Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum: Control Codes

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Events are done in assembly. These are Subroutines that are related to events.


20 38 C4 Input Prompt(Uses 0x028E for input amount; Always 0x0F in US but functionality still exist)

20 2B F9 Compare Answer

20 1E C8 Show Player Status Box

20 10 D2 Wait For Input

20 A8 D3 Choice Prompt (Uses 0x0265 as the amount of choices, 0x062E as a pointer base, and 0x0256 the response)

20 23 F8 Remove Text

20 BE F8 Start Text (Uses X and A registers for pointers)

20 FB F8 Continues Text (Uses X and A registers for pointers)

20 05 F9 Yes / No Prompt (Writes 1 or 2 to 0xF0 depending on answer)

20 74 F9 Start Text w/ sign (Uses X and A registers for pointers)

20 7A 98 Main Character Naming (Bank 0F only)


20 B3 A7 Portrait Window (Uses X registers for Sprite)

20 47 F9 Remove Portrait Window