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Affecting Animation List

Value Animation Notes
0x01 Falling Stun
0x02 Crawling Stun
0x06 Sliding Down Goes in the last direction you were moving in.
0x08 Complete Level with Magic Number
0x09 Exit Level with Select Doesn't exit the level if set manually.
0x0E Death
0x0F Complete Level without Magic Number
0x11 Fire Bubblegum Doesn't fire if set manually.
0x12 Wrong Number

Animation List

Value Animation Notes
0x00 Standing
0x01 Standing in Space Prevents idle animation from playing.
0x02 Returning to Map
0x03 Twirling Ball
0x04 Balancing Ball with Arms
0x05 Dribbling Ball
0x06 Starting to Fire Bubblegum
0x07 Firing Bubblegum Strangely, it actually fires a bubblegum, and will continue to do so even if you've run out.
0x08 Walking
0x09 Walking in Space
0x0A Near an Edge
0x0B Jumping
0x0C Jumping in Space (A) Unused?
0x0D Jumping in Space (B)
0x0E Somersault into Stun
0x0F Falling Too Long
0x10 Somersault
0x11 Somersault in Space
0x12 Stun
0x13 Somersault for 1 Loop
0x14 Sliding Down
0x15 Crawling
0x16 Standing Near Lever
0x17 Walking Up in Map
0x18 Walking Down in Map
0x19 Entering Elevator

Audio List

Musics are bolded.

Value Audio Notes
0x80 Nothing Immediately ends when played as a music.
0x81 Number Factory
0x82 (Buzz Sound) Unused?
0x83 Telephone Ringing
0x84 Elevator Going Up
0x85 Elevator Going Down
0x86 Generic
0x87 Wrong Number on Number Machine
0x88 Happy Melody
0x89 Mickey's Jump / Donald Collecting Number Mold
0x8A (Sad Melody) Unused?
0x8B (???) Unused?
0x8C Pete
0x8D Main
0x8E Robot 2 Extending Head
0x8F Bubblegum Hit
0x90 (Falling?) Unused?
0x91 Harmful Object Breaking Pete's Head Statue, Photo, Sack
0x92 Cog/Wrench Colliding
0x93 (Motor-like Sound) Unused?
0x94 (???) Unused?
0x95 Sliding Down
0x96 (???) Unused? Keeps looping if played as a sound, loops once if played as a music.
0x97 (???) Unused?
0x98 Harmful Object Falling
0x99 (Metal Thud) Unused?
0x9A (???) Unused? Keeps looping if played as a sound, loops once if played as a music.
0x9B Thud from Falling
0x9C Pulling Lever
0x9D Bubblegum
0x9E Space Center
0x9F (A Strange Fanfare) Unused?
0xA0 (Shortened Remix of Number Factory) Unused?
0xA1 Moving Cursor / Selecting Difficulty / (Un)Pausing
0xA2 Collecting a Small Item Bubblegum, Heart, Star

Object Type List

Harmful objects are bolded.

Value Type Notes
0x00 Nothing
0x01 Mickey
0x02 Difficulty Cursor
0x03 Pete's Body
0x04 Number Mold
0x05 Pete's Head
0x06 Cement?
0x07 Hideout's Windmill
0x08 Star Collectible
0x0B Telephone
0x0C Crow
0x0D Pitbull Dog
0x0E Bouncing Cog
0x10 Bouncing Wrench
0x11 Steam Whistle
0x13 Robot 1
0x14 Floating Potion
0x15 Blue Pole?
0x16 Venus Flytrap
0x17 Flower Pot
0x18 Robot 2
0x19 Pete's Head Statue
0x1A Boy with a Balloon
0x1C Rat
0x1D Purple Cat with a Bowler Hat
0x1E Eagle
0x1F Trap Door
0x20 Black Widow Spider
0x21 Fired Bubblegum
0x22 Heart Collectible
0x23 Bubblegum Collectible
0x24 Photo
0x25 Math Machine Cursor
0x26 Math Machine Plus Sign
0x28 Math Machine's Steam Whistle
0x29 Sack
0x2A Phone Booth Purely visual.
0x2B Donald Duck
0x2C Magic Number 10
0x2D Magic Number 1
0x2E Magic Number 2
0x2F Magic Number 3
0x30 Magic Number 4
0x31 Magic Number 5
0x32 Magic Number 6
0x33 Magic Number 7
0x34 Magic Number 8
0x35 Magic Number 9
0x36 Number Machine

Internal Data for Mickey's Adventures in Numberland

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