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Map graphics/palette table
Start Address 0xD34F44
End Address 0xD3B4DF
# of Entries 1000 (0x3E8)
Entry Length 26 bytes (0x1A)
Total Length 26012 bytes (0x659C)
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This table contains indices into the map graphics and palette tables. There's one entry for each map; all three map layers in each map will use the same set of tilesets and palettes. The table has a 12-byte dummy header that can be ignored (but should be left untouched).

Field listing

Table view

       00   01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08   09   0A   0B   0C   0D   0E   0F
00  | [                                      A                                     ->
10  | <-                  A                 ] [   B   ]


Each map may have up to 12 tilesets. They don't all have to be used. Each tileset is a signed 16-bit value. Use -1 (0xFFFF) to indicate a null tileset. Each value is an index into the map graphics table.


The palette is a 16-bit index into the map palette table.