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Using an RMD viewer, it is possible to open and inspect the models packaged in .cvm files within Persona 3 or Persona 4's iso. There is very little knowledge about these filetypes documented online, so the purpose of most of the files is up for speculation.

Persona 3


This directory appears to contain playable overworld models of the protagonist. They exclude models used in battle or in dungeon exploration. There are models of other party members in here as well, presumably serving the same purpose.

  • fc_01_00.rmd Minato Arisato (overcoat, no gun) 365,023 bytes
  • fc_01_01.rmd Minato Arisato (no overcoat) 359,537 bytes
  • fc_01_02.rmd Minato Arisato (winter coat) 349,425 bytes
  • fc_01_03.rmd Minato Arisato (blue and white t-shirt) 350,170 bytes
  • fc_01_04.rmd Minato Arisato (overcoat, sees armband and gun) 376,515 bytes
  • fc_01_05.rmd Minato Arisato (overcoat, no gun) 233,269 bytes
  • fc_01_06.rmd Minato Arisato (sandals, swimsuit) 236,788 bytes
  • fc_01_07.rmd Unknown, cannot be viewed
  • fc_01_08.rmd Minato Arisato (overcoat, no gun) 259,339 bytes

The reason for the similarities between fc_01_05.rmd and fc_01_00.rmd is currently unknown. The differences in filesize may be due to animation.

NPC2\N4809_0.rmd (tohru adachi) 326,826 bytes imported over FC_xx_xx in p3's btl\model\feild


The models in this directory can be swapped with other .rmd models (including other games) as long as they do not have a larger filesize, which results in corruption of the btl.cvm. However, swapping models that are presumably used for different purposes (found in other directories or games) leads to improper use of animation.

Persona 4