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In general, Datacrystal strives to use Standard American English for all articles. If you are unfamiliar with the English language, please contact an administrator before posting any articles. Please do not use 'leetspeak' or other non-standard forms of English on Datacrystal.

Since English, and specifically American Standard English, is the primary language of this wiki, game consoles will be referred to primarily by the name they were released under in the United States. For example, the Nintendo Famicom will be referred to as the Nintendo Entertainment System, and so on. Exceptions should be made in the case of games that were not released in the United States; however, an english name should be provided under Miscellaneous .

"[[Game]] has been [modifier] hacked": This refers to the status of exploratory hacking; that is, how much is known about the inner workings of the game. Consequently, games with many sprite-only hacks are not said to have been extensively hacked, as where games for which few hacks are available may be extensively hacked with regards to the knowledge of their code. One example of the latter is Chrono Trigger.