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Credits sprite placement data
Start Address 0xC76A8
End Address 0xC7D79
# of Entries 24 by (variable) (0x18)
Entry Length Variable by 12 (0xC)
Total Length 1754 bytes (0x6DA)
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The credits sprite placement data controls which sprites are displayed, and where, during the staff credits sequence.


This is a two-dimensional variable-width table. There are 24 top-level entries; each top-level entry has a variable number of 12-byte sprite entries. The sprite entries are to be read sequentially until an entry with a sprite number of -1 is read.

Field listing

Table view

       00   01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08   09   0A   0B   0C   0D   0E   0F
00  | [   A   ] [   B   ] [   C   ] [   D   ] [   E   ] [   F   ]

Sprite number

The sprite number is an index into the sprite bank.


Rather than choose a sprite index directly, the game chooses a particular frame number of a sprite animation.