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  • C200 to C23B - P1 cards' ingame locations.
  • C27E to C2B9 - P1 library card order.
  • C2BB to C2C0 - P1 pokemon card indices.
  • C2C8 to C2CD - P1 pokemon health.
  • C300 to C33B - P2 cards' ingame locations.
  • C37E to C3B9 - P2 library card order.
  • C3BB to C3C0 - P2 pokemon card indices.
  • C3C8 to C3CD - P2 pokemon health.
  • C400 to C409 - After a match: Card IDs for booster pack contents.
  • C400 to C43B - During a match: P1 deck card IDs
  • C480 to C4BB - P2 deck card IDs
  • CC00 ....... - During a match: Number of Prizes

Note: A card index is an offset into the array at either C400 or C480, which when resolved gives you the card ID.

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