Pokémon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald:TBL

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Ruby/Saphire text table

00= 01=HERO 1B=é 2D=& 5C=( 5D=) 79=-UP 7A=-DOWN 7B=-LEFT 7C=-RIGHT A1=0 A2=1 A3=2 A4=3 A5=4 A6=5 A7=6 A8=7 A9=8 AA=9 AB=! AC=? AD=. AE=- B0=.. B1=" B2="2 B3='2 B4=' B5=mA B6=fE B7=$ B8=, B9=x- BA=/ BB=A BC=B BD=C BE=D BF=E C0=F C1=G C2=H C3=I C4=J C5=K C6=L C7=M C8=N C9=O CA=P CB=Q CC=R CD=S CE=T CF=U D0=V D1=W D2=X D3=Y D4=Z D5=a D6=b D7=c D8=d D9=e DA=f DB=g DC=h DD=i DE=j DF=k E0=l E1=m E2=n E3=o E4=p E5=q E6=r E7=s E8=t E9=u EA=v EB=w EC=x ED=y EE=z F0=: FA== FB=* FC==2 FD=@ FE=+ FF=»