Mega Man Xtreme

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Mega Man Xtreme
Internal Name MEGAMAN X
Region Code 1 (U)
SGB Support No
Cartridge Type (ROM + MBC1? + RAM + Battery)
License Code
ROM Size 1Mbit
ROM Checksum
SRAM Size 2kB
Header Checksum
ROM map | RAM map | Text table | Notes | Tutorials

A cool mishmash of four of the levels of each one of the first two Mega Man X Games. For Game Boy or Game Boy Color. Almost never hacked. No known utilities.

Have found a bit of info on the RAM Map:

0xB404 : Y position of Enemy 1

0xB408 : X position of Enemy 1

0xB40D : Is Enemy 1 active (boolean)

0xCADC : X's health

0xCADD : X's lives

0xCAE1 : Boss health

0xCAE2 : X's health capacity

0xCC5B : X's X position (pixel)

0xCC5A : X's X position (sub-pixel)

0xCC5E : X's Y position (pixel)

0xCC5D : X's Y position (sub-pixel)

0xCF8D : Camera's X position

0xD368 : SubTank's health (+80) /12

0xD39C-D39F : Time played (frames/seconds/minutes/hours)

0xFE00 (16? * 16 bytes) : Object Related Adresses (X is object 0xFE00-FE0F)

0xFFF7 : Sound Effect ID

Misc. : When X walks, his X position augments by 1+100/256 pixels/frame (1.390625 px/f). When X "Megaman Foot Twitches", his X position augments by 1 pixel/frame. When X dashes, his Xpos augments by 3 pixels/frame. Normally, when X gets hit, he moves backwards 14.25 pixels in total.



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