Mario Pinball Land:RAM map

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IRAM Description Notes
0x0 Lives Decreases when leaving Ball Bonus screen
0x4 Score, 1s Max=FF (255)
0x5 Score, 1=256 Max=FF (65,280)
0x6 Score, 1=65,536 Max=FF (16,711,680)
0x7 Score, 1=16,777,216 Max=FF, Legit displayed max=5 (83,886,080)

Score only displays up to tens of millions, but tracks higher

0x8 Yellow Coins
0xC Blue Coins
0x10 Red Coins
0x14 Total Stars This is the value door requirements are checking
0x22 Total Key Count [unconfirmed]
0x22 Held Item 13=None

0=Mega Mushroom(1)

1=Yoshi Egg(1)

2=Blue Pipe(1)

3=Invincibility Star(1)

4=Mini Mushroom(1)


6=Mega Mushroom(2)

7=Yoshi Egg(2)

8=Blue Pipe(2)

9=Invincibility Star(2)

A=Mini Mushroom(2)


C=[Unknown] Combination of some things, big Yoshi Eggs

Using a double(2) item will give you the single(1) item and address value

0x30 Table ID, Room ID Value is unique to every single table or room in the game

Includes unique Toad shops

0x34 Stage Event Flag Region START
0xEB Stage Event Flag Region END
0x38 The Fun Fair - Event Flags bit2=Star Get, 4 Boos
0x50 Grassy Greens - Event Flags bit2=Star Get, 3 Goombas(Room 1)
0x70 Frosty Frontier - Event Flags bit2=Star Get, 2 Shy Guys(Room 1)
0x7C Frosty Frontier - Event Flags bit0=Hole In Ice(Room 2)
0x80 Frosty Frontier - Event Flags bit2=Star Get, 3 Fish(In Ice Hole)

bit7=Tipped Ship(3 Chests) [unconfirmed]

0xB0 Fiery(Final Area) - Event Flags bit0=4 Keys Opened Gate

bit2=Star Get, 3 Shy Copters(Room 1)

0xD8 Key Event Flags bit0=Grassy Greens Piranha Plant Key Dropped

bit1=Grassy Greens Piranha Plant Key Taken

bit2=Fiery Keyhole 1-of-4

0xDC Key Event Flags bit0=Frosty Frontier Fish Key Dropped

bit1=Frosty Frontier Fish Key Taken

bit2=Fiery Keyhole 4-of-4

0xE0 Key Event Flags bit0=Bowser Defeated

bit1=[NOT USED] Fifth Key

bit2=[NOT USED] Fiery Keyhole 5-of-4

0xE4 Key Event Flags bit0=The Fun Fair Boo Key Dropped

bit1=The Fun Fair Boo Key Taken

bit2=Fiery Keyhole 2-of-4

0xE8 Key Event Flags bit0=Shifting Sands King Tut Key Dropped

bit1=Shifting Sands King Tut Key Taken

bit2=Fiery Keyhole 3-of-4

0x188 Red Coins Countdown Timer 32 bits usable, game only uses 16 bits
0x1EB Blue Pipe Countdown Timer Disappears at 0, starts at 75(hex)(117 decimal) (roughly -4 per second)

Estimated 30 seconds total

0x89C Boss Health Counts up 1 at a time from 0(full health)

Most bosses die at 3 (edit to 2, hit boss once for kill)

0x3298 Music ID
Work in progress! - I'm creating an achievement set over at