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Battle skills table
Start Address 0xCF728
End Address 0xD0D27
# of Entries 64 (0x40)
Entry Length 44 bytes (0x2C)
Total Length 2816 bytes (0xB00)
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The battle skills table is indexed by the Special text table and contains battle actions for party members and guests.
Every entry is almost totally made by the Info chunk.


There are 64 entries; each entry contains 44 bytes.

Field listing

Table view

       00   01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08   09   0A   0B   0C   0D   0E   0F
00  | [        A        ] [                           B                            ->
10  | <-                                     B                                     ->
20  | <-                           B                            ]

Info chunk

PSI data, Item data, Battle skills table and Battle actions table all share this group of 0x28 (40) bytes.

It is called Battle Info chunk.