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Function 04:DB95

Randomizes letter order when Start is pressed at title screen

04:DB95:A2 2F     LDX #$2F    / Initializes letter order
04:DB97:BD 0A DC  LDA $DC0A,X / by alphabetical list in ROM
04:DB9A:9D 3F 02  STA $023F,X 
04:DB9D:CA        DEX
04:DB9E:10 F7     BPL $DB97

04:DBA0:A2 05     LDX #$05
04:DBA2:BD 04 DC  LDA $DC04,X
04:DBA5:85 10     STA $0010
04:DBA7:8A        TXA
04:DBA8:0A        ASL
04:DBA9:0A        ASL
04:DBAA:0A        ASL
04:DBAB:18        CLC
04:DBAC:69 3F     ADC #$3F
04:DBAE:85 0E     STA $000E
04:DBB0:A9 02     LDA #$02
04:DBB2:69 00     ADC #$00
04:DBB4:85 0F     STA $000F
04:DBB6:A9 07     LDA #$07
04:DBB8:85 11     STA $0011
04:DBBA:A0 00     LDY #$00
04:DBBC:20 3E E5  JSR $E53E
04:DBBF:AD 08 02  LDA $0208
04:DBC2:29 01     AND #$01
04:DBC4:F0 0E     BEQ $DBD4
04:DBC6:B1 0E     LDA ($0E),Y
04:DBC8:48        PHA
04:DBC9:C8        INY
04:DBCA:B1 0E     LDA ($0E),Y
04:DBCC:88        DEY
04:DBCD:91 0E     STA ($0E),Y
04:DBCF:C8        INY
04:DBD0:68        PLA
04:DBD1:91 0E     STA ($0E),Y
04:DBD3:88        DEY
04:DBD4:C8        INY
04:DBD5:C4 10     CPY $0010
04:DBD7:D0 E3     BNE $DBBC
04:DBD9:C6 11     DEC $0011
04:DBDD:CA        DEX
04:DBDE:10 C2     BPL $DBA2
04:DBE0:60        RTS -----------------------------------------

Data Table 04:DC04

Number of stages in each world

World # of stages
Yukon 5
Swamp 4
Forest 4
Pyramid 5
Jungle 4
Caribbean 4

Data Table 04:DC0A

Letters in each world (unsorted)

World Letters
Swamp RSTU
Forest EFGH
Pyramid MNOPQ
Jungle IJKL
Caribbean ABCD