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RAM Information
0x0005 PPU Type
0x000B Player 1's Input State
0x000C Player 2's Input State
0x0019 Game State
0x0047 HUD's Y-Position
0x004D Changes the BG color palettes.
0x004E Changes the OBJ color palettes.
0x0060 Cookie's State
0x006E/F Cookie's X-Position
0x0071/2 Cookie's Y-Position
0x0074 Cookie's Direction
0x0075 Cookie's X-Acceleration
0x0078 Cookie's Y-Acceleration
0x0087 Cookie's Attack Time
0x0088 Cookie's Mid-Air Check
0x0089 Cookie's Ducking Animation Time
0x0092 Currently-Standing Platform
0x0094 Current Stage
0x0096 Cookie's Invincibility Time from Getting Hurt
0x0097/E Objects' X-Position 1
0x009F/A6 Objects' Y-Position 1
0x00AD Boss's Health
0x00AF/B6 Objects' Invincibility Time from Getting Hurt
0x00B9 Cookie's Invincibility Time from The Pot Item
0x00D6 Cookie's Lives
0x00D7 Cookie's Health
0x00D8 Cookie's Item
0x00D9 Current Score (Multiple of 100)
0x00DA Current Score (Multiple of 25600)
0x00DD Sub-Time
0x00DE Time
0x00DF Current Checkpoint
0x00E0 Slot Machine's State
0x00E1 Cookie's Coins
0x00E2 Cookie's Max Health
0x00EC Cookie's Starting Lives
0x03E2 Times pressed up before the Title Screen. Used for the +2 Starting Lives cheat code.
0x03E3/5 Slot
0x03E6/8 Slot Rotation Speed
0x03FC/E Slot Rotation Duration
0x03EF Alignments Used in Slot Machine
0x0684/B Objects' Type
0x06A4/B Objects' X-Position 2
0x06AC/B3 Objects' Y-Position 2
0x06CC/D3 Objects' X-Acceleration
0x06D4/B Objects' Y-Acceleration
0x071B Music Instruments' Pitch
0x0720 Music Tempo
0x0726 Music Fade
0x0758/B Something that modifies the music instruments
0x0790/3 Music Instrument Type?
0x07A0/3 Something that modifies the music instruments
0x07A8/B Music Instrument Pattern?
0x07D8/B Something that modifies the music instruments
0x083C/D Graphic-related stuff with the BG

Internal Data for Panic Restaurant

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