Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum: Enemy Data

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Monster Data

If treasure is set to 01, then the monster will only drops gems. Any other value is divided by 2.

$00 Number that can appear
$01 Friendliness
$02 HP
$03 AC
$04 Damage
$05 Attacks
$06 Speed?
$07-08 Experience
$09 Treasure
$0A Magic Resistance
$0B Resistances: Non-magical, Fire, Cold, Electricity, Energy, Sleep, Paralysis
$0C Resistances
$0D Special Abilities/ Missile Weapon
$0E Chance
$0F Bravery
$10 Icon


01 Scorpion (Large)
02 Scorpion (Small)
03 Rat
04 Insect
05 Crawler
06 Spider
07 Killer Bee
08 Unused?
09 Flesh Eater/ Gremlin/ Kobold
0A Sprite/ Gnome
0B Goblin
0C Minor Demon
0D Demon
0E Hag
0F Medusa
10 Orc
11 Minotaur (Small)
12 Troll
13 Giant
14 Barbarian
15 Mutant Larva/ Acidic Blob
16 Volcano God
17 Unused Eye Creature?
18 Unused?
19 Cyclops


If this value is over 80(Hex), the effect will be a missile weapon with any value afterward indicating the range.

00 Nothing?
01 Curse
02 Energy Blast
03 Breathe Fire (1)
04 Blindness
05 Spray Poison
06 Spray Acid
07 Sleep
08 Paralyze
09 Dispell Magic
0A Lightning Bolt
0B Breathe Petrification
0C Explode
0D Fireball
0E Breathe Fire (1 Person)
0F Stone Gaze
10 Acid Arrow
11 Elements
12 Cold Beam
13 Dancing Sword
14 Magic Drain
15 Finger Of Death
16 Sun Ray
17 Disintegration
18 Command Energy
19 Breathe Poison
1A Breathe Lightning
1B Breathe Frost
1C Breathe Spikes
1D Breathe Acid
1E Breathe Fire
1F Breathe Energy
20 Swarm