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What's Set When Entering a Level

ROM Default Value Information
0x010B7C 0x24 Gravity
0x01EB86 0x32 Horizontal Acceleration
0x01EB9F 0x30 Falling Stun Threshold
0x01EBA9 0x0B Mickey's Jump Animation
0x01EBAE 0x08 Mickey's Walk Animation
0x01EBB3 0x00 Mickey's Stand Animation
0x01EBB8 0x10 Mickey's Hurt Animation
0x01EBBD 0x02 Starting Bubblegum Amount
0x01EBC2 0x04 Starting Heart Amount
0x01EBC7 0x00 Starting Star Amount


ROM Default Value Information
0x012114 0x9C Pulling Lever
0x0121AB 0x88 Getting Number Mold
0x016232 0x89 Jumping
0x0162B0 0x9B Fall Stun
0x016327 0x95 Sliding Down
0x01665F 0x9D Firing Bubblegum
0x016954 0xA1 Selecting/Moving Cursor in Menu
0x01EB41 0xA1 (Un)Pausing
0x01F36E 0x89 Getting Hurt
0x01F3E1 0x88 Collecting a Magic Number
0x01FC57 0xA2 Collecting a Small Item


Mickey's Animation Speeds

ROM Default Value Information
0x016016 0x20 Idle

Mickey's Horizontal Movement

ROM Default Value Information
0x01601B 0x24 Horizontal Deceleration on the Ground
0x016032 0x12 Horizontal Deceleration in the Air
ROM Default Value Information
0x0161D0 0x02 Max Horizontal Speed
0x016304 0x02 Max Horizontal Speed While Sliding

Mickey's Vertical Movement

ROM Default Value Information
0x01620F 0x03 Max Upward Speed

Mickey's Affecting Animations

ROM Default Value Information
0x016281 0x80 Wrong Number Duration
0x01628C 0x80 Wrong Number Cooldown
ROM Default Value Information
0x0165AB 0x11 When Firing Bubblegum
0x01E3D3 0x01 When Falling Too Long
0x01EC67 0x09 When Going Back To Map
0x01F3AE 0x0E When Hit With 0 Hearts
0x01F3F9 0x12 When Getting Wrong Number

Other Misc.

ROM Default Value Information
0x016668 0x01 Bubblegums Lost on Use
0x01E3AF 0x40 Threshold Timer when Near Edge
0x01EC5D 0x40 Initial Timer when Going Back To Map With Select
0x01F391 0x8C Initial Invincibility Time from Getting Hit
0x01F3A1 0x01 Hearts Lost on Taking Damage
0x01FC64 0x01 ubblegum Gained on Collect

Internal Data for Mickey's Adventures in Numberland

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