Mega Man in Dr. Wily's Revenge:ROM map

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Bank 0: Unknown

  • 0x 0000- 3978 ???
  • 420- 5BF Alphabet gfx??
  • 857-85B Put initial Weapon in RAM Address: DFA1
00:0857	3E 01		ld a,$01	(a=$01=Initial Weapon="P")
00:0859	EA A1 DF	ld [$DFA1],a	(Put the value $01="P" in $DFA1=Weapon)
  • B26-B2A Put initial Energy value in RAM Address: DFA3
00:0B26	3D 98		ld a,$98	(a=$98=Initial energy)
00:0B28	EA A3 DF	ld [$DFA3],a	(Put the value $98 in $DFA3=Energy)
  • BCA-BCF Decrease lives
00:0BCA	21 08 C1	ld hl,$C108	(Load in hl the Address $C108=Lives)
00:0BCD	34		dec [hl]	(Decrease the value into the Address $C108=Lives)
00:0BCE	28 23		jr z,$0BF3	(Jump if is zero to the Address 00:0BF3)

If you change the instruction in 00:0BC4 you can have infinite lives.
00:0BCD 00              nop             (NOt Operation)

The value of lives don´t decrease.
  • CCE-CD2 Put initial lives of the game
00:0CCE	3E 03		ld a,$03	(a=$03=Initial lives of the game)
00:0CD0	EA 08 C1	ld [$C108],a	(Put the value $03 in the Addres $C108=Lives)

You can have mor lives if you change the instruction in 00:0CCE.
For example:
00:0CCE 3E 09           ld a,$09
The initial value of lives is 9. You have more lives.
  • 157F-15B8: Joypad subroutine
  • 15D4-15E1: Put OAM DMA Transfer subroutine in internal RAM: $FF80-$FF89
00:15D4	0E 80		ld c,$80	(c=$80)
00:15D6	06 0A		ld b,$0A	(b=$0A=10=Size of OAM DMA Transfer Subroutine)
00:15D8	21 E2 15	ld hl,$15E2	(Put in hl the address $00:15E2 where is the OAM DMA Transfer subroutine in ROM)
00:15DB	2A		ldi a,[hl]	(Put in A the value in address given in hl=Subroutine OAM DMA Transfer in ROM and increases hl)
00:15DC	E2		ld [$FF00+c],a	(Put the value of A in the Address $FF00+c=Internal RAM)
00:15DD	0C		inc c		(Increases c)
00:15DE	05		dec b		(Decrease b=Bytes to be written in Internal RAM of the OAM DMA Transfer Subroutine)
00:15DF	20 FA		jr nz,$15DB	(If not zero then jump to address $00:15DB to write other byte of the subroutine in the internal RAM)
00:15E1	C9		ret		(Return of the subroutine)
  • 15E2-15EB: OAM DMA Tranfer subrotuine
  • 0x 3979- 3FFF Unused

Bank 1: Unknown

  • 0x 4000- 738C ???
  • 0x 738D- 7FFF Unused

Bank 2: Unknown (Music?)

  • 0x 8000- BCA1
  • 0x BCA2- BFFF Unused

Bank 3: Unknown

  • 0x C000- FBE4 ???
  • 0x FBE5- FFFF Unused

Bank 4: Main Sprite Graphics

  • 10060-123FF Graphics (Mega Man, Status Bar, Enemies)
  • 0x12FE0-13FFF Unused

Bank 5: Robot Master Level Data

  • 0x14000-14007 - Pointer List
    • 0x14008-1492E - Cut Man
    • 0x1492F-15259 - Ice Man
    • 0x1525A-15F71 - Fire Man
    • 0x15F72-16AAC - Elec Man
    • 0x16AAD-17FFF - Unused
  • 0x17000-17FFF Unused

Bank 6: Static Screen Data

  • 0x18000-1BBB6 ??? GFX: Static Screen Data
    • 0x1803C-18148 - Menu texts
    • 0x1814B-18226 - Title screen data
  • 0x1BBB7-1BFFF Unused

Bank 7: Robot Master Graphics

  • 0x1C000-1F812 ??? Boss GFX (Cu,Ic,El,Fi,En,Bu,Fl,He,Qu,Wily)
  • 0x1F813-20000 Unused

Bank 8: Wily 1 Data

  • 0x20001-23828 Wily 1 Level Data?
    • 0x2134A-21809 Teleporter area gfx
  • 0x23829-23FFF Unused

Bank 9: Unknown

  • 0x24000-27D31 ???
  • 0x27D32-27FFF Unused

Bank A: Unknown

  • 0x28000-2B20C ???
  • 0x2B20D-2BFFF Unused

Bank B: Unknown

  • 0x2C000-2D5CF ???
  • 0x2D5D0-2FFFF Unused

Bank C: Level Graphics

  • 0x30000-33395 Level GFX
  • 0x33396-33FFF Unused

Bank D: Unknown

  • 0x34000-36310 ???
  • 0x36311-37FFF Unused

Bank E: Ending Data

  • 0x38000-3BBAF ???
    • ~39000 Ending GFX
  • 0x3BBB0-3BFFF Unused

Bank F: Unused

  • 0x3C000-3FFFF Unused