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Bit Function Details
0-1 Object Wall Bits See note
2 1= Invisible 0= Visible
3 If set, objects are not erased when moving out of screen. See note
4 Apply X Scrolling when drawing sprites? [ 1= Yes, 0= No ] Probably always set???
5 Sprite BG Priority [ 1= Sprite BG Priority, 0= No Sprite BG Priority ]
6 Direction [ 1= Face Right, 0= Face Left ]
7 Object is weapon: hit enemy? [ 1= Hit enemies, 0= Doesn't hit enemies ]
Object is enemy: is on visible screen? [ 1= Enemy on visible screen, 0= Enemy not on visible screen ]

0-1: If value is 1, 2, 3, the Object have solids parts. If Mega Man hits a non solid parts, he ends up on top. Here are the solid parts.???

1: Top
2: All
3: Top, Left, Right (if hit object by under, Mega Man is replaced at a certain position from the block (the right, left or top)


(Both Horizontally and Vertically (??? I think if 01 or more in $0390, they are erased, but not $ff and higher)
If object can hurt Mega Man, they can touch him, if they are in another screen.