Gargoyle's Quest II:RAM map

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0x40 - Room ID
 00: Overworld
 01: Town (outside)
 02: Town (building)
 03+: Battle scene (room #)
0xE4-0xE7 - RNG (Fibonacci LFSR)

Object attribute arrays:

X = object slot (20 total)
0: Firebrand
1-3: Firebrand's projectiles
0x0300,X - Action script ID
0x0314,X - X-subpixel
0x0328,X - X-pixel
0x033C,X - X-screen
0x0350,X - Y-subpixel
0x0364,X - Y-pixel
0x0378,X - Y-screen
0x038C,X - X-speed low (subpixels/frame)
0x03A0,X - X-speed high (pixels/frame)
0x03B4,X - Y-speed low
0x03C8,X - Y-speed high
0x03DC,X - Object attribute flags
 0x80: Damages Firebrand on contact
 0x40: Able to be damaged by Firebrand
0x051C,X - Pointer to object's AI script (low byte)
0x0530,X - Pointer to object's AI script (high byte)

Internal Data for Gargoyle's Quest II

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