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*Ninja Gay Den Too
* [[Ninja Gay Den Too]] by [[RyanVG]] under the alternate handle '''RyanV'''
This is the only known ROM hack for Ninja Gaiden Shadow. [[Ninja Gay Den Too]] is by [[RyanVG]], but under the alternate handle RyanV.

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Ninja Gaiden Shadow (U)
Internal Name NINJA GAIDEN
Region Code Not Japan
Type Grayscale Spiel
SGB Support No
Cartridge Type MBC1
License Code OLD $9B (TECMO)
ROM Size 1 Mbit (8 x 128 Kbyte)
ROM Checksum $BB54
SRAM Size 0 Kbit
Header Checksum $10 (OK)
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Ninja Gaiden Shadow has been hacked very little.


There are no known utilities for Ninja Gaiden Shadow.



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