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We here at are all about hacking ROMs. If you're unfamiliar with the subject, take a look at our Introduction to Hacking.

Prior to the founding of, the ROM hacking community was largely decentralized. Information on any one game would be buried in nested folders on forgotten websites. Hackers toying with games lacking sufficient fanbase would have nowhere to put their findings, and as such, the ROM hacking community as a whole could not grow. is now available to all hackers as a community to share information. If you have the greatest or the smallest finding about whatever game you like to hack, add it to the site. As the community grows, will become the repository of all known hacking information.

Because the wiki is still in it's infancy, decisions are being made regarding conventions and the direction of the site. These discussions have been categorised as Community Discussions, and your input is welcome.

New user? See our Help and About pages before you begin.

For legal reasons, we do not host roms or emulators on

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