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Note: Memory locations discovered using the 'FCEU' Emulator for Windows.

All values in table are Hexadecimal unless noted otherwise!

RAM Effect Comments
05D Wich ememys have been defeated/Weapons unlocked
bit 1 Bombman
bit 2 Elecman
bit 3 Gutsman
bit 4 Iceman
bit 5 Cutsman
bit 6 Fireman
bit 7 Magnet Beam
Setting a bit will defeat/unlock the corresponding Villan/Weapon. Set this byte to FE to go directly to Dr. Wiley.
05F Weapon Select
00 Normal(Start Weapon)
01 Bomb
02 Electric
03 Guts
04 Ice
05 Cutters
06 Fire
07 Magnet Beam
This only controls the weapon function, it will not change his color. You can select any weapon even if it's still locked.
06A Mega Man Life Bar Value 1C-Full, 00-Empty
06B Cutman Weapon Energy 1C-Full, 00-Empty
06C Iceman Weapon Energy 1C-Full, 00-Empty
06D Bombman Weapon Energy 1C-Full, 00-Empty
06E Fireman Weapon Energy 1C-Full, 00-Empty
06F Elecman Weapon Energy 1C-Full, 00-Empty
070 Gutsman Weapon Energy 1C-Full, 00-Empty
071 Magnet Beam Weapon Energy 1C-Full, 00-Empty
072-078 Score Each bytes represents one digit in BCD. Starts with one's digit (072)
0A6 Lives 80 is Max, 63 will display 99. Bit 7 set gives Game Over. Game will not raise it past 63.
0AE Bonus Number of bonus energy balls picked up during level. Is multiplied by 1000 at level completion screen.
100-1FF Stack RAM used by CPU for stack.
200-2FF Sprite Data 256 byte block that is transferred via DMA to PPU memory during each NMI Routine.
6C1 Boss Energy 1C-Full, 00-Empty