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Personality Traits

The last byte of every officer's entry in ROM 0x3466A - 0x35758 encodes hidden personality traits which have multiple subtle effects on gameplay. These traits & their known effects are as follows:

  1. Simple, Calm, or none
  2. Coward, Courage, or none
  3. Charm or none
  4. Luck or none
  5. Allegiance (Value from 0 to 3)

Simple (0x80)

  • When you deny an officer's request for an expedition, if that officer is Simple, there is a chance that he will disobey your orders and attack anyway. The chance of this is:
If that officer is also Courageous: 50%
Otherwise: (50-(floor(Loyalty/2)))%

Calm (0x40)

Coward (0x20)

Courage (0x10)

  • Officers that are Courageous are more likely to launch attacks on adjacent cities even when outnumbered.

Charm (0x08)

Luck (0x04)

  • Officers that are Lucky have a decreased chance of dying of old age each January.

Allegiance (0x03)

  • Officers with low Allegiance stats drop Loyalty at a faster rate & are more likely to defect.