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The iNES format was originally developed by Marat Fayzullin. The format uses memory mappers for specific cartridge. Marat Fayzullin has stalled in devloping the iNES format has lead to


This is an outdated list of found at. Mapper# Name Examples

0 No mapper All 32kB ROM + 8kB VROM games 1 Nintendo MMC1 Megaman2, Bomberman2, etc. 2 CNROM switch Castlevania, LifeForce, etc. 3 UNROM switch QBert, PipeDream, Cybernoid, many Japanese games 4 Nintendo MMC3 SilverSurfer, SuperContra, Immortal, etc. 5 Nintendo MMC5 Castlevania3 6 FFE F4xxx F4xxx games off FFE CDROM 7 AOROM switch WizardsAndWarriors, Solstice, etc. 8 FFE F3xxx F3xxx games off FFE CDROM 9 Nintendo MMC2 Punchout 10 Nintendo MMC4 Punchout2 11 ColorDreams chip CrystalMines, TaginDragon, etc. 12 - FFE F6xxx F6xxx games off FFE CDROM 13 CPROM switch 15 100-in-1 switch 100-in-1 cartridge 16 Bandai chip Japanese DragonBallZ series, etc. 17 FFE F8xxx F8xxx games off FFE CDROM 18 Jaleco SS8806 chip Japanese Baseball3, etc. 19 Namcot 106 chip Japanese GhostHouse2, Baseball90, etc. 20 Nintendo DiskSystem Reserved. Don't use this mapper! 21 Konami VRC4a Japanese WaiWaiWorld2, etc. 22 Konami VRC2a Japanese TwinBee3 23 Konami VRC2a Japanese WaiWaiWorld, MoonWindLegend, etc. 24 - Konami VRC6 25 Konami VRC4b 32 Irem G-101 chip Japanese ImageFight, etc. 33 Taito TC0190/TC0350 Japanese PowerBlazer 34 Nina-1 board ImpossibleMission2 and DeadlyTowers 64 Tengen RAMBO-1 chip 65 Irem H-3001 chip 66 GNROM switch 67 SunSoft3 chip 68 SunSoft4 chip 69 SunSoft5 FME-7 chip 71 Camerica chip 78 Irem 74HC161/32-based 79 AVE Nina-3 board KrazyKreatures, DoubleStrike, etc. 81 AVE Nina-6 board Deathbots, MermaidsOfAtlantis, etc. 91 Pirate HK-SF3 chip