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IRAM Description Notes
0x0 Lives Decreases when leaving Ball Bonus screen
0x4 Score, 1s Max=FF (255)
0x5 Score, 1=256 Max=FF (65,280)
0x6 Score, 1=65,536 Max=FF (16,711,680)
0x7 Score, 1=16,777,216 Max=FF, Displayed max=5 (83,886,080)

Score only displays up to tens of millions, but tracks higher

0x8 Yellow Coins
0xC Blue Coins
0x10 Red Coins
0x14 Total Stars This is the value door requirements are checking
0x18 Yellow Coins obtained in current ball life
0x1A Red Coins obtained in current ball life
0x1C Blue Coins obtained in current ball life
0x1E Stars obtained in current ball life
0x22 Total Key Count This is the value being checked to unlock Time Attack Mode through gameplay

Time Attack is unlocked when this value legitimately hits 2 (can be edited to 1 from 0 to skip a key)

0x22 Held Item 13=None

0=Mega Mushroom(1)

1=Yoshi Egg(1)

2=Blue Pipe(1)

3=Invincibility Star(1)

4=Mini Mushroom(1)


6=Mega Mushroom(2)

7=Yoshi Egg(2)

8=Blue Pipe(2)

9=Invincibility Star(2)

A=Mini Mushroom(2)


C=Red Yoshi Egg

Using a double(2) item will give you the single(1) item and address value

0x30 Table/Area/Room ID Value is unique to every single table or room in the game

Includes all Toad shop variations

0x154 Game Clock Frames (Max=FF)

Used in Time Attack but also works in the background of Adventure

In Adventure, your time is also saved for next time you load your file and

works properly from start to finish.

Also used in Demo mode(cuts at 16bit hex 384)

0x155 Game Clock 1=4.25s (256 frames)
0x156 Game Clock 1=18m12.25s (65,536 Frames)
0x157 Game Clock 1=77.67hours (16,777,216 Frames) (FF=825.27 days)
0x158 Adventure World ID 0=Grassy Greens

1=Frosty Frontier


3=The Fun Fair

4=Shifting Sands

0x16C Game Mode 0=Adventure

1=Time Attack

0x178 Time Attack World ID 0=Grassy Greens

1=Frosty Frontier


3=The Fun Fair

4=Shifting Sands

0x17C Demo Mode Flag 1=Demo, else 0, DB=title/logos(on game launch only)

Editing in demo will let you play as if it were normal Adventure mode

0x188 Red Coins Countdown Timer 32 bits usable, game only uses 16 bits
0x1EB Blue Pipe Countdown Timer Disappears at 0, starts at 75(hex)(117 decimal) (roughly -4 per second)

Estimated 30 seconds total

0xAB8 Dropped Coin 1 type 0=Yellow, 1=Blue, 2=Red
0xADF Dropped Coin 1 disappear countdown timer Starts around 75 in hex and counts down

Works just like the Blue Pipe timer

Doesn't work if manually set too high

0xAFC Dropped Coin 2 type When an earlier coin expires,

these values will move up to the previous coin address.

0xB13 Dropped Coin 2 disappear countdown timer ^
0xB20 Dropped Coin 3 type ^
0xB47 Dropped Coin 3 disappear countdown timer ^
0xB54 Dropped Coin 4 type ^
0xB7B Dropped Coin 4 disappear countdown timer ^
0xB88 Dropped Coin 5 type ^
0xBAF Dropped Coin 5 disappear countdown timer ^
0xBBC Dropped Coin 6 type ^
0xBE3 Dropped Coin 6 disappear countdown timer ^
0xBF0 Dropped Coin 7 type ^
0xC17 Dropped Coin 7 disappear countdown timer ^
0xC24 Dropped Coin 8 type ^
0xC4B Dropped Coin 8 disappear countdown timer A maximum of 8 coins can be dropped at once
0x25E2 1up Disappear Countdown Timer 16bit, 1up from the mole

Frosty Frontier at least...

0x3298 Music ID
0x5A0C Toad Minigame Clock Countdown Timer 16-bit
0x6522 Mario Ball Size 13=Normal



0x6526 Current Item Effect Countdown Timer 16-bit

Doesn't include Star or Normal Yoshi Egg

Includes Red Yoshi Egg, Mega/Mini Mushrooms

0x652A Star Invincibility Effect Countdown Timer 16-bit

Includes Red Yoshi Egg

0x6530 Transitions of Current Room D=None

3=World Select

A=Down(can be death)

B=Start Credits(in Adventure), Time Attack Win




There's more but it's room-specific

0x3298 Flag used in Key Taking cutscenes 1=Stops ball from transitioning to another area, else 0

Grassy Greens

IRAM Description Notes
0x50 Event Flags bit2=Star Get, 3 Goombas(Room 1)
0xD8 Key Event Flags bit0=Petey Piranha Key Dropped

bit1=Petey Piranha Key Taken

bit2=Petey Piranha Key in keyhole at Fiery

The Fun Fair

IRAM Description Notes
0x38 Event Flags bit2=Star Get, 4 Boos
0xE4 Key Event Flags bit0=Big Boo Key Dropped

bit1=Big Boo Key Taken

bit2=Big Boo Key in keyhole at Fiery

Frosty Frontier

IRAM Description Notes
0x70 Event Flags bit2=Star Get, 2 Shy Guy Skaters(Room 1)
0x7C Event Flags bit0=Hole In Ice(Room 2)

bit7=Tipped Ship(3 Chests)

0xDC Key Event Flags bit0=Cheep Cheep Pufferfish Key Dropped

bit1=Cheep Cheep Pufferfish Key Taken

bit2=Cheep Cheep Pufferfish Key in keyhole at Fiery

Shifting Sands

IRAM Description Notes
0xE8 Key Event Flags bit0=King Tut Key Dropped

bit1=King Tut Key Taken

bit2=King Tut Key in keyhole at Fiery

Fiery (Final Stage)

IRAM Description Notes
0xB0 Event Flags bit0=Keys Opened Gate

bit2=Star Get, 3 Fly Guys(Room 1)

0xE0 Key Event Flags bit0=Bowser Defeated (locks door to his room)

bit1=[NOT USED] Fifth Key (doesn't exist)

bit2=[NOT USED] Fifth Key in keyhole at Fiery (doesn't exist)

Adventure Leaderboard

IRAM Description Notes

Time Attack Leaderboard

IRAM Description Notes
0x ZZZZZ - Achievements and Leaderboards for Mario Pinball Land