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Nation-Specific Notes

  • Every year a certain percentage of boats decay; England is immune from this.

Special City Designations

Cities can have special traits which are designated by specific bits being flagged within their hidden stat (the last byte of each city's entry within the data table at ROM address 0x340AA - 0x34669.)

Centers of Power (0x80)

  • 5: London
  • 7: Stockholm
  • 8: Copenhagen
  • 9: Amsterdam
  • 12: Berlin
  • 13: Warsaw
  • 14: StPetersburg
  • 17: Moscow
  • 22: Vienna
  • 24: Munich
  • 28: Paris
  • 34: Venice
  • 37: Rome
  • 39: Istanbul
  • 42: Lisbon
  • 44: Madrid

In order for Napoleon to advance from one rank to the next, you must first capture both a specific number of cities and a specific number of centers of power.

Port Cities (0x01)

This simply indicates that a city has a harbor; the specific sea that each port city is on is located in a different table. (0xFE:0xDF58)

  • 1: Dublin
  • 2: Edinburgh
  • 3: Liverpool
  • 4: Bristol
  • 5: London
  • 6: Christiania
  • 7: Stockholm
  • 8: Copenhagen
  • 9: Amsterdam
  • 10: Lubeck
  • 13: Konigsberg
  • 14: StPetersburg
  • 26: Lille
  • 27: St.Malo
  • 29: Bordeaux
  • 31: Marseilles
  • 34: Venice
  • 38: Naples
  • 39: Istanbul
  • 40: Athens
  • 41: Corunna
  • 42: Lisbon
  • 43: Gibraltar
  • 46: Barcelona

Personality Traits

The last byte of every officer's entry in ROM 0x3466A - 0x35758 encodes hidden personality traits which have multiple subtle effects on gameplay. These traits & their known effects are as follows:

  1. Simple, Calm, or none
  2. Coward, Courage, or none
  3. Charm or none
  4. Fortune or none
  5. Allegiance (Value from 0 to 3)
  • There are quotes that can randomly appear when viewing an Officer's page that are specific to his personality traits:
    • Simple: "Simplicity and clarity are two of my strong points"
    • Calm: "When I have my composure, I am always incredibly skillful"
    • Coward: "I want an end to this bloodshed!"
    • Courage: "I fear no one, and I will defeat all!"
    • Charm: "Charm is essential for a person who gives orders"
    • Fortune: "Good fortune smiles on me"

Simple (0x80)

  • When you deny an officer's request for an expedition, if that officer is Simple, there is a chance that he will disobey your orders and attack anyway. The chance of this is:
If that officer is also Courageous: 50%
Otherwise: (50-(floor(Loyalty/2)))%

Calm (0x40)

Coward (0x20)

  • Officers that are Cowardly will not lead attacks on other cities.

Courage (0x10)

  • Officers that are Courageous are more likely to launch attacks on adjacent cities, even when outnumbered.

Charm (0x08)

  • Officers that are Charming give a greater boost to their troops' Morale when giving a Speech.

Fortune (0x04)

  • Officers that are Fortunate cannot become war prisoners.
  • Officers that are Fortunate have a decreased chance of dying of old age each January.

Allegiance (0x03)

  • Officers with a max Allegiance value of 3 (Napoleon & his relatives) are playable in Scenario 4.
  • Officers with higher Allegiance values receive a larger Loyalty boost when Rewarded.
    • Possible officer quotes from being Rewarded are also affected by their Allegiance value.
  • Officers with higher Allegiance values are harder to recruit as POWs.
    • When an officer is successfully recruited, their starting Loyalty is randomly generated. The lower the officer's allegiance, the higher this number can be.
  • Officers with lower Allegiance values drop Loyalty at a faster rate & are more likely to defect.