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===Field listing===
===Field listing===
* <tt>00-03 (04)</tt> = <tt>{{color2|#000000|#AFB923|[ A ]}}</tt> Battle Action ID
* <tt>00-01 (02)</tt> = <tt>{{color2|#000000|#AFB923|[ A ]}}</tt> Battle Action ID
* <tt>04-05 (02)</tt> = <tt>{{color2|#000000|#87CEEB|[ B ]}}</tt> [[#Sprite colour|Sprite Recolour Value]]
* <tt>02-03 (02)</tt> = <tt>{{color2|#000000|#234563|[ B ]}}</tt> PP cost
* <tt>06-07 (02)</tt> = <tt>{{color2|#000000|#04CEEB|[ C ]}}</tt> [[#Plays sound|Playability of Sound]]
* <tt>04-05 (02)</tt> = <tt>{{color2|#000000|#87CEEB|[ C ]}}</tt> [[#Sprite colour|Sprite Recolour Value]]
* <tt>08-2F (28)</tt> = <tt>{{color2|#FFFFFF|#053656|[ D ]}}</tt> [[#Info chunk|PSI/Item/Actions Info Chunk]]
* <tt>06-07 (02)</tt> = <tt>{{color2|#000000|#04CEEB|[ D ]}}</tt> [[#Plays sound|Playability of Sound]]
* <tt>08-2F (28)</tt> = <tt>{{color2|#FFFFFF|#053656|[ E ]}}</tt> [[#Info chunk|PSI/Item/Actions Info Chunk]]
===Table view===
===Table view===

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Battle actions table
Start Address 0xD9D28
End Address 0xE1707
# of Entries 650 (0x28A)
Entry Length 48 bytes (0x30)
Total Length 31200 bytes (0x79E0)
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The battle actions table serves as a lookup table for an enemy's action values; it also contains indices into the battle text table.


There are 650 entries; each entry contains 48 bytes.

Field listing

Table view

       00   01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08   09   0A   0B   0C   0D   0E   0F
00  | [        A        ] [   B   ] [   C   ] [                 D                  ->
10  | <-                                     D                                     ->
20  | <-                                     D                                      ]

Sprite colour

The first byte is either 0x46 or 0x48. If the value is 0x46, the sprite gets white before printing the text (Damaging actions). If the value is 0x48, the sprite gets black before printing the text (Not damaging actions).

Plays sound

If these bytes values are 0xFFFF, attack sounds get played, if 0x0000, they do not.

Info chunk

PSI data, Item data, Battle skills table and Battle actions table all share this group of 0x28 (40) bytes.

It is called Battle Info chunk.