4231:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4232:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4233:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4234:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4235:	05E7    	ORA $E7
C3/4237:	8D9A00  	STA $009A
C3/423A:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/423C:	60      	RTS

C3/423D unknow

C3/423D:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/423F:	A92F45  	LDA #$452F
C3/4242:	8F899E7E	STA $7E9E89
C3/4246:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4248:	A5E2    	LDA $E2
C3/424A:	A22945  	LDX #$4529
C3/424D:	4C7642  	JMP $4276

C3/4250 unknow

C3/4250:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4252:	A9AF45  	LDA #$45AF
C3/4255:	8F899E7E	STA $7E9E89
C3/4259:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/425B:	A5E1    	LDA $E1
C3/425D:	A2A945  	LDX #$45A9
C3/4260:	4C7642  	JMP $4276

C3/4263 unknow

C3/4263:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4265:	A92F46  	LDA #$462F
C3/4268:	8F899E7E	STA $7E9E89
C3/426C:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/426E:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/4270:	A22946  	LDX #$4629
C3/4273:	4C7642  	JMP $4276

C3/4276 unknow

C3/4276:	48      	PHA
C3/4277:	48      	PHA
C3/4278:	DA      	PHX
C3/4279:	20E004  	JSR $04E0
C3/427C:	FA      	PLX
C3/427D:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/427F:	8529    	STA $29
C3/4281:	20B604  	JSR $04B6
C3/4284:	A28B9E  	LDX #$9E8B
C3/4287:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C3/428A:	68      	PLA
C3/428B:	EB      	XBA 
C3/428C:	A500    	LDA $00
C3/428E:	EB      	XBA 
C3/428F:	4A      	LSR A
C3/4290:	4A      	LSR A
C3/4291:	AA      	TAX
C3/4292:	F008    	BEQ $429C
C3/4294:	A9F8    	LDA #$F8       (looks like the full bar character in font)
C3/4296:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/4299:	CA      	DEX
C3/429A:	D0F8    	BNE $4294
C3/429C:	68      	PLA
C3/429D:	2903    	AND #$03
C3/429F:	AA      	TAX
C3/42A0:	BFBE42C3	LDA $C342BE,X
C3/42A4:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/42A7:	9C8021  	STZ $2180      (end this string)
C3/42AA:	A930    	LDA #$30
C3/42AC:	8529    	STA $29
C3/42AE:	4CB142  	JMP $42B1      (JMP $7FD9 fool!)

C3/42B1 unknow

C3/42B1:	A0899E  	LDY #$9E89     (JMP $7FD9 fool!)
C3/42B4:	84E7    	STY $E7
C3/42B6:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C3/42B8:	85E9    	STA $E9
C3/42BA:	20FF02  	JSR $02FF
C3/42BD:	60      	RTS

C3/42BE data: unknow

C3/42BE:	F0F2
C3/42C0:	F4F6

C3/42C2 unknow

C3/42C2:	202F35  	JSR $352F      (fade out screen, disable H/DMA)
C3/42C3:	202C44  	JSR $442C
C3/42C7:	206F46  	JSR $466F
C3/42CA:	20B645  	JSR $45B6      (get our finger positioning data)
C3/42CE:	20BF45  	JSR $45BF      (get our hotspot data)
C3/42D1:	20B007  	JSR $07B0      (finger OAM initiating)
C3/42D4:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/42D6:	8526    	STA $26
C3/42D8:	A948    	LDA #$48
C3/42DA:	8527    	STA $27
C3/42DC:	4C4135  	JMP $3541

C3/42DF unknow

C3/42DF:	20BC45  	JSR $45BC
C3/42E2:	A508    	LDA $08
C3/42E4:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press A?)
C3/42E6:	F028    	BEQ $4310      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/42E8:	7B      	TDC
C3/42E9:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/42EB:	C904    	CMP #$04
C3/42ED:	F037    	BEQ $4326
C3/42EF:	AA      	TAX
C3/42F0:	B569    	LDA $69,X
C3/42F2:	3016    	BMI $430A
C3/42F4:	20B20E  	JSR $0EB2		(makes the click sound)
C3/42F7:	A54E    	LDA $4E
C3/42F9:	855E    	STA $5E
C3/42FB:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/42FD:	8564    	STA $64
C3/42FF:	20D445  	JSR $45D4
C3/4302:	20DA45  	JSR $45DA
C3/4305:	A962    	LDA #$62
C3/4307:	8526    	STA $26
C3/4309:	60      	RTS

C3/430A unknow

C3/430A:	20C00E  	JSR $0EC0      (makes the buzzer sound)
C3/430D:	205D30  	JSR $305D      (mosaic effect)
C3/4310:	A509    	LDA $09
C3/4312:	8910    	BIT #$10       (did you press start?)
C3/4314:	D006    	BNE $431C      (branch if so)
C3/4316:	A509    	LDA $09        (A already holds the contents of $09)
C3/4318:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press B?)
C3/431A:	F009    	BEQ $4325      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/431C:	20A90E  	JSR $0EA9
C3/431F:	A90D    	LDA #$0D
C3/4321:	8527    	STA $27        (queue up to execute at C3/1C7D)
C3/4323:	6426    	STZ $26        (fade out)
C3/4325:	60      	RTS

C3/4326 unknow

C3/4326:	20B20E  	JSR $0EB2		(makes the click sound)
C3/4329:	20390F  	JSR $0F39
C3/432C:	20D043  	JSR $43D0
C3/432F:	20D843  	JSR $43D8
C3/4332:	20E143  	JSR $43E1
C3/4335:	4CEA43  	JMP $43EA

C3/4338 unknow

C3/4338:	200246  	JSR $4602
C3/433B:	A508    	LDA $08
C3/433D:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press A?)
C3/433F:	F018    	BEQ $4359      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/4341:	20B20E  	JSR $0EB2		(makes the click sound)
C3/4344:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/4346:	8528    	STA $28
C3/4348:	20062F  	JSR $2F06
C3/434B:	A963    	LDA #$63
C3/434D:	8526    	STA $26        (execute at C3/4376)
C3/434F:	7B      	TDC
C3/4350:	A564    	LDA $64
C3/4352:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4353:	AA      	TAX
C3/4354:	B46D    	LDY $6D,X
C3/4356:	8467    	STY $67
C3/4358:	60      	RTS

C3/4359 unknow

C3/4359:	A509    	LDA $09
C3/435B:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press B?)
C3/435D:	F016    	BEQ $4375      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/435F:	20A90E  	JSR $0EA9
C3/4362:	20B645  	JSR $45B6
C3/4365:	A55E    	LDA $5E
C3/4367:	854E    	STA $4E
C3/4369:	20BF45  	JSR $45BF
C3/436C:	A54E    	LDA $4E
C3/436E:	855E    	STA $5E
C3/4370:	A948    	LDA #$48
C3/4372:	8526    	STA $26
C3/4374:	60      	RTS
C3/4375:	60      	RTS

C3/4376 unknow

C3/4376:	200246  	JSR $4602
C3/4379:	A508    	LDA $08
C3/437B:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press A?)
C3/437D:	F03E    	BEQ $43BD      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/437F:	20B20E  	JSR $0EB2		(makes the click sound)
C3/4382:	7B      	TDC
C3/4383:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/4385:	C221    	REP #$21
C3/4387:	6567    	ADC $67
C3/4389:	A8      	TAY
C3/438A:	5A      	PHY
C3/438B:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/438D:	B91600  	LDA $0016,Y
C3/4390:	85E0    	STA $E0
C3/4392:	7B      	TDC
C3/4393:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/4395:	C221    	REP #$21
C3/4397:	6567    	ADC $67
C3/4399:	A8      	TAY
C3/439A:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/439C:	B91600  	LDA $0016,Y
C3/439F:	85E1    	STA $E1
C3/43A1:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/43A3:	991600  	STA $0016,Y
C3/43A6:	7A      	PLY
C3/43A7:	A5E1    	LDA $E1
C3/43A9:	991600  	STA $0016,Y
C3/43AC:	20B444  	JSR $44B4
C3/43AF:	20ED44  	JSR $44ED
C3/43B2:	202645  	JSR $4526
C3/43B5:	205F45  	JSR $455F
C3/43B8:	20390F  	JSR $0F39
C3/43BB:	8009    	BRA $43C6
C3/43BD:	A509    	LDA $09
C3/43BF:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press B?)
C3/43C1:	F00C    	BEQ $43CF      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/43C3:	20A90E  	JSR $0EA9
C3/43C6:	A905    	LDA #$05
C3/43C8:	1446    	TRB $46
C3/43CA:	A962    	LDA #$62
C3/43CC:	8526    	STA $26        (execute at C3/4338)
C3/43CE:	60      	RTS
C3/43CF:	60      	RTS

C3/43D0 unknow

C3/43D0:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/43D2:	20F343  	JSR $43F3
C3/43D5:	4CB444  	JMP $44B4

C3/43D8:	A20200  	LDX #$0002
C3/43DB:	20F343  	JSR $43F3
C3/43DE:	4CED44  	JMP $44ED

C3/43E1:	A20400  	LDX #$0004
C3/43E4:	20F343  	JSR $43F3
C3/43E7:	4C2645  	JMP $4526

C3/43EA:	A20600  	LDX #$0006
C3/43ED:	20F343  	JSR $43F3
C3/43F0:	4C5F45  	JMP $455F

C3/43F3 unknow

C3/43F3:	B46D    	LDY $6D,X
C3/43F5:	F033    	BEQ $442A
C3/43F7:	7B      	TDC
C3/43F8:	B90000  	LDA $0000,Y    (character ID)
C3/43FB:	C90C    	CMP #$0C       (is it Gogo?)
C3/43FD:	F02C    	BEQ $442B      (branch if so)
C3/43FF:	8D0242  	STA $4202
C3/4402:	A916    	LDA #$16
C3/4404:	8D0342  	STA $4203
C3/4407:	EA      	NOP 
C3/4408:	EA      	NOP 
C3/4409:	EA      	NOP 
C3/440A:	EA      	NOP 
C3/440B:	AE1642  	LDX $4216
C3/440E:	BFA27CED	LDA $ED7CA2,X  (Load startup command 1)
C3/4412:	991600  	STA $0016,Y    (Store startup command 1)
C3/4415:	BFA37CED	LDA $ED7CA3,X
C3/4419:	991700  	STA $0017,Y
C3/4420:	991800  	STA $0018,Y
C3/4423:	BFA57CED	LDA $ED7CA5,X
C3/4427:	991900  	STA $0019,Y
C3/442A:	60      	RTS
C3/442B:	60      	RTS

C3/442C rearrange menu for "short" command list

"Short" command list rearranging menu
C3/442C:	20286A  	JSR $6A28
C3/442F:	A09044  	LDY #$4490
C3/4432:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw character 1 command window)
C3/4435:	A09444  	LDY #$4494
C3/4438:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw character 2 command window)
C3/443B:	A09844  	LDY #$4498
C3/443E:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw character 3 command window)
C3/4441:	A09C44  	LDY #$449C
C3/4444:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw character 4 command window)
C3/4447:	A0A044  	LDY #$44A0
C3/444A:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw character 1 name window)
C3/444D:	A0A444  	LDY #$44A4
C3/4450:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw character 2 name window)
C3/4453:	A0A844  	LDY #$44A8
C3/4456:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw character 3 name window)
C3/4459:	A0AC44  	LDY #$44AC
C3/445C:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw character 4 name window)
C3/445F:	A0B044  	LDY #$44B0
C3/4462:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window that holds "Arrange")
C3/4465:	20520E  	JSR $0E52
C3/4468:	20156A  	JSR $6A15
C3/446B:	20196A  	JSR $6A19
C3/446E:	203C6A  	JSR $6A3C
C3/4471:	20416A  	JSR $6A41
C3/4474:	A930    	LDA #$30
C3/4476:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to blue)
C3/4478:	A0F14A  	LDY #$4AF1
C3/447B:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Arrange")
C3/447E:	20B444  	JSR $44B4
C3/4481:	20ED44  	JSR $44ED
C3/4484:	202645  	JSR $4526
C3/4487:	205F45  	JSR $455F
C3/448A:	20280E  	JSR $0E28
C3/448D:	4C6E0E  	JMP $0E6E

C3/4490 data: windows

C3/4490:	1F591204	(window that holds character 1 commands)
C3/4494:	9F5A1204	(window that holds character 2 commands)
C3/4498:	1F5C1204	(window that holds character 3 commands)
C3/449C:	9F5D1204	(window that holds character 4 commands)
C3/44A0:	0B590804  	(window that holds character 1 name)
C3/44A4:	8B5A0804	(window that holds character 2 name)
C3/44A8:	0B5C0804	(window that holds character 3 name)
C3/44AC:	8B5D0804	(window that holds character 4 name)
C3/44B0:	8B580801  	(window that holds "Arrange")

C3/44B4 unknow

C3/44B4:	A569		LDA $69
C3/44B6:	3034		BMI $44EC
C3/44B8:	220600C2	JSL $C20006    (equipment check function)
C3/44BC:	A66D		LDX $6D
C3/44BE:	8667    	STX $67
C3/44C0:	A930    	LDA #$30
C3/44C2:	8529    	STA $29
C3/44C4:	A08F79  	LDY #$798F
C3/44C7:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF
C3/44CA:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/44CC:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/44CE:	A00F7A  	LDY #$7A0F
C3/44D1:	20E534  	JSR $34E5
C3/44D4:	A0AD79  	LDY #$79AD
C3/44D7:	209845  	JSR $4598
C3/44DA:	A0237A  	LDY #$7A23
C3/44DD:	209E45  	JSR $459E
C3/44E0:	A0377A  	LDY #$7A37
C3/44E3:	20A545  	JSR $45A5
C3/44E6:	A0AD7A  	LDY #$7AAD
C3/44E9:	20AD45  	JSR $45AD      (JMP fool!)
C3/44EC:	60      	RTS

C3/44ED unknow

C3/44ED:	A56A    	LDA $6A
C3/44EF:	3034    	BMI $4525
C3/44F1:	220600C2	JSL $C20006    (equipment check function)
C3/44F5:	A66F    	LDX $6F
C3/44F7:	8667    	STX $67
C3/44F9:	A930    	LDA #$30
C3/44FB:	8529    	STA $29
C3/44FD:	A04F7B  	LDY #$7B4F
C3/4500:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF
C3/4503:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/4505:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/4507:	A0CF7B  	LDY #$7BCF
C3/450A:	20E534  	JSR $34E5
C3/450D:	A06D7B  	LDY #$7B6D
C3/4510:	209845  	JSR $4598
C3/4513:	A0E37B  	LDY #$7BE3
C3/4516:	209E45  	JSR $459E
C3/4519:	A0F77B  	LDY #$7BF7
C3/451C:	20A545  	JSR $45A5
C3/451F:	A06D7C  	LDY #$7C6D
C3/4522:	20AD45  	JSR $45AD      (JMP fool!)
C3/4525:	60      	RTS

C3/4526 unknow

C3/4526:	A56B    	LDA $6B
C3/4528:	3034    	BMI $455E
C3/452A:	220600C2	JSL $C20006    (equipment check function)
C3/452E:	A671    	LDX $71
C3/4530:	8667    	STX $67
C3/4532:	A930    	LDA #$30
C3/4534:	8529    	STA $29
C3/4536:	A00F7D  	LDY #$7D0F
C3/4539:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF
C3/453C:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/453E:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/4540:	A08F7D  	LDY #$7D8F
C3/4543:	20E534  	JSR $34E5
C3/4546:	A02D7D  	LDY #$7D2D
C3/4549:	209845  	JSR $4598
C3/454C:	A0A37D  	LDY #$7DA3
C3/454F:	209E45  	JSR $459E
C3/4552:	A0B77D  	LDY #$7DB7
C3/4555:	20A545  	JSR $45A5
C3/4558:	A02D7E  	LDY #$7E2D
C3/455B:	20AD45  	JSR $45AD      (JMP fool!)
C3/455E:	60      	RTS

C3/455F unknow

C3/455F:	A56C    	LDA $6C
C3/4561:	3034    	BMI $4597
C3/4563:	220600C2	JSL $C20006    (equipment check function)
C3/4567:	A673    	LDX $73
C3/4569:	8667    	STX $67
C3/456B:	A930    	LDA #$30
C3/456D:	8529    	STA $29
C3/456F:	A0CF7E  	LDY #$7ECF
C3/4572:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF
C3/4575:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/4576:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/4579:	A04F7F  	LDY #$7F4F
C3/457C:	20E534  	JSR $34E5
C3/457F:	A0ED7E  	LDY #$7EED
C3/4582:	209845  	JSR $4598
C3/4585:	A0637F  	LDY #$7F63
C3/4588:	209E45  	JSR $459E
C3/458B:	A0777F  	LDY #$7F77
C3/458E:	20A545  	JSR $45A5
C3/4591:	A0ED7F  	LDY #$7FED
C3/4594:	20AD45  	JSR $45AD      (JMP fool!)
C3/4597:	60      	RTS
C3/4598:	201935  	JSR $3519
C3/459B:	4CE15E  	JMP $5EE1

C3/459E:	201935  	JSR $3519
C3/45A1:	C8      	INY
C3/45A2:	4CE15E  	JMP $5EE1

C3/45A5:	201935  	JSR $3519
C3/45A8:	C8      	INY
C3/45A9:	C8      	INY
C3/45AA:	4CE15E  	JMP $5EE1

C3/45AD:	201935  	JSR $3519
C3/45B0:	C8      	INY
C3/45B1:	C8      	INY
C3/45B2:	C8      	INY
C3/45B3:	4CE15E  	JMP $5EE1

C3/45B6:	A0C545  	LDY #$45C5
C3/45B9:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/45BC:	202D07  	JSR $072D
C3/45BF:	A0CA45  	LDY #$45CA
C3/45C2:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/45C5 data: hotspot for arrange screen

C3/45C5:	80 00 00 01 05

C3/45CA data: finger positions for arrange screen

C3/45CA:	0820    	(X/Y position for character 1 name)
C3/45CC:	0850    	(X/Y position for character 2 name)
C3/45CE:	0880    	(X/Y position for character 3 name)
C3/45D0:	08B0    	(X/Y position for character 4 name)
C3/45D2:	080C    	(X/Y position for Arrange)

C3/45D4 unknow

C3/45D4:	A04A46  	LDY #$464A
C3/45D7:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/45DA:	7B      	TDC
C3/45DB:	A564    	LDA $64
C3/45DD:	0A      	ASL A
C3/45DE:	AA      	TAX
C3/45DF:	7CE245  	JMP ($45E2,X)

C3/45E2 data: unknow

C3/45E2:	EA45    	(character 1 commands)
C3/45E4:	F045    	(character 2 commands)
C3/45E6:	F645    	(character 3 commands)
C3/45E8:	FC45    	(character 4 commands)

C3/45EA unknow

C3/45EA:	A04F46    	LDY #$464F
C3/45ED:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/45F0:	A05746    	LDY #$4657
C3/45F3:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/45F6:	A05F46  	LDY #$465F
C3/45F9:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/45FC:	A06746  	LDY #$4667
C3/45FF:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/4602 unknow

C3/4602:	201546  	JSR $4615      (from C3/4338)
C3/4605:	7B      	TDC
C3/4606:	A564    	LDA $64
C3/4608:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4609:	AA      	TAX
C3/460A:	7C0D46  	JMP ($460D,X)

C3/460D data: unknow

C3/460D:	EA45
C3/460F:	F045
C3/4611:	F645
C3/4613:	FC45

C3/4615 unknow

C3/4615:	644D    	STZ $4D	
C3/4617:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/4619:	8908    	BIT #$08
C3/461B:	F005    	BEQ $4622
C3/461D:	644E    	STZ $4E
C3/461F:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/4622:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/4624:	8904    `	BIT #$04
C3/4626:	F007    	BEQ $462F
C3/4628:	A903    	LDA #$03
C3/462A:	854E    	STA $4E
C3/462C:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/462F:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/4631:	8902    	BIT #$02
C3/4633:	F007    	BEQ $463C
C3/4635:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/4637:	854E    	STA $4E
C3/4639:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/463C:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/463E:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/4640:	F007    	BEQ $4649
C3/4642:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/4644:	854E    	STA $4E
C3/4646:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3      (JMP fool!)
C3/4649:	60      	RTS

C3/464A data: hotspot

C3/464A:	81 00 00 01 04

C3/464F data: finger positions, char 1

Finger positioning data, configuring character 1 commands
C3/464F:	8020
C3/4651:	582C
C3/4653:	A82C
C3/4655:	8038

C3/4657 data: finger positions, char 2 unknow

Finger positioning data, configuring character 2 commands
C3/4657:	8050
C3/4659:	585C
C3/465A:	A85C
C3/465E:	8068

C3/465F data: finger positions, char 3

Finger positioning data, configuring character 3 commands
C3/465F:	8080
C3/4661:	588C
C3/4662:	A88C
C3/4665:	8098

C3/4667 data: finger positions, char 4

Finger positioning data, configuring character 4 commands
C3/4667:	80B0
C3/4669:	58BC
C3/466A:	A8BC
C3/466D:	80C8

C3/466F unknow

C3/466F:	A902    	LDA #$02       (from C3/42C7)
C3/4671:	8D5043    	STA $4350
C3/4674:	A912    	LDA #$12
C3/4676:	8D5143    	STA $4351      (register address becomes $2112)
C3/4679:	A08E46  	LDY #$468E
C3/467C:	8C5243  	STY $4352      (set address)
C3/467F:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/4681:	8D5443  	STA $4354      (set bank, C3/468E)
C3/4684:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/4686:	8D5743    	STA $4357
C3/4689:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/468B:	0443    	TSB $43        (eventually enable channel 5 of HDMA)
C3/468D:	60      	RTS

C3/4682 hdma transfer table

C3/468E:	1F0000  	(31 scanlines, 0 pixel shift)
C3/4691:	0C0400  	(12 scanlines, 4 pixel shift)
C3/4694:	0C0800  	(12 scanlines, 8 pixel shift)
C3/4697:	240C00  	(36 scanlines, 12 pixel shift)
C3/469A:	0C1000  	(12 scanlines, 16 pixel shift)
C3/469D:	241400  	(36 scanlines, 20 pixel shift)
C3/46A0:	0C1800  	(12 scanlines, 24 pixel shift)
C3/46A3:	241C00  	(36 scanlines, 28 pixel shift)
C3/46A6:	0C2000  	(12 scanlines, 32 pixel shift)
C3/46A9:	242400  	(36 scanlines, 36 pixel shift, 235 scanlines total)
C3/46AC:	00      	(end)

C3/46AD unknow

C3/46AD:	202F35  	JSR $352F      (fade out screen, disable H/DMA)
C3/46B0:	20F546  	JSR $46F5
C3/46B3:	20A848  	JSR $48A8
C3/46B6:	20D748  	JSR $48D7
C3/46B9:	20E048  	JSR $48E0
C3/46BC:	20B007  	JSR $07B0      (finger OAM initiating)
C3/46BF:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/46C1:	8526    	STA $26        (transition)
C3/46C3:	A94C    	LDA #$4C
C3/46C5:	8527    	STA $27        (queue up to execute at C3/46CA)
C3/46C7:	4C4135  	JMP $3541

C3/46CA unknow

C3/46CA:	20390F  	JSR $0F39
C3/46CD:	20DD48  	JSR $48DD
C3/46D0:	A509    	LDA $09
C3/46D2:	8910    	BIT #$10       (did you press start?)
C3/46D4:	D006    	BNE $46DC      (branch if so)
C3/46D6:	A509     	LDA $09        (A already holds the contents of $09)
C3/46D8:	8980    	BIT #$80       (did you press B?)
C3/46DA:	F00A    	BEQ $46E6      (branch if not, BPL...)
C3/46DC:	20A90E  	JSR $0EA9
C3/46DF:	A90D    	LDA #$0D
C3/46E1:	8527    	STA $27        (queue up to execute at C3/1C7D)
C3/46E3:	6426    	STZ $26        (fade out)
C3/46E5:	60      	RTS

C3/46E6 unknow

C3/46E6:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/46E8:	8901  		BIT #$01
C3/46EA:	D006    	BNE $46F2
C3/46EC:	A50B      	LDA $0B
C3/46EE:	8902    	BIT #$02
C3/46F0:	F002    	BEQ $46F4
C3/46F2:	8023    	BRA $4717
C3/46F4:	60      	RTS

C3/46F5 unknow

C3/46F5:	A0F348  	LDY #$48F3
C3/46F8:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw controller assignment window)
C3/46FB:	20520E  	JSR $0E52
C3/46FE:	A930    	LDA #$30
C3/4701:	8529    	STA $29
C3/4704:	A0FB4A      	LDY #$4AFB
C3/4705:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Controller")
C3/4708:	20B447  	JSR $47B4
C3/470B:	20F147  	JSR $47F1
C3/470E:	202E48  	JSR $482E
C3/4711:	206B48  	JSR $486B
C3/4714:	4C6E0E  	JMP $0E6E

C3/4717 unknow

C3/4717:	7B      	TDC
C3/4718:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/471A:	AA      	TAX
C3/471B:	B569    	LDA $69,X
C3/471D:	300A    	BMI $4729
C3/471F:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/4722:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/4724:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4725:	AA      	TAX
C3/4726:	7C2A47  	JMP ($472A,X)
C3/4729:	60      	RTS

C3/472A data: unknow

C3/472A:	3247    	
C3/472C:	5147    	
C3/472E:	7247    	
C3/4730:	9347    	

C3/4732 unknow

C3/4732:	AD4F1D  	LDA $1D4F
C3/4735:	2901    	AND #$01
C3/4737:	A50B      	LDA $0B 
C3/4739:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/473B:	F00A      	BEQ $4747
C3/473D:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/473F:	0D4F1D  	ORA $1D4F
C3/4742:	8D4F1F    	STA $1D4F
C3/4745:	806D    	BRA $47B4
C3/4747:	AD4F1D  	LDA $1D4F
C3/474A:	29FE    	AND #$FE
C3/474C:	8D4F1D  	STA $1D4F
C3/474F:	8063    	BRA $47B5

C3/4751:	AD4F1D  	LDA $1D4F
C3/4754:	2902    	AND #$02
C3/4756:	A50B      	LDA $0B
C3/4758:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/475A:	F00B    	BEQ $4767
C3/475C:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/475E:	0D4F1D  	ORA $1D4F
C3/4761:	8D4F1D  	STA $1D4F
C3/4764:	4CF147  	JMP $47F1

C3/4767:	AD4F1D  	LDA $1D4F
C3/4768:	29FD    	AND #$FD
C3/476C:	8D4F1D  	STA $1D4F
C3/476F:	4CF147  	JMP $47F1

C3/4772:	AD4F1D  	LDA $1D4F
C3/4775:	2904    	AND #$04
C3/4778:	A50B      	LDA $0B
C3/4779:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/477B:	F00B      	BEQ $4788
C3/477D:	A904    	LDA #$04
C3/477F:	0D4F1D  	ORA $1D4F
C3/4782:	8D4F1D  	STA $1D4F
C3/4785:	4C2E48  	JMP $482E

C3/4788:	AD4F1D  	LDA $1D4F
C3/478B:	29FB    	AND #$FB
C3/478D:	8D4F1D  	STA $1D4F
C3/4790:	4C2E48  	JMP $482E

C3/4793:	AD4F1D  	LDA $1D4F
C3/4796:	2908    	AND #$08
C3/4798:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/479A:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/479C:	F00B    	BEQ $47A9
C3/479E:	A908    	LDA #$08
C3/47A0:	0D4F1D  	ORA $1D4F
C3/47A3:	8D4F1D  	STA $1D4F
C3/47A6:	4C6B48  	JMP $486B

C3/47A9:	AD4F1D  	LDA $1D4F
C3/47AC:	29F7    	AND #$F7
C3/47AE:	8D4F1D  	STA $1D4F
C3/47B1:	4C6B48  	JMP $486B

C3/47B4:	A569    	LDA $69
C3/47B6:	3038    	BMI $47F0
C3/47B8:	A66D    	LDX $6D
C3/47BA:	8667    	STX $67
C3/47BC:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/47BE:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/47C0:	A0CF7B  	LDY #$7BCF
C3/47C3:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF      (display character name 1)
C3/47C6:	AD4F1D  	LDA $1D4F
C3/47C9:	2901    	AND #$01
C3/47CB:	F009    	BEQ $47D6
C3/47CD:	A924    	LDA #$24       (set text color to gray)
C3/47CF:	20DF47  	JSR $47DF
C3/47D2:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/47D4:	8012    	BRA $47E8
C3/47D6:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/47D8:	20DF47  	JSR $47DF
C3/47DB:	A924    	LDA #$24       (set text color to gray)
C3/47DD:	8009    	BRA $47E8
C3/47DF:	8529    	STA $29
C3/47E1:	A0084B  	LDY #$4B08
C3/47E4:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Cntlr1")
C3/47E7:	60      	RTS
C3/47E8:	8529    	STA $29
C3/47EA:	A0114B  	LDY #$4B11
C3/47ED:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Cntlr2")
C3/47F0:	60      	RTS

C3/47F1 unknow

C3/47F1:	A56A    	LDA $6A
C3/47F3:	3038    	BMI $482D
C3/47F5:	A66F    	LDX $6F
C3/47F7:	8667    	STX $67
C3/47F9:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/47FB:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/47FD:	A04F7C  	LDY #$7C4F
C3/4800:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF      (display character name 2)
C3/4803:	AD4F1D  	LDA $1D4F
C3/4806:	2902    	AND #$02
C3/4808:	F009    	BEQ $4813
C3/480A:	A924    	LDA #$24       (set text color to gray)
C3/480C:	201C48  	TRB $A948
C3/480F:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/4811:	8012    	BRA $4825
C3/4813:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/4815:	201C48  	TRB $A948
C3/4818:	A924    	LDA #$24       (set text color to gray)
C3/481A:	8009    	BRA $4825
C3/481C:	8529    	STA $29
C3/481E:	A01A4B  	LDY #$4B1A
C3/4821:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Cntlr1")
C3/4824:	60      	RTS
C3/4825:	8529    	STA $29
C3/4827:	A0234B  	LDY #$4B23
C3/482A:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Cntlr2")
C3/482D:	60      	RTS

C3/482E unknow

C3/482E:	A56B    	LDA $6B
C3/4830:	3038    	BMI $486A
C3/4832:	A671    	LDX $71
C3/4834:	8667    	STX $67
C3/4836:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/4838:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/483A:	A0CF7C  	LDY #$7CCF
C3/483D:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF      (display character name 3?)
C3/4840:	AD4F1D    	LDA $1D4F
C3/4843:	2904    	AND #$04
C3/4845:	F009    	BEQ $4850
C3/4847:	A924    	LDA #$24       (set text color to gray)
C3/4849:	205948  	JSR $4859
C3/484C:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/484E:	8012    	BRA $4862
C3/4850:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/4852:	205948  	JSR $4859
C3/4855:	A924    	LDA #$24       (set text color to gray)
C3/4857:	8009    	BRA $4862
C3/4859:	8529    	STA $29
C3/485B:	A02C4B  	LDY #$4B2C
C3/485E:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Cntlr1")
C3/4861:	60      	RTS
C3/4862:	8529    	STA $29
C3/4864:	A0354B  	LDY #$4B35
C3/4867:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Cntlr2")
C3/486A:	60      	RTS

C3/48CB unknow

C3/486B:	A56C    	LDA $6C
C3/486D:	3038    	BMI $48A7
C3/486F:	A673    	LDX $73
C3/4871:	8667    	STX $67
C3/4873:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/4875:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/4877:	A04F7D  	LDY #$7D4F  	
C3/487A:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF      (display character name 4?)
C3/487D:	AD4F1D    	LDA $1D4F
C3/4880:	2908    	AND #$08
C3/4882:	F009    	BEQ $488D
C3/4884:	A924    	LDA #$24       (set text color to gray)
C3/4886:	209648    	JSR $4896
C3/4889:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/488B:	8012    	BRA $489F
C3/488D:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/488F:	209648  	JSR $4896
C3/4892:	A924    	LDA #$24       (set text color to gray)
C3/4894:	8009    	BRA $489F
C3/4896:	8529    	STA $29
C3/4898:	A03E4B  	LDY #$4B3E
C3/489B:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Cntlr1")
C3/489E:	60      	RTS
C3/489F:	8529    	STA $29
C3/48A1:	A0474B  	LDY #$4B47
C3/48A4:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Cntlr2")
C3/48A7:	60      	RTS

C3/48A8 unknow

C3/48A8:	A901    	LDA #$01       (from C3/46B0)
C3/48AA:	8D5043    	STA $4350
C3/48AD:	A928    	LDA #$28
C3/48AF:	8D5143    	STA $4351      (register address becomes $2128)
C3/48B2:	A0C748  	LDY #$48C7
C3/48B5:	8C5243  	STY $4352      (set address)
C3/48B8:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/48BA:	8D5443  	STA $4354      (set bank, C3/48C7)
C3/48BD:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/48BF:	8D5743  	STA $4357
C3/48C2:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/48C4:	0443    	TSB $43        (eventually enable channel 5 of HDMA)
C3/48C6:	60      	RTS

C3/48C7 hdma transfer table

HDMA transfer table
C3/48C7:	27FFFF
C3/48CA:	3008F7
C3/48CD:	68FFFF
C3/48D0:	1008F7
C3/48D3:	10FFFF
C3/48D6:	00      	(end)

C3/48D7 unknow

C3/48D7:	A0E648    	LDY #$48E6
C3/48DA:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/48DD:	202D07  	JSR $072D
C3/48E0:	A0EB48  	LDY #$48EB
C3/48E3:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/48E6 data: hotspot for controller assignment window

C3/48E6:	80 00 00 01 04

C3/48EB data: finger position for controller assignment window

C3/48EB:	507B    	(character 1)
C3/48ED:	508B    	(character 2)
C3/48EF:	509B    	(character 3)
C3/48F1:	50AB    	(character 4)

C3/48F3 data: window for controller assignments

C3/48F3:	0B5B1C0B

C3/48F7 unknow

C3/48F7:	7B      	TDC           (from C3/3E57)
C3/48F8:	AA      	TAX
C3/48F9:	9D2B02  	STA $022B,X
C3/48FC:	E8      	INX
C3/48FD:	E01F00  	CPX #$001F
C3/4900:	D0F7    	BNE $48F9
C3/4902:	60      	RTS

C3/4903 data: unknow

C3/4903:	0B49            (from C3/38E4)
C3/4905:	8A49
C3/4907:	1F49
C3/4909:	2649

C3/490B data: strings and related data

C3/490B:	8F3D82A8A7ADABA8A5A59EAB00    (position of and word "Controller")
C3/4918:	B539969AA2AD00                (position of and word "Wait")
C3/491F:	653A859AACAD00                (position of and word "Fast")
C3/4926:	753A92A5A8B000                (position of and word "Slow")
C3/492D:	353B92A1A8ABAD00              (position of and word "Short")
C3/4935:	A53B8EA700                    (position of and word "On")
C3/493A:	B53B8E9F9F00                  (position of and word "Off")
C3/4940:	253C92AD9EAB9EA800            (position of and word "Stereo")
C3/4949:	353C8CA8A7A800                (position of and word "Mono")
C3/4950:	B53C8C9EA6A8ABB200            (position of and word "Memory")
C3/4959:	253D8EA9ADA2A6AEA600          (position of and word "Optimum")
C3/4963:	B53D8CAEA5ADA2A9A59E00        (position of and word "Multiple")
C3/496E:	253AB5FFB6FFB7FFB8FFB9FFBA00  (position of and word "1 2 3 4 5 6")
C3/497C:	A53AB5FFB6FFB7FFB8FFB9FFBA00  (position of and word "1 2 3 4 5 6")
C3/498A:	8F3C82AEABACA8AB00            (position of and word "Cursor")

C3/4993:	AA49            (from C3/38D7)
C3/4995:	B549
C3/4997:	C149
C3/4999:	CD49
C3/499B:	D749
C3/499D:	DF49
C3/499F:	E749

C3/49A1:	F97882A8A79FA2A000            (position of and word "Config")
C3/49AA:	8F39819AADC58CA89D9E00        (position of and word "Bat. Mode")
C3/49B5:	0F3A819AADC592A99E9E9D00      (position of and word "Bat. Speed")
C3/49C1:	8F3A8CACA0C592A99E9E9D00      (position of and word "Msg. Speed")
C3/49CD:	0F3B82A69DC5929EAD00          (position of and word "Cmd. Set")
C3/49D7:	8F3B869AAEA09E00              (position of and word "Gauge")
C3/49DF:	0F3C92A8AEA79D00              (position of and word "Sound")
C3/49E7:	0F3D919E9EAAAEA2A900          (position of and word "Reequip")
C3/49F1:	A539809CADA2AF9E00            (position of and word "Active")
C3/49FA:	253B96A2A79DA8B000            (position of and word "Window")
C3/4A03:	A53C919EAC9EAD00              (position of and word "Reset")
C3/4A0B:	353D84A6A9ADB200              (position of and word "Empty")
C3/4A13:	A53D92A2A7A0A59E00            (position of and word "Single")

C3/4A1C:	344A    	(from C3/3919)
C3/4A1E:	404A
C3/4A20:	494A
C3/4A22:	604A
C3/4A24:	6D4A
C3/4A27:	7A4A
C3/4A28:	874A
C3/4A2A:	8B4A
C3/4A2C:	8F4A
C3/4A2E:	514A
C3/4A30:	564A
C3/4A32:	5B4A

C3/4A34:	8F418C9AA0C58EAB9D9EAB00       (position of and word "Mag. Order")
C3/4A40:	8F4396A2A79DA8B000             (position of and word "Window")
C3/4A49:	0F4482A8A5A8AB00               (position of and word "Color")
C3/4A51:	254280D300                     (position of and word "A..")
C3/4A56:	A54281D300                     (position of and word "B..")
C3/4A5B:	254382D300                     (position of and word "C..")

C3/4A60:	2D45F9F0F0F0F0F0F0F0F0FA00
C3/4A6D:	AD45F9F0F0F0F0F0F0F0F0FA00
C3/4A7A:	2D46F9F0F0F0F0F0F0F0F0FA00

C3/4A87:	25459100                               (position of and word "R")
C3/4A8B:	A5458600                               (position of and word "G")
C3/4A8F:	25468100                               (position of and word "B")
C3/4A93:	A543B5FFB6FFB7FFB8FFB9FFBAFFBBFFBC00   (position of and word "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8")
C3/4AA5:	A541B5FFB6FFB7FFB8FFB9FFBA00           (position of and word "1 2 3 4 5 6")
C3/4AB3:	254485A8A7AD00                         (position of and word "Font")
C3/4ABA:	354496A2A79DA8B000                     (position of and word "Window")

C3/4AC3:	FB43
C3/4AC5:	A547
C3/4AC7:	7900
C3/4AC9:	B544
C3/4ACB:	0102
C3/4ACD:	0304
C3/4ACF:	0506
C3/4AD1:	0700

Data, 10 bytes wide
C3/4AD3:	E8 87 9E 9A A5 A2 A7 A0 FF FF    (Healing  )
C3/4ADD:	E9 80 AD AD 9A 9C A4 FF FF FF    (Attack   ) 
C3/4AE7:	EA 84 9F 9F 9E 9C AD FF FF FF    (Effect   )

C3/4AF1:	CF7880ABAB9AA7A09E00             (position of and word "Arrange")
C3/4AFB:	4D7B82A8A7ADABA8A5A59EAB00       (position of and word "Controller")
C3/4B08:	217C82A7ADA5ABB500               (position of and word "Cntlr1")
C3/4B11:	337C82A7ADA5ABB600               (position of and word "Cntlr2")
C3/4B1A:	A17C82A7ADA5ABB500               (position of and word "Cntlr1")
C3/4B23:	B37C82A7ADA5ABB600               (position of and word "Cntlr2")
C3/4B2C:	217D82A7ADA5ABB500               (position of and word "Cntlr1")
C3/4B35:	337D82A7ADA5ABB600               (position of and word "Cntlr2")
C3/4B3E:	A17D82A7ADA5ABB500               (position of and word "Cntlr1")
C3/4B47:	B37D82A7ADA5ABB600               (position of and word "Cntlr2")

C3/4B50 unknow

C3/4B50:	A06F4B  	LDY #$4B6F
C3/4B53:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/4B56 unknow

C3/4B56:	202D07  	JSR $072D
C3/4B59:	A0744B  	LDY #$4B74
C3/4B5C:	204006  	JSR $0640
C3/4B5F:	7B      	TDC
C3/4B60:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/4B62:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4B63:	AA      	TAX
C3/4B64:	A54D    	LDA $4D
C3/4B66:	9D3602  	STA $0236,X
C3/4B69:	A54E    	LDA $4E
C3/4B6B:	9D3702  	STA $0237,X
C3/4B6E:	60      	RTS

C3/4B6F data: hotspot for skill menu

Hotspot data for skills menu
C3/4B6F:	80 00 01 01 07

C3/4B74 data: finger positions for skill menu

C3/4B74:	0014    	("Esper")
C3/4B75:	0024    	("Magic")
C3/4B77:	0044    	("SwdTech")
C3/4B79:	0054    	("Blitz")
C3/4B7C:	0064    	("Lore")
C3/4B7E:	0074    	("Rage")
C3/4B80:	0084    	("Dance")

C3/4B82 unknow

C3/4B82:	A0A94B  	LDY #$4BA9
C3/4B85:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/4B88:	20C781  	JSR $81C7
C3/4B8B:	A0AE4B  	LDY #$4BAE
C3/4B8E:	204806  	JSR $0648
C3/4B91:	7B      	TDC
C3/4B92:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/4B94:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4B95:	AA      	TAX
C3/4B96:	A54F    	LDA $4F
C3/4B98:	9D3E02  	STA $023E,X
C3/4B9B:	A550    	LDA $50
C3/4B9D:	9D3F02  	STA $023F,X
C3/4BA0:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/4BA2:	AA      	TAX
C3/4BA3:	A54A    	LDA $4A
C3/4BA5:	9D4602  	STA $0246,X
C3/4BA8:	60      	RTS

C3/4bA9 data: hotspots

C3/4BA9:	01 00 00 02 08

C3/4BAE data: finger positions

C3/4BAE:	0874
C3/4BB0:	7074
C3/4BB2:	0880
C3/4BB4:	7080
C3/4BB6:	088C
C3/4BB8:	708C
C3/4BBA:	0898
C3/4BBC:	7098

C3/4BBE:	08A4
C3/4BC0:	70A4
C3/4BC2:	08B0
C3/4BC4:	70B0
C3/4BC6:	08BC
C3/4BC8:	70BC
C3/4BCA:	08C8
C3/4BCC:	70C8

C3/4BCE unknow

C3/4BCE:	A0DF4B  	LDY #$4BDF
C3/4BD1:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/4BD4:	202D07  	JSR $072D
C3/4BD7:	A0E44B  	LDY #$4BE4
C3/4BDA:	84E7    	STY $E7
C3/4BDC:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/4BDF data: hotspots

C3/4BDF:	00 00 00 02 04

C3/4BE4 data: finger positions

C3/4BE4:	0874
C3/4BE6:	7874
C3/4BE8:	088C
C3/4BEA:	788C

C3/4BEC:	08A4
C3/4BEE:	78A4
C3/4BF0:	08BC
C3/4BF2:	78BC

C3/4BF4 unknow

C3/4BF4:	A0034C  	LDY #$4C03
C3/4BF7:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/4BFA:	20C781  	JSR $81C7
C3/4BFD:	A0084C  	LDY #$4C08
C3/4C00:	4C4806  	JMP $0648

C3/4C03 data: hotspot

C3/4C03:	01 00 00 01 08

C3/4C08 data: finger positions

C3/4C08:	0874
C3/4C0A:	0880
C3/4C0C:	088C
C3/4C0E:	0898
C3/4C10:	08A4
C3/4C12:	08B0
C3/4C14:	08BC
C3/4C16:	08C8

C3/4C18 unknow

C3/4C18:	A0274C  	LDY #$4C27
C3/4C1B:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/4C1E:	20C781  	JSR $81C7
C3/4C21:	A02C4C  	LDY #$4C2C
C3/4C24:	4C4806  	JMP $0648

C3/4C27 data: hotspots for esper menu

Hotspot data for Esper menu
C3/4C27:	01 00 00 02 08

C3/4C2C data: finger positions for esper menu

C3/4C2C:	0874
C3/4C2E:	7874
C3/4C30:	0880
C3/4C32:	7880
C3/4C34:	088C
C3/4C36:	788C
C3/4C38:	0898
C3/4C3A:	7898

C3/4C3C:	08A4
C3/4C3E:	78A4
C3/4C40:	08B0
C3/4C42:	78B0
C3/4C44:	08BC
C3/4C46:	78BC
C3/4C48:	08C8
C3/4C4A:	78C8

C3/4C4C unknow

C3/4C4C:	A05B4C  	LDY #$4C5B
C3/4C4F:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/4C52:	20C781  	JSR $81C7
C3/4C55:	A0604C  	LDY #$4C60
C3/4C58:	4C4806  	JMP $0648

C3/4C5B data: hotspots

C3/4C5B:	01 00 00 02 08

C3/4C60 data: finger positions

C3/4C60:	1874
C3/4C62:	8874
C3/4C64:	1880
C3/4C66:	8880
C3/4C68:	188C
C3/4C6A:	888C
C3/4C6C:	1898
C3/4C6E:	8898

C3/4C70:	18A4
C3/4C72:	88A4
C3/4C74:	18B0
C3/4C76:	88B0
C3/4C78:	18BC
C3/4C7A:	88BC
C3/4C7C:	18C8
C3/4C7E:	88C8

C3/4C80 unknow

C3/4C80:	649E    	STZ $9E
C3/4C82:	20890F  	JSR $0F89
C3/4C85:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/4C87:	8D0721    	STA $2107
C3/4C8A:	20286A  	JSR $6A28
C3/4C8D:	202D6A  	JSR $6A2D
C3/4C90:	A0A44D  	LDY #$4DA4
C3/4C93:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw blank lower window, holds spells, rages, etc)
C3/4C96:	A0A04D  	LDY #$4DA0
C3/4C99:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window that holds Level, HP, MP)
C3/4C9C:	A0A84D  	LDY #$4DA8
C3/4C9F:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw top window that holds spell/esper descriptions)
C3/4CA2:	A09C4D  	LDY #$4D9C
C3/4CA5:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window that holds Rage, SwdTech, Blitz, Dance, and Lore)
C3/4CA8:	A0984D  	LDY #$4D98
C3/4CAB:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window that holds Esper and Magic)
C3/4CAE:	A0B04D  	LDY #$4DB0
C3/4CB1:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window that holds spells, rages, etc)
C3/4CB4:	A0AC4D  	LDY #$4DAC
C3/4CB7:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/4CBA:	A0B84D  	LDY #$4DB8
C3/4CBD:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/4CC0:	A0B44D  	LDY #$4DB4
C3/4CC3:	204103  	JSR $0341
C3/4CC6:	20520E  	JSR $0E52
C3/4CC9:	20274D  	JSR $4D27
C3/4CCC:	20280E  	JSR $0E28
C3/4CCF:	203C6A  	JSR $6A3C
C3/4CD2:	20416A  	JSR $6A41
C3/4CD5:	20466A  	JSR $6A46
C3/4CD8:	2062A6  	JSR $A662
C3/4CDB:	203D4D  	JSR $4D3D      (enable and disable skills)
C3/4CDE:	A579    	LDA $79
C3/4CE0:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/4CE2:	A0485C  	LDY #$5C48
C3/4CE5:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display the word "Espers")
C3/4CE8:	A57A    	LDA $7A
C3/4CEA:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/4CEC:	A0515C  	LDY #$5C51
C3/4CEF:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display the word "Magic")
C3/4CF2:	A57B    	LDA $7B
C3/4CF4:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/4CF6:	A0595C  	LDY #$5C59
C3/4CF9:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display the word "SwdTech")
C3/4CFC:	A57C    	LDA $7C
C3/4CFE:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/4D00:	A0635C  	LDY #$5C63
C3/4D03:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display the word "Blitz")
C3/4D06:	A57D    	LDA $7D
C3/4D08:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/4D0A:	A06B5C  	LDY #$5C6B
C3/4D0D:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display the word "Lore")
C3/4D10:	A57E    	LDA $7E
C3/4D12:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/4D14:	A0725C  	LDY #$5C72
C3/4D17:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display the word "Rage")
C3/4D1A:	A57F    	LDA $7F
C3/4D1C:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/4D1E:	A0795C  	LDY #$5C79
C3/4D21:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display the word "Dance")
C3/4D24:	4C6E0E  	JMP $0E6E

C3/4D27 unknow

C3/4D27:	20156A  	JSR $6A15
C3/4D2A:	20196A  	JSR $6A19
C3/4D2D:	A924    	LDA #$85
C3/4D2F:	8529    	STA $29
C3/4D31:	A2815C  	LDX #$5C81
C3/4D34:	A00600  	LDY #$0006
C3/4D37:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA      (display "LV," "HP," and "MP")
C3/4D3A:	4CE54E  	JMP $4EE5

C3/4D3D enable or disable aspects of skills menu

C3/4D3D:	A924    	LDA #$24       (from C3/1E89, C3/4CDB)
C3/4D3F:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/4D40:	9579    	STA $79,X
C3/4D42:	E8      	INX
C3/4D43:	E00700  	CPX #$0007
C3/4D47:	D0F8    	BNE $4D40      (disable all commands for that character)
C3/4D49:	20DD4E  	JSR $4EDD
C3/4D4C:	5A      	PHY
C3/4D4D:	A20400  	LDX #$0004
C3/4D50:	DA      	PHX
C3/4D51:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/4D53:	B91600  	LDA $0016,Y
C3/4D56:	DF784DC3	CMP $C34D78,X
C3/4D5A:	D004    	BNE $4D5F      (branch if skill does not match one on list)
C3/4D5C:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/4D5E:	9579    	STA $79,X      (enable the skill for that character)
C3/4D5F:	E8      	INX
C3/4D60:	E00700    	CPX #$0007
C3/4D64:	D0ED    	BNE $4D53      (branch if haven't checked all 7 skills?)
C3/4D66:	C8      	INY
C3/4D67:	FA      	PLX
C3/4D68:	CA      	DEX
C3/4D69:	D0E5    	BNE $4D50
C3/4D6B:	7A      	PLY
C3/4D6C:	B90000  	LDA $0000,Y
C3/4D6F:	C90C    	CMP #$0C
C3/4D71:	D004    	BNE $4D77      (Branch if it's not Gogo)
C3/4D73:	A924    	LDA #$24
C3/4D75:	8579    	STA $79        (disable esper menu)
C3/4D77:	60      	RTS

C3/4D78 data: commands related to skills menu

C3/4D78:	02      	(magic)
C3/4D79:	02      	(magic)
C3/4D7A:	07      	(SwdTech)
C3/4D7B:	0A      	(blitz)
C3/4D7C:	0C      	(lore)
C3/4D7D:	10      	(rage)
C3/4D7E:	13      	(dance)

C3/4D7F unknow

C3/4D7F:	20156A  	JSR $6A15
C3/4D82:	201C4F  	JSR $4F1C
C3/4D85:	20874F  	JSR $4F87
C3/4D88:	A92C    	LDA #$24
C3/4D8A:	8529    	STA $29
C3/4D8C:	A0875C  	LDY #$5C87
C3/4D8F:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "MP...")
C3/4D92:	20AC61  	JSR $61AC
C3/4D95:	4C4D0F  	JMP $0F4D

C3/4D98 data: windows sizes

Data: window sizes, used by C3/0341
C3/4D98:	8B580704    	(window that holds Esper and Magic)
C3/4D9C:	0B5A070A    	(window that holds SwdTech, Blitz, Rage, Lore, and Dance)
C3/4DA0:	CB591C05
C3/4DA4:	8B5B1C0C
C3/4DA8:	8B581C03
C3/4DAC:	CB611C05
C3/4DB0:	8B631C0C
C3/4DB4:	75610701    	(window that holds MP cost and whatever skill user selected)
C3/4DB8:	8B601C03    	(window that holds Esper and Spell descriptions)

C3/4DBC unknow

C3/4DBC:	A902    	LDA #$02       (from C3/1B72, C3/2D2A)
C3/4DBE:	8D5043  	STA $4350
C3/4DC1:	A912    	LDA #$12
C3/4DC3:	8D5143    	STA $4351      (register address becomes $2112)
C3/4DC6:	A0264E  	LDY #$4E26
C3/4DC9:	8C5243  	STY $4352      (set address)
C3/4DCC:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/4DCE:	8D5443  	STA $4354      (set bank, C3/4E26)
C3/4DD1:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/4DD3:	8D5743  	STA $4357
C3/4DD6:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/4DD8:	0443    	TSB $43        (eventually enable channel 5 of HDMA)
C3/4DDA:	202D4E  	JSR $4E2D
C3/4DDD:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/4DDF:	BF724EC3    	LDA $C34E72,X
C3/4DE3:	9F099A7E	STA $7E9A09,X
C3/4DE7:	E8      	INX
C3/4DE8:	E00D00  	CPX #$000D
C3/4DEB:	D0F2    	BNE $4DDF
C3/4DED:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/4DEF:	8D6043      	STA $4360
C3/4DF2:	A90D    	LDA #$0D
C3/4DF4:	8D6143  	STA $4361      (register address becomes $210D)
C3/4DF7:	A0099A  	LDY #$9A09
C3/4DFA:	8C6243  	STA $4362      (set address)
C3/4DFD:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C3/4DFF:	8D6443  	STA $4364      (set bank, 7E/9A09)
C3/4E02:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C3/4E04:	8D6743  	STA $4367
C3/4E07:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/4E09:	8D7043    	STA $4370
C3/4E0C:	A90E    	LDA #$0E
C3/4E0E:	8D7143    	STA $4371      (register address becomes $210E)
C3/4E11:	A04998  	LDY #$9849
C3/4E14:	8C7243  	STY $4372      (set address)
C3/4E17:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C3/4E19:	8D7443    	STA $4374      (set bank, 7E/9849)
C3/4E1C:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C3/4E1E:	8D7743    	STA $4377
C3/4E21:	A9C0    	LDA #$C0
C3/4E23:	0443    	TSB $43        (eventually enable channels 6 and 7 of HDMA)
C3/4E25:	60      	RTS

C3/4E26 hdma transfer table

C3/4E26:	4F0200  	(79 scanlines, 2 pixel shift)
C3/4E29:	400200  	(64 scanlines, 2 pixel shift, 143 scanlines total)
C3/4E2C:	00      	(end)

C3/4E2D unknow

C3/4E2D:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/4E2F:	BF7F4EC3	LDA $C34E7F,X
C3/4E33:	9F49987E	STA $7E9849,X
C3/4E37:	E8      	INX
C3/4E38:	E01200  	CPX #$0012
C3/4E3B:	D0F2    	BNE $4E2F
C3/4E3D:	BF7F4EC3	LDA $C34E7F,X
C3/4E41:	9F49987E	STA $7E9849,X
C3/4E45:	E8      	INX
C3/4E46:	7B      	TDC
C3/4E47:	A549    	LDA $49
C3/4E49:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4E4A:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4E4B:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4E4C:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4E4D:	29FF    	AND #$FF
C3/4E4F:	C220    	REP #$20
C3/4E51:	18      	CLC
C3/4E52:	7F7F4EC3	ADC $C34E7F,X  	
C3/4E56:	9F49987E	STA $7E9849,X
C3/4E5A:	E220    	SEP #$20       (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4E5C:	E8      	INX
C3/4E5D:	E8      	INX
C3/4E5E:	E05A00  	CPX #$005A
C3/4E61:	D0DA    	BNE $4E3D
C3/4E63:	BF7F4EC3	LDA $C34E7F,X
C3/4E67:	9F49987E	STA $7E9849,X
C3/4E6B:	E8      	INX
C3/4E6C:	E05E00  	CPX #$005E
C3/4E6F:	D0F2    	BNE $4E63
C3/4E71:	60      	RTS

C3/4E72 data: unknow

Data: copied to $7E9A09 from above
C3/4E72:	270001
C3/4E75:	480001
C3/4E78:	600000
C3/4E7B:	1E0001
C3/4E7E:	00      	(end)

C3/4E7F data: unknow

Data: copied to $7E9849 from above
C3/4E7F:	3F0000  	(63 scanlines, 0 pixel shift)
C3/4E82:	0C0400  	(12 scanlines, 4 pixel shift)
C3/4E85:	0C0800  	(12 scanlines, 8 pixel shift)
C3/4E88:	0A0C00  	(10 scanlines, 12 pixel shift)
C3/4E8B:	010C00  	(1 scanline, 12 pixel shift)
C3/4E8E:	0D0800  	(13 scanlines, 8 pixel shift)
C3/4E91:	0494FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4E94:	0494FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4E97:	0494FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4E9A:	0498FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4E9D:	0498FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EA0:	0498FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EA3:	049CFF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EA6:	049CFF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EA9:	049CFF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EAC:	04A0FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EAF:	04A0FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EB2:	04A0FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EB5:	04A4FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EB8:	04A4FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EBB:	04A4FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EBE:	04A8FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EC1:	04A8FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EC4:	04A8FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4EC7:	04ACFF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4E3A:	04ACFF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4ECD:	04ACFF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4ED0:	04B0FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4ED3:	04B0FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4ED6:	04B0FF  	(4 scanlines, ?? pixel shift)
C3/4ED9:	1E20FF  	(30 scanlines, ?? pixel shift, 237 scanlines total)
C3/4EDC:	00      	(end)

C3/4EDD unknow

C3/4EDD:	7B      	TDC           (from C3/4D49, C3/4EE5)
C3/4EDE:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/4EE0:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4EE1:	AA      	TAX
C3/4EE2:	B46D    	LDY $6D,X
C3/4EE4:	60      	RTS

C3/4EE5 unknow

C3/4EE5:	20DD4E  	JSR $4EDD      (from C3/4D3A)
C3/4EE8:	8467    	STY $67        (the current character)
C3/4EEA:	4CED4E  	JMP $4EED      (uhhh, hello?)

C3/4EED:	A0DD42  	LDY #$42DD
C3/4EF0:	A2504F  	LDX #$4F50
C3/4EF3:	202734  	JSR $3427      (display current status ailments)
C3/4EF6:	A0D15C  	LDY #$5CD1
C3/4EF9:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (draw HP's "/")
C3/4EFC:	A0D55C  	LDY #$5CD5
C3/4EFF:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (draw MP's "/")
C3/4F02:	A2124F  	LDX #$4F12
C3/4F05:	206C0C  	JSR $0C6C      (display HP, MP, etc)
C3/4F08:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/4F0A:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/4F0C:	A01D42  	LDY #$421D
C3/4F0F:	4CE634  	JMP $34E6      (display currently equipped esper name)

C3/4F12 data: positions for level, hp and mp

Data: positions for HP, MP, etc in skills menu
C3/4F12:	3742            (level's position)
C3/4F14:	B342            (current HP's position)
C3/4F16:	BD42            (max HP's position)
C3/4F18:	3343            (current MP's position)
C3/4F1A:	3D43            (max MP's position)

C3/4F1C unknow

C3/4F1C:	A2899D    	LDX #$9D89
C3/4F1F:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C3/4F22:	A23600  	LDX #$0036
C3/4F25:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C3/4F27:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/4F2A:	CA      	DEX
C3/4F2B:	D0FA    	BNE $4F27
C3/4F2D:	7B      	TDC
C3/4F2E:	A8      	TAY
C3/4F2F:	AD541D  	LDA $1D54
C3/4F32:	2907    	AND #$07
C3/4F34:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4F35:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4F36:	AA      	TAX
C3/4F37:	DA      	PHX
C3/4F38:	BF494FC3	LDA $C34F49,X
C3/4F3C:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C3/4F3E:	F007    	BEQ $4F47
C3/4F40:	20614F  	JSR $4F61
C3/4F43:	FA      	PLX
C3/4F44:	E8      	INX
C3/4F45:	80F0    	BRA $4F37
C3/4F47:	FA      	PLX
C3/4F48:	60      	RTS

C3/4F49 data: unknow

Data: Perhaps the order of how to arrange the spells?
C3/4F49:	2D 00 18 FF
C3/4F4D:	2D 18 00 FF
C3/4F51:	00 18 2D FF
C3/4F55:	00 2D 18 FF
C3/4F59:	18 2D 00 FF
C3/4F5D:	18 00 2D FF

C3/4F61 unknow

C3/4F61:	C900    	CMP #$00       (is it Fire?)
C3/4F63:	F009    	BEQ $4F6E
C3/4F64:	C92D    	CMP #$2D       (is it Cure?)
C3/4F66:	F00A    	BEQ $4F73
C3/4F69:	A21500  	LDX #$0015     (the number of "Effect" type spells)
C3/4F6C:	800A    	BRA $4F78

C3/4F6E:	A21800  	LDX #$0018     (the number of "Attack" type spells)
C3/4F71:	8005    	BRA $4F78

C3/4F73:	A20900  	LDX #$0009     (the number of "Healing" type spells)
C3/4F76:	8000    	BRA $4F78      (there is no point for this)
C3/4F78:	86E0    	STX $E0
C3/4F7A:	AA      	TAX
C3/4F7B:	BB      	TYX
C3/4F7C:	9F899D7E	STA $7E9D89,X
C3/4F80:	1A      	INC A
C3/4F81:	C8      	INY
C3/4F82:	C6E0    	DEC $E0
C3/4F84:	D0F5    	BNE $4F7B
C3/4F86:	60      	RTS

C3/4F87 unknow

C3/4F87:	20F783  	JSR $83F7      (from C3/4D85)
C3/4F8A:	A00800  	LDY #$0008
C3/4F8D:	5A      	PHY
C3/4F8E:	209E4F  	JSR $4F9E
C3/4F91:	A5E6    	LDA $E6
C3/4F93:	1A      	INC A
C3/4F94:	1A      	INC A
C3/4F95:	291F    	AND #$1F
C3/4F97:	85E6    	STA $E6
C3/4F99:	7A      	PLY
C3/4F9A:	88      	DEY
C3/4F9B:	D0F0    	BNE $4F8D
C3/4F9D:	60      	RTS

C3/4F9E unknow

C3/4F9E:	20B54F  	JSR $4FB5
C3/4FA1:	A20300  	LDX #$0003    (X position of left half of spells)
C3/4FA4:	20C44F  	JSR $4FC4     (draws the spell names)
C3/4FA7:	E6E5    	INC $E5
C3/4FA9:	20B54F  	JSR $4FB5
C3/4FAC:	A21000  	LDX #$0010    (X position of right half of spells)
C3/4FAF:	20C44F  	JSR $4FC4     (draws the spell names)
C3/4FB2:	E6E5    	INC $E5
C3/4FB4:	60      	RTS

C3/4FB5 unknow

C3/4FB5:	A00700  	LDY #$0007    (spell letter length)
C3/4FB8:	84EB    	STY $EB
C3/4FBA:	A067F5  	LDY #$F567    (spell name address)
C3/4FBD:	84EF    	STY $EF
C3/4FBF:	A9E6    	LDA #$E6      (spell name bank)
C3/4FC1:	85F1    	STA $F1
C3/4FC3:	60      	RTS

C3/4FC4 draw a column of spells

C3/4FC4:	A5E6    	LDA $E6
C3/4FC6:	1A      	INC A
C3/4FC7:	209F80  	JSR $809F
C3/4FCA:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4FCC:	8A      	TXA
C3/4FCD:	8F899E7E	STA $7E9E89
C3/4FD1:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4FD3:	A59E    	LDA $9E
C3/4FD5:	F067    	BEQ $503E
C3/4FD7:	20EC50  	JSR $50EC      (get the current spell to check)
C3/4FDA:	204D51  	JSR $514D      (determine if spells are useable?)
C3/4FDD:	20EC50  	JSR $50EC      (get the current spell to check)
C3/4FE0:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C3/4FE2:	F036    	BEQ $501A      (branch if no spell to draw)
C3/4FE4:	20A250  	JSR $50A2      (get spells learned amount)
C3/4FE7:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C3/4FE9:	D02F    	BNE $501A      (branch if spell is already learned?)
C3/4FEB:	20EC50  	JSR $50EC      (get the current spell to check)
C3/4FEE:	206784  	JSR $8467      (draw the current spell name)
C3/4FF1:	A2929E  	LDX #$9E92     (position of MP cost)
C3/4FF4:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C3/4FF7:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C3/4FF9:	8D8021  	STA $2180      (insert a space)
C3/4FFC:	20EC50  	JSR $50EC      (get the current spell to check)
C3/4FFF:	200D51  	JSR $510D      (get spell's MP cost)
C3/5002:	20E004  	JSR $04E0      (turn MP cost into digits)
C3/5005:	A5F8    	LDA $F8
C3/5007:	8D8021  	STA $2180      (draw tens digit of MP cost)
C3/500A:	A5F9    	LDA $F9
C3/500C:	8D8021  	STA $2180      (draw ones digit of MP cost)
C3/500F:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C3/5011:	8D8021  	STA $2180      (insert a space)
C3/5014:	9C8021  	STZ $2180      (end this string)
C3/5017:	4CD97F  	JMP $7FD9      (draw MP cost)