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|0x003D||Controller 1 input||
|0x003D||Controller 1 input||
|0x003E||Controller 2 input||
|0x020A-0x020C||Hidden word for current level||
|0x020A-0x020C||Hidden word for current level||

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RAM Function Details
0x0000-0x0005 Text string "Mickey"
0x0006 PPU_CTRL mirror
0x0007 PPU_MASK mirror
0x003C Frame delay counter
0x003D Controller 1 input
0x003E Controller 2 input
0x020A-0x020C Hidden word for current level
0x021A Difficulty level
0x023F-0x0246 Letter Set 1 Yukon stages (5 total, rest blank)
0x0247-0x024E Letter Set 2 Swamp stages (4 total, rest blank)
0x024F-0x0256 Letter Set 3 Forest stages (4 total, rest blank)
0x0257-0x025E Letter Set 4 Pyramid stages (5 total, rest blank)
0x025F-0x0266 Letter Set 5 Jungle stages (4 total, rest blank)
0x0267-0x026E Letter Set 6 Caribbean stages (4 total, rest blank)
0x029C-0x02BC Palette sets
0x049F Screen scroll, y (high byte)
0x04A0 Screen scroll, y (low byte
0x04A2 Screen scroll, x (low byte)
0x04A3 Screen scroll, x (high byte)
0x0800-0x0FFF Mirror of 0x0000-0x07FF
0x1000-0x17FF Mirror of 0x0000-0x07FF
0x1800-0x1FFF Mirror of 0x0000-0x7FFF