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Note: The RAM addresses have 2 stages. This is that the same code can be in different places if certain conditions are presented, note that this does not affect the value at all, only the where the address is located. The conditions are whether you have saved in-game & reload the game from there or not:

Stage 1 = Never load the game with battery (Just Save States)
Stage 2 = Loaded the game with battery = (Stage 1 + 2834 hex)

BTW, for simplicity, all addresses right now are for Stage 1...

Changing Names

  • 020025EC - Farm Name
  • 02002608 - Horse Name
  • 02002A0C - Chicken #1 Name
  • 02002A3C - Chicken #2 Name
  • 02002A6C - Chicken #3 Name
  • 02002A9C - Chicken #4 Name
  • 02002ACC - Chicken #5 Name
  • 02002AFC - Chicken #6 Name
  • 02002B2C - Chicken #7 Name
  • 02002B5C - Chicken #8 Name
  • 02002C00 - Barn Animal #1 Name
  • 02002C3C - Barn Animal #2 Name
  • 02002C78 - Barn Animal #3 Name
  • 02002CB4 - Barn Animal #4 Name
  • 02002CF0 - Barn Animal #5 Name
  • 02002D2C - Barn Animal #6 Name
  • 02002D68 - Barn Animal #7 Name
  • 02002DA4 - Barn Animal #8 Name
  • 02002DE0 - Barn Animal #9 Name
  • 02002E1C - Barn Animal #10 Name
  • 02002E58 - Barn Animal #11 Name
  • 02002E94 - Barn Animal #12 Name
  • 02002ED0 - Barn Animal #13 Name
  • 02002F0C - Barn Animal #14 Name
  • 02002F48 - Barn Animal #15 Name
  • 02002F84 - Barn Animal #16 Name
  • 020041B0 - Farmer Name (you)
  • 020041C0 - Farmer's Nickname (when married)
  • 02004250 - Dog's Name
  • 020042C4 - Your child's name
  • 020047C8 - AWL Farmer (when connecting game with AWL)
  • 020047D8 - AWL Farmer's child name
  • 020047B8 - AWL Farm Name

Each name has a space for 12 characters at most. They are stored as Big Endian, splat in series of 4 characters (32 bits). Example, the word Harvester, you separate it in groups of 4 letters from left to right. If there's space for more letters just fill them with 00. Put each letter in the value.


H  a  r  v      e  s  t  e      r END END END

48 61 72 76 65 73 74 65 72 00 00 00

Then you change the order of the letters, beginning with the 4th and ending with the 1st letter.

v  r  a  H      e  t  s  e    END END END   r

76 72 61 48 65 74 73 65 00 00 00 72

Text Table

Hex Result
00 ENDS the name
20 space
21  !
22 "
23 #
24 $
25  %
26 &
27 '
28 (
29 )
2A *
2B +
2C ,
2D -
2E .
2F /
30 0
31 1
32 2
33 3
34 4
35 5
36 6
37 7
38 8
39 9
3A  :
3B  ;
3C <
3D =
3E >
3F  ?
40 @
41 A
42 B
43 C
44 D
45 E
46 F
47 G
48 H
49 I
4A J
4B K
4C L
4D M
4E N
4F O
50 P
51 Q
52 R
53 S
54 T
55 U
56 V
57 W
58 X
59 Y
5A Z
5B [
5C ¥
5D ]
5E ^
5F _
60 ´
61 a
62 b
63 c
64 d
65 e
66 f
67 g
68 h
69 i
6A j
6B k
6C l
6D m
6E n
6F o
70 p
71 q
72 r
73 s
74 t
75 u
76 v
77 w
78 x
79 y
7A z
7B {
7C pipe
7D }
7E ¯
A2 Opening Board
A3 Closing Board
A5 ·
B1 Women's Symbol
B2 Men's Symbol
B3 Musical Note
B4 Heart
B6 White Star
B7 Black Star


FRIDGE and BAG items

Turnip Potato Cucumber Strawberry Cabbage Tomato Corn Onion Pumpkin Pineapple Eggplant Carrot Sweet Potato Spinach Green Pepper Regular Quality Egg Good Quality Egg High Quality Egg Golden Egg P Egg X Egg Spa-Boiled Egg Mayonnaise (S) Mayonnaise (M) Mayonnaise (L) Mayonnaise (G) Mayonnaise (P) Mayonnaise (X) Milk (S) Milk (M) Milk (L) Milk (G) Milk (P) Milk (X) Cheese (S) Cheese (M) Cheese (L) Cheese (G) Cheese (P) Cheese (X) Apple Honey Bamboo Shoot Wild Grapes Mushroom Poisonous Mushroom Truffle Blue Grass Green Grass Red Grass Yellow Grass Orange Grass Purple Grass Indigo Grass Black Grass White Grass Queen of the Night Bodigizer Bodigizer XL Turbojolt Turbojolt XL Wine Grape Juice Rice Ball Bread Oil Flour Curry Powder Muffin Mix Chocolate Relaxation Tea Leaves SUGDW Apple HMSGB Apple AEPFE Apple Buckwheat Flour Wild Grape Wine Salad Curry Rice Stew Miso Soup Stir Fry Fried Rice Savory Pancake Sandwich Fruit Juice Vegetable Juice Mixed Juice Fruit Latte Vegetable Latte Mixed Latte Strawberry Smoothie Strawberry Jam Tomato Juice Pickled Turnip French Fries Pickles Ketchup Popcorn Corn Flakes Baked Corn Pineapple Juice Pumpkin Pudding Pumpkin Stew Happy Eggplant Sweet Potatoes Baked Sweet Potato Greens Scrambled Eggs Omelet Omelet Rice Boiled Egg Hot Milk Butter Cheese Cake Cheese Fondue Apple Pie Apple Jam Apple Soufflé Mushroom Rice Bamboo Rice Truffle Rice Sushi Jam Bun Dinner Roll Raisin Bread Grape Jam Curry Bread Sashimi Grilled Fish Sashimi Mix Pizza Noodles Curry Noodles Tempura Noodles Fried Noodles Buckwheat Noodles Tempura Buckwheat Noodle Fried Noodles Buckwheat Chips Cookies Chocolate Cookies Tempura Ice Cream Cake Chocolate Cake Relaxation Tea Toast French Toast Pudding Mountain Stew Moon Dumplings Rice Cake Roasted Rice Cake Elli Leaves Failure (1) Failure (2) Failure (3) Failure (4) Failure (5) Failure (6) Small Fish Medium Fish Large Fish Toasted Rice Ball Tempura Rice Egg Over Rice Rice Gruel Pancakes Fish Sticks Candied Potato Potato Pancakes


Moon Drop Grass Pink Cat Grass Blue Magic Grass Red Magic Grass Toy Flower Wool (S) Wool (M) Wool (L) Wool (G) Wool (P) Wool (X) Yarn (S) Yarn (M) Yarn (L) Yarn (G) Yarn (P) Yarn (X) Junk Ore Copper Ore Silver Ore Gold Ore Mystrile Ore Orichalc Ore Adamantite Ore Moon Stone Sand Rose Pink Diamond Alexandrite Mythic Stone Diamond Emerald Ruby Topaz Peridot Fluorite Agate Amethyst Harvest Goddess Jewel Kappa Jewel Jewel of Truth Spring Sun Summer Sun Autumn Sun Winter Sun Bracelet Necklace Earrings Broach Weeds Stones Branches Recipe for French Fries Recipe for Ketchup Ball Pirate Treasure Fossil of Ancient Fish Empty Can Boots Fish Bones Karen's Wine Popuri's Mud Ball Ann's Music Box Mary's Great Book Elli's Pressed Flower Album 1 Album 2 Album 3 Album 4 Album 5 Album 6 Album 7 Album 8 Album 9 Album 10 Album 11 Album 12 Album 13 Album 14 Album 15 Band-Aid Book from H.G. Perfume Photo Plant Encyclopedia Invitation Dress Facial Pack Skin Lotion Sunblock Lumber Golden Lumber Animal Fodder Chicken Feed Certificate of R-P-S Frisbee

TOOL BOX and TOOL BAG items Sickle Copper Sickle Silver Sickle Gold Sickle Mystrile Sickle Cursed Sickle Blessed Sickle Mythic Sickle Hoe Copper Hoe Silver Hoe Gold Hoe Mystrile Hoe Cursed Hoe Blessed Hoe Mythic Hoe Axe Copper Axe Silver Axe Gold Axe Mystrile Axe Cursed Axe Blessed Axe Mythic Axe Hammer Copper Hammer Silver Hammer Gold Hammer Mystrile Hammer Cursed Hammer Blessed Hammer Mythic Hammer Watering Can Copper Watering Can Silver Watering Can Gold Watering Can Mystrile Watering Can Cursed Watering Can Blessed Watering Can Mythic Watering Can Fishing Rod Copper Fishing Rod Silver Fishing Rod Gold Fishing Rod Mystrile Fishing Rod Cursed Fishing Rod Blessed Fishing Rod Mythic Fishing Rod Cow Miracle Potion Sheep Miracle Potion

Turnip Seeds Potato Seeds Cucumber Seeds Strawberry Seeds Cabbage Seeds Tomato Seeds Corn Seeds Onion Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Pineapple Seeds Eggplant Seeds Carrot Seeds Sweet Potato Seeds Spinach Seeds Green Pepper Seeds Grass Seeds Moon Drop Seeds Pink Cat Seeds Magic Seeds Toy Flower Seeds Brush Milker Shears Bell Animal Medicine Blue Feather Pedometer Teleport Stone Gem of the Goddess Gem of the Kappa Gem of the Truth

Other addresses

  • 02004080 - Money (4 bytes)
  • 020025FC - The amount of boards (12 bits)

Starts in the upper nibble of 020025FC, i.e. to set the board amount to 1023(FFF) you'd set 020025FC to 0F and 020025FD to FF.