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MOTHER3 Title.png
Code {{{code}}}
Company Nintendo

Brownie Brown HAL Laboratory

Country Japan
Checksum 0xDB
CRC32 42AC9CB9
ROM map | RAM map | Text table | Notes | Tutorials


Fan translations

An English patch for the game was released on October 17th, 2008. The patch fully translates the game into English. Many of the game's resources were shuffled around in the ROM for various reasons, such as making room for new code or inserting recompressed graphics that didn't fit in their original space. As such, a separate ROM map exists for each version of the translation:

There have also been translation patches released for the following languages:

Miscellaneous hacking information

The ROM uses 32 MB, which is the maximum size for a GBA game; consequently, the ROM cannot be expanded to allow for more/larger resources. Unfortunately, there is very little unused space in the ROM, which severely limits the freedom to hack variable-length data, including dialogue and compressed graphics.

Many parts of the game's RAM are managed dynamically, meaning they shift around unpredictably, making it difficult to come up with a complete, static RAM map. The RAM map, therefore, contains only data blocks that are known to be static.

MOTHER 3 uses the M4A sound/music engine, commonly referred to as "Sappy".

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