Kyojin no Doshin

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Kyojin no Doshin (Doshin the Giant)
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Internal Name Kyojin no Doshin
Company Param

Marigul Management, Inc

Release Dates 64DD
  • JP December 1, 1999

GameCube (see Doshin the Giant)

  • JP March 14, 2002
  • PAL September 20, 2002
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Cart Versions

  • NUD-DKDJ-JPN_convert (v1.1)
  • NUD-DKIJ-JPN_convert (Store Demo v1.2)



Enable the Debug Menu:

Only works with a new game (i.e. erase your save data first). Press and hold the below buttons with A last while highlighting Start Game on the Main Menu:

R + Left C + Right C + Z + A *

  • DO NOT turn on TYCONF.SU option 15. Debug

on the ED64 v2.5, it crashes the game during the intro and corrupts the SD card so that any game you load after that will be corrupted. I had to use SD Formatter to reformat the card before it would work again. Other options seem just fine.

Known Dumps


  • nud-dkdj-jpn_acey
  • nud-dkij-jpn_acey (Store Demo)

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