Metroid Fusion:RAM map

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RAM Information
203821D Area ID
203821F Room ID
3000014 Completed Game Map Switch
300002C Area ID
300002D Room ID
300003B Percentage
30000C8 Horizontal Background 0 Positioning
30000CA Vertical Background 0 Positioning
30000CC Horizontal Background 1 Positioning
30000CE Vertical Background 1 Positioning
30000D0 Horizontal Background 2 Positioning
30000D2 Vertical Background 2 Positioning
30000D4 Horizontal Background 3 Positioning
30000D6 Vertical Background 3 Positioning
3000138 In-Game Timer
3000177/1AA/1E2/21A/252/28A/2C2/3DA/412/6EE Freeze Timer
30001B2/01EA/0222/025A/0292/06BE Vertical Boss Positioning
30001B4/01EC/0224/025C/0294/06C0 Horizontal Boss Positioning
30001E0 Zazabi's Jump Counter
300087E Bomb Timer
30008D9 Escape Timer
3000B84 Menu Status
3000B87 Event Counter
3001245 Pose Status
3001246 Turn Switch
3001247 Bounce Switch
3001248 Wall-Jump Timer
3001249 Invincibility Timer
300124A Speed Boosting Counter
300124B Arm Connon Direction
300124C Missiles Switch
300124E Cooldown Timer
3001250 Charge Beam Counter
3001252 Arm Running Animation Switch
3001253 Speed Boost Counter
3001254 Wall-Jump Direction Switch
3001256 Direction Switch
300125A Horizontal Positioning
300125C Vertical Positioning
300125E Horizontal Momentum
3001260 Vertical Momentum
3001262 Current Angle
30012DC Shinespark Timer
3001310 Health Status
3001312 Health Capacity
3001314 Missile Status
3001316 Missiles Capacity
3001318 Power Bomb Status
3001319 Power Bomb Capacity
300131A Beam Status
300131B Missile + Bomb Status
300131C Suit + Misc. Status
300131D Security Status
300151E Final Percentage
3001608 2nd Menu Arrow Horizontal Position
300160A 2nd Menu Arrow Vertical Position
300160E Copy Data Selector Animation
300160F Copy Data Selector Animation Counter
300161C 2nd Menu Box Animation
3001628 Menu Box Type
3001638 Copy Menu Box Animation Switch
3001640 1st Menu Arrow Horizontal Position
3001642 1st Menu Arrow Vertical Position
3001645 Menu Arrow Switch
3001646 Menu Arrow Animation
3001647 Menu Arrow Animation Counter
3001654 Menu Arrow Type
3001660 Menu Box Animation
3001670 1st Menu Box Animation
30016B2 Save File Selector Position
30016F1 Mono To Stereo Switch
3001704 Mono To Stereo Selector Position
300170A Mono To Stereo Animation
300170B Mono To Stereo Animation Counter
300445E/4474 Electrified Pain SFX
3004D28 Suit Colour
3004D90 SA-X Suit Colour
3004DEC/4DF0/4DF4/4DF8/4DFC/4E00/4E04/4E08 Door Type
3004DED/4DF1/4DF5/4DF9/4DFD/4E01/4E05/4E09 Door Animation
3004DEE/4DF2/4DF6/4DFA/4DFE/4E02/4E06/4E0A Door Horizontal Positioning
3004DEF/4DF3/4DF7/4DFB/4DFF/4E03/4E07/4E0B Door Vertical Positioning
3007D94 Projectile Vertical Positioning
3007D98 Projectile Horizontal Positioning