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Megaman 4 offsets by: infidelity


6a8a3 - Dustman's HP 70e3f - Time till Dustman does his next attack 70de1 - Dustman's jump height 70df8 - How long Dustman sucks

Level Objects

7af0c - How far trash compactor crushes 7b09f - Red block timer, *counts down until the red block breaks apart* 7b0a4 - How many times the timer for the Red block starts over, *default 02*


77a74 - Big red spike guy's jump rest speed 70402 - Big red spike guy's HP 7668d - Spinning Hard Hat's rest time 70411 - Spinning Hard Hat's HP 7765d - Fanmouth's HP, *the little guy that comes out of the pits* 776d9 - Fanmouth right drift distance 77677 - Fanmouth speed, *set it to 00, hundreds come up* 7043d - Big red gumball guy's HP 774ae - Time between gumballs red bullets 7754c - Time until next type of gumball shot is shot 77591 - How many red bullets the gumball shoots 774ed - Gumball red bullet distance 70403 - Flying red shield's HP 7641a - Flying red shield's LEFT distance 7643a - Flying red shield's RIGHT distance 7040b - Jumping hard hat's HP 7668d - Jumping hard hat's rest time 703cf - RedBlack Perpellar's HP 7040a - Walking Hard Hat's HP 7668d - Walking Hard Hat's rest time 7042b - Bat's HP


6a8a3 - Drillman's HP 711ff - Time until Drillman comes up from the ground, *anything below 1F, he'll never come up* 71296 - Time between jumps 71089 - Time until he shoots 711b7 - How quick Drillman dives into the ground 7123b - Different ways Drillman comes out of the ground, *sometimes at an angle towards you* 71143 - Drillman's jump height 7116d - Drillman's jump height, *before he drills into the ground*

Level Objects

7adcf - Handle movement for invisible ground 76221 - Boulder's HP 76266 - Boulder Pieces HP 7620d - Time until next Boulder comes down


7041b - Blue Prepeller's HP 76e24 - Time until Blue Prepeller's next shot 70441 - Gunshield's HP 7762e - Time between Gunshield's next shots 7762d - Time between Gunshield's shots/shield closes 7043a - Wheeleshield's HP 773bc - Wheeleshield's LEFT distance 773f4 - Wheeleshield's RIGHT distance 773e4 - Wheeleshield's sight attack time 7743b - Wheeleshield's standstill spin time, until he spins into his next direction


6a8a3 - Toadman's HP 7175d - Time until Toadman's next attack 71803 - How long acid rain lasts


703e3 - Unbrella Guy's HP 703d4 - Flying Penguin's HP 7573a - Flying Baby Penguin's HP 703e0 - Jumping Catfish's HP 75aac - Time until Jumping Catfish jumps again 70416 - Jellyfish's HP 76a0d - Time until Jellyfish on celing, moves 7041c - Small Mechanical Fish's HP 76e95 - Small Mechanical Fish's jump type 703ed - Giant Snail's HP 7a66b - Time until Giant Snail's very first attack, *right when you land* 7a6c2 - Effects Giant Snail's bombs 7a7ad - Time until Giant Snail's eye's return 7a7ca - Time until Giant Snail's eye's attack


6a8a3 - Pharaohman's HP 71432 - Time until Pharaohman's next attack 71422 - Pharaohman's attack times 1 7153a - Pharaohman's attack times 2 71536 - Pharaohman's attack time, *fireball 1* 71537 - Pharaohman's attack time, *fireball 2* 71533 - Pharaohman's jump height, *non attack* 71534 - Pharaohman's jump height


75403 - Green Drill's HP 754f *2,3,4,5* - Green Drill's movement?

  • unable to find timer, that tells the Green Drill, when to come up*

703e2 - Red Bee's HP 75d53 - Red Bee's shot methods 75cb9 - Time until Red Bee shoots 75ce7 - How many times Red Bee goes back and forth on current screen 70436 - Mummy Skeleton's HP 77231 - Time until Mummy Skeleton goes into wall 7722b - Time until Mummy Skeleton comes out of wall, *"03" looks the best w/ fastness*


6a8a3 - Ringman's HP 70bab - Ringman's first attack time 70a8a - Ringman's jump height 70c4f - Effects ring toss?


703d5 - Wallgun's HP 75814 - Wallgun's bullet time 1 75825 - Wallgun's bullet time 2 7588a - Wallgun's multiple shots 70418 - Saturn's HP 703e7 - Hippo's HP 7a467 - Hippo's Missiles HP 7a4f4 - Time until Hippo's platfom pieces come back 70448 - Wheelesaw's HP 70e31 - Slinky Eye's HP 75b1d - Slinky Eye's attack time


6a8a3 - Diveman's HP 70fcb - Diveman's attack time 70f59 - Diveman's missile time 70f8b - Diveman's missile HP


70419 - Water Hard Hat's HP 76876 - Time until Water Hard Hat comes up 767d9 - Time until Water Hard Hat shoots 768a3 - Water Hard Hat time? 70407 - Whale's HP 7abff - Whale attack time 7abb3 - Whale missile time 7042c - Orange Fish's HP


6a8a3 - Skullman's HP 70a6 *c,d,e,f* - Skullman's shield times 70a7 *0,1,2,3* - Skullman's shield times 70a2 *8,9,a,b* - Skullman's jump heights 70929 - Skullman's attack time, *once shield goes down*


703fe - Green Gun's HP 76163 - Green Gun Bullet's HP 77909 - Green Spike's HP 70417 - Skeleton Joe's HP, *This is where it points to, default is 03*

  • I've tried setting it to other values, and there is no change when giving damage to Skeleton Joe????*

76b2c - Skeleton Joe's attack time 76bbc - Skeleton Joe's recovery time 70415 - Orange Gun's HP 76cff - Orange Gun's bullet time 70437 - Green Snake's HP


6a8a3 - Brightman's HP 71636 - Time until Brightman's next attack 715f8 - How many bullets Brightman shoots 7162c - Time between Brightman's shots 715a4 - Brightman's jump height 716b4 - Brightman's Flash Flicker time?

Level Objects

7a94c - Red Lift time 7aa16 - Time until Green Lift turns the other way


703e4 - Firework Guy's HP 703df - Rednight Guy's HP 759ec - Rednight Guy's bullet time 70405 - Totempoles HP 76483 & 7653f - Totempoles bullet time 76096 - Green Cutter's HP 7605c - Green Cutter's ground movement time 7564 *1,5* - Grasshoppers jump time 7562 *6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d* - Grasshoppers jump heights 7560 *6,a,c,d* - Number of times Grasshoppers jump in one direction

Cossack 1

70426 - Cossack 1's HP 7b2d0 - Multiple Cossack bullets 7b275 - Time until Cossack 1 moves to the other side of the screen, *when it's already against 1 side* 7b29f & 7b39e - How quick Cossack 1's drill comes down 7b186 - Time until Cossack 1 fades in before fight, *01-0f are awesome color changes* 7b4cf - Cossack 1's Drill comes down twice in a row, *01-10 seem to be the best* 7b42c - Time until Cossack's drill comes back up 7b342 - Time until Cossack 1 comes back up, *non drill attack* 7b5e *e,f* - Cossack 1's movements 7b5f *0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7* - Cossack 1's movements

Level Objects

77b7 *1,6,9* - Ladder Claw clamp time


703d1 - Slinky's HP 7523d - Slinky's speed

Cossack 2

70430 - Cossack 2's HP 7bb88 - How long Cossack 2 stays closed 7bbec - Cossack 2 multiple bullets 7bd90 & 7bd9d - Cossack 2 platform movements


7041d - Skulldropper's HP 7783b - Skullwheele's HP 77826 - How fast Skulldropper, drops Skullwheeles 77806 - Time until more Skullwheeles come out 779ad - Spike Platform times

Cossack 3

70438 - 1'st Cossack Spider's HP 719e *7,8,9,a* - 1'st Cossack Spider's movements 7195c - 1'st Cossack Spider multiple shots 6b2ea - 2'nd Cossack Spider's HP 719ea - 2'nd Cossack Spider's 1'st attack time *right when it comes through the door* 71b40 - 2'nd Cossack Spider's movement time *after shot fired* 6b35b - Time until white platforms fall "pretty useless, even if you set it high, they still fall after your energy meter fills up*

Cossack 4

7042d - Cossack 4's HP 7b69b - Time until Cossack 4 fades in before fight, *01-0f are awesome color changes* 7ba8 *6,7* - Different Cossack movement's, and bullet effects 7b8ba - How long Cossack 4 holds you, before bringing you up 7b90a - How long Cossack 4 holds you, before letting you go 7b93a - Cossack 4's movement time, once he lets you go 7ba23 - Time until Protoman & Kalinka teleport down, after you defeat Cossack 4 6aa01 - How long Protoman stays, after bringing Kalinka, *set it to 00, and he'll stay forever*

Wily 1

7043b - Giant Hard Hat's HP 6a0a6 - Time until Giant Hard Hat fades in before fight, *01-0f are awesome color changes* 6a31f - Falling Hard Hat's HP 6a1e5 - Giant Hard Hat's ground shake time, *Also effects the timing, of the falling Hard Hat's* 6a394 - Giant Hard Hat's straight up jump height 6a39 *5,6* - Giant Hard Hat's angled jump heights 6a36 *2,3,4,5* - How long Giant Hard Hat hides 6a120 - How fast Giant Hard Hat closes, *00-Fastest, 05-Slowest*

  • missing how fast hard hat opens, cannot find correct INC*

Level Objects

6b488 - Invisible Block timer 6b414 - Time when invisible blocks begin to appear, *when you first get on the screen*

Wily 2

7043e - Boss's HP 6a532 - Multiple fireballs/balls

Wily 3

70422 - 1'st Wily Ship's HP 6ab0f - Fireball timer 6aee *c,d,e* - Fireball timer 6ab3b - Movement 6ac52 - 2'nd Wily Ship's HP 6ad72 - Fireball timer 6af9 *b,c,d,e,f* - Movement 6afa *0,1,* - Movement

Wily 4

7044e - Wily's HP 6b655 - Formed fireballs attack timer. 6b92 *2,3,4,5* - How fast fireballs form in between eachother


7863e - Megaman's hit recovery time 77bea - Time till items fade away, *the ones you get, when you kill enemies* 7f31c - Gravity, *probably effects everything* 76309 - Time until Eddie teleports away, after giving you and item 78f8c - Balloon life time 7205a - How many times, it tells the Main Title song to loop, *now you can hear the complete song* 7c462 - Fade in timer, for all fade in sequences, *some text, some non-text*

I'm trying to also figure out how to find the weapon energy settings, what kind of damage they can do, other type of jump settings, etc. If I can find something else, I'll add it to the list. Enjoy!

EDIT - Yeah, the other thing, it seems that the 8 bosses share the HP values. All 8 bosses are at "6a8a3" I'm unaware on how to set individual HP's for them. Thankfuly, the cossack, and wily bosses, are all individual