Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum:RAM map

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Party Data

$008B Fear Protection
$008C Cold Protection
$008D Fire Protection
$008E Poison Protection
$008F Acid Protection
$0090 Electric Protection
$0091 Magic Protection
$0092 Light Sources
$0093 Leather Skin
$0094 Levitate
$0095 Float
$0096 Guard Dog
$0097 Psy Protect
$0098 Bless
$0099 Invisibility
$009A Shield
$009B Power Shield
$009C Cursed
$009E Location
$009F Party's X
$00A0 Party's Y
$00A1 Party's Y+X
$00A2 to $00A5 Party's Direction

Charater Data

$6F00 to $6F7F = Your Character
$6F80 to $6FFF = Rigel
$7000 to $707F = Sage
$7080 to $70FF = Sonja
$7100 to $717F = Lilac
$7180 to $71FF = Vyrana
$7200 to $727F = Azalea
$7280 to $72FF = Kirie
$7300 to $737F = Flint
$7380 to $73FF = Jhared
$7400 to $747F = Bulzai
$7480 to $74FF = Zora
$7500 to $757F = Thorak
$7580 to $75FF = Tikra
$7600 to $767F = Charob
$7680 to $76FF = Hammer

Enemy Data

$03F0 to $03F9 Enemy Hp
$0400 to $0409 Enemy AC
$0643 to $064A Enemy Speed


6880-689F Sorpigal Automap
68A0-68BF Portsmith Automap
68C0-68DF Algary Automap
68E0-68FF Dusk Automap
6900-691F Erliquin Automap
6920-693F Sorpigal Cavern Automap
6940-695F N-Barier Automap
6960-697F Portsmith Cavern Automap
6980-699F Erliquin Cavern Automap
69A0-69BF Dusk Cavern Automap

Internal Data for Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum

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