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This simple code checks if Left + L + R is pressed any time during the very first two information screens. It sets a bit at $1E28 if pressed.

Studmuffin input check routine

$89/9428 A5 08       LDA $08    [$00:0008]   A:0009
$89/942A C9 30 02    CMP #$0230              A:0000
$89/942D D0 06       BNE $06    [$9435]      A:0000

$89/942F A9 01 00    LDA #$0001              A:0230
$89/9432 8D 28 1E    STA $1E28  [$00:1E28]   A:0001
$89/9435 end

Internal Data for NBA Jam Tournament Edition

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