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Templates are special pages which reduce the need for writing the same thing multiple times. For general information on creating and using templates, see Meta-Wiki's page on templates. This page will list and explain the templates available on this wiki.

One important feature of templates is their ability to take arguments. A template with no arguments is called as

{{template name}}

Note that the "Template:" part of the name is left out. To send arguments, one writes

{{template name|argument1=value1|argument2=Some other value}}
Makes sure that the following text will not overlap any floats.
Put at the bottom of a page to mark it as lacking in content. The page will be put into Category:Stubs.
Template:Moreinfo wikipedia
Makes a link to wikipedia to the page specified by the page variable given to the template. For example,
{{moreinfo wikipedia|page=ROM hacking}}
gives "More non-ROM hacking specific information can be found at Wikipedia's ROM hacking article."
Should be at the top of every ROM map. Takes the argument game, which should be a wiki-link to the game which the page is a ROM map for.
Template:Infobox table
Should be at the top of all pages documenting data tables. Takes several arguements:
name of table
game table is found in
starting address of the table
ending address of the table
number of entries in the table
the length of each entry
the length of the entire table