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001A Jewel removal blinking delay timer
0056 X-coordinate of falling column (0--5)
0057 Y-coordinate of falling column (0--12, the 13 visible rows)
0059 Fall delay timer (increments from 0 until it reaches value in $005B)
005B Fall speed (the lower, the faster the drop)
005C Current top jewel color
005D Current middle jewel color
005E Current bottom jewel color
005F Next top jewel color
0060 Next middle jewel color
0061 Next bottom jewel color
006A Moving bonus points X-coordinates
0087-008A Level (each byte stores a decimal digit, reverse order, highest digit hidden)
0077-007E Score (each byte stores a decimal digit, reverse order, highest digit hidden)
007F-0084 Jewelry Counter (each byte stores a decimal digit, reverse order, highest digit hidden)
0380 Playfield


The playfield is a 15 row x 6 column grid. The top 2 rows are hidden (rows -2 and -1).

The playfield starts at $0380 and each row is represented by 8 bytes: 00 XX XX XX XX XX XX 00, where XX is a jewel color value.

The falling column spawns at row 0 and column 3 and it is drawn by modifying playfield memory as opposed to separate sprites. Those coordinates represent the bottom jewel of the column. The top and middle jewels are initially hidden in rows -2 and -1, respectively. The game ends if there is no space to spawn a new column or if the falling column locks such that its top and middle jewels are located in either of the hidden rows.

Jewel Colors

The following values are used for the playfield cells and for the current/next top/middle/bottom colors:

0 - empty cell

1 - red

2 - purple

3 - yellow

4 - orange

5 - blue

6 - green

7 - wild

Wilds appear as an X. They always spawn as a column of 3 wilds. And, if a wild column lands on the playfield floor, it vanishes. However, if it lands on a jewel, then all 3 wilds become the color of that jewel and subsequentially, all jewels of that color in the entire playfield vanish.

Internal Data for Magic Jewelry (NES)

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