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  180    Dratini Lv12
  180    Dratini Lv12
  181    Dragonair Lv33
  181    Dragonair Lv33
  182    Dragonair Lv28
  182    Dark Dragonair Lv28
  183    Dragonite Lv41
  183    Dragonite Lv41
  184    Dragonite Lv43
  184    Dragonite Lv43
  185    Dragonite Lv45
  185    Dragonite Lv45
  186    Dragonite Lv33
  186    Dark Dragonite Lv33
  187    Togepi Lv8
  187    Togepi Lv8
  188    Lugia Lv55
  188    Lugia Lv55

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Booster IDs

ID    Booster
--    -------
00    Premier
01    Legends
02    Lost Isle
03    Assault
04    Flight
05    Rocket
06    Ambition
07    Promo

Card IDs

 ID    Card
---    ----
000    -
001    Grass Energy
002    Fire Energy
003    Water Energy
004    Lightning Energy
005    Fighting Energy
006    Psychic Energy
007    Double Colorless Energy
008    Potion Energy
009    Full Heal Energy
00A    Rainbow Energy
00B    Recycle Energy
00C    Bulbasaur Lv12
00D    Bulbasaur Lv13
00E    Bulbasaur Lv15
00F    Ivysaur Lv20
010    Ivysaur Lv26
011    Ivysaur Lv16
012    Venusaur Lv64
013    Venusaur Lv67
014    Venusaur Lv67
015    Venusaur Lv37
016    Caterpie Lv13
017    Metapod Lv20
018    Metapod Lv21
019    Butterfree Lv28
01A    Weedle Lv12
01B    Weedle Lv15
01C    Kakuna Lv20
01D    Kakuna Lv23
01E    Beedrill Lv32
01F    Ekans Lv10
020    Ekans Lv15
021    Arbok Lv27
022    Ekans Lv30
023    Ekans Lv25
024    Nidoran ♀ Lv12
025    Nidoran ♀ Lv13
026    Nidorina Lv22
027    Nidorina Lv24
028    Nidoqueen Lv43
029    Nidoran ♂ Lv20
02A    Nidoran ♂ Lv22
02B    Nidorino Lv23
02C    Nidorino Lv25
02D    Nidoking Lv48
02E    Zubat Lv9
02F    Zubat Lv10
030    Zubat Lv12
031    Golbat Lv25
032    Golbat Lv29
033    Golbat Lv25
034    Oddish Lv8
035    Oddish Lv21
036    Gloom Lv22
037    Vileplume Lv21
038    Vileplume Lv35
039    Vileplume Lv29
03A    Paras Lv8
03B    Paras Lv15
03C    Parasect Lv28
03D    Parasect Lv29
03E    Venonat Lv12
03F    Venonat Lv15
040    Venomoth Lv22
041    Venomoth Lv28
042    Bellsprout Lv10
043    Bellsprout Lv11
044    Weepinbell Lv23
045    Weepinbell Lv28
046    Victreebel Lv42
047    Grimer Lv10
048    Grimer Lv17
049    Muk Lv34
04A    Muk Lv25
04B    Exeggcute Lv14
04C    Exeggutor Lv35
04D    Koffing Lv12
04E    Koffing Lv13
04F    Koffing Lv14
050    Weezing Lv26
051    Weezing Lv27
052    Weezing Lv24
053    Tangela Lv8
054    Tangela Lv12
055    Scyther Lv23
056    Scyther Lv25
057    Pinsir Lv15
058    Pinsir Lv24
059    Charmander Lv9
05A    Charmander Lv10
05B    Charmander Lv12
05C    Charmeleon Lv32
05D    Charmeleon Lv23
05E    Charizard Lv76
05F    Charizard Lv76
060    Charizard Lv38
061    Vulpix Lv11
062    Vulpix Lv13
063    Ninetales Lv32
064    Ninetales Lv35
065    Ninetales Lv28
066    Growlithe Lv12
067    Growlithe Lv16
068    Growlithe Lv18
069    Arcanine Lv34
06A    Arcanine Lv35
06B    Arcanine Lv45
06C    Ponyta Lv8
06D    Ponyta Lv10
06E    Ponyta Lv15
06F    Rapidash Lv30
070    Rapidash Lv33
071    Rapidash Lv24
072    Magmar Lv18
073    Magmar Lv24
074    Magmar Lv27
075    Magmar Lv31
076    Flareon Lv 22
077    Flareon Lv28
078    Flareon Lv23
079    Moltres Lv35
07A    Moltres Lv37
07B    Moltres Lv40
07C    Squirtle Lv8
07D    Squirtle Lv14
07E    Squirtle Lv15
07F    Squirtle Lv16
080    Wartortle Lv22
081    Wartortle Lv24
082    Wartortle Lv21
083    Blastoise Lv52
084    Blastoise Lv52
085    Blastoise Lv28
086    Psyduck Lv15
087    Psyduck Lv16
088    Golduck Lv27
089    Golduck Lv28
08A    Golduck Lv23
08B    Poliwag Lv13
08C    Poliwag Lv15
08D    Poliwhirl Lv28
08E    Poliwhirl Lv30
08F    Poliwrath Lv40
090    Poliwrath Lv48
091    Tentacool Lv10
092    Tentacruel Lv21
093    Seel Lv10
094    Seel Lv12
095    Dewgong Lv24
096    Dewgong Lv42
097    Shellder Lv8
098    Shellder Lv16
099    Cloyster Lv25
09A    Krabby Lv17
09B    Krabby Lv20
09C    Kingler Lv27
09D    Kingler Lv33
09E    Horsea Lv19
09F    Horsea Lv20
0A0    Seadra Lv23
0A1    Seadra Lv26
0A2    Goldeen Lv12
0A3    Seaking Lv28
0A4    Staryu Lv15
0A5    Staryu Lv17
0A6    Starmie Lv28
0A7    Dark Starmie Lv27
0A8    Magikarp Lv6
0A9    Magikarp Lv8
0AA    Magikarp Lv10
0AB    Gyarados Lv41
0AC    Gyarados Lv31
0AD    Lapras Lv24
0AE    Lapras Lv31
0AF    Vaporeon Lv29
0B0    Vaporeon Lv42
0B1    Vaporeon Lv28
0B2    Omanyte Lv19
0B3    Omanyte Lv20
0B4    Omanyte Lv22
0B5    Omastar Lv32
0B6    Omastar Lv36
0B7    Articuno Lv34
0B8    Articuno Lv35
0B9    Articuno Lv37
0BA    Marill Lv17
0BB    Pikachu Lv5
0BC    Pikachu Lv12
0BD    Pikachu Lv13
0BE    Pikachu Lv14
0BF    Pikachu Lv16
0C0    Pikachu Lv16
0C1    Flying Pikachu Lv12
0C2    Flying Pikachu Lv12
0C3    Surfing Pikachu Lv13
0C4    Surfing Pikachu Lv13
0C5    Raichu Lv32
0C6    Raichu Lv33
0C7    Raichu Lv33
0C8    Raichu Lv45
0C9    Raichu Lv31
0CA    Magnemite Lv12
0CB    Magnemite Lv13
0CC    Magnemite Lv14
0CD    Magnemite Lv15
0CE    Magneton Lv28
0CF    Magneton Lv30
0D0    Magneton Lv35
0D1    Magneton Lv26
0D2    Voltorb Lv8
0D3    Voltorb Lv10
0D4    Voltorb Lv13
0D5    Electrode Lv35
0D6    Electrode Lv42
0D7    Electrode Lv24
0D8    Electabuzz Lv20
0D9    Electabuzz Lv30
0DA    Electabuzz Lv35
0DB    Jolteon Lv34
0DC    Jolteon Lv29
0DD    Jolteon Lv23
0DE    Zapdos Lv28
0DF    Zapdos Lv40
0E0    Zapdos Lv64
0E1    Zapdos Lv68
0E2    Sandshrew Lv12
0E3    Sandshrew Lv15
0E4    Sandslash Lv33
0E5    Sandslash Lv35
0E6    Diglett Lv8
0E7    Diglett Lv15
0E8    Diglett Lv16
0E9    Dugtrio Lv36
0EA    Dugtrio Lv40
0EB    Dugtrio Lv18
0EC    Mankey Lv7
0ED    Mankey Lv7
0EE    Mankey Lv14
0EF    Primeape Lv35
0F0    Primeape Lv23
0F1    Machop Lv18
0F2    Machop Lv20
0F3    Machop Lv24
0F4    Machoke Lv24
0F5    Machoke Lv28
0F6    Machoke Lv40
0F7    Machoke Lv28
0F8    Machamp Lv54
0F9    Machamp Lv67
0FA    Machamp Lv30
0FB    Geodude Lv15
0FC    Geodude Lv16
0FD    Graveler Lv27
0FE    Graveler Lv28
0FF    Graveler Lv29
100    Golem Lv36
101    Golem Lv37
102    Onix Lv12
103    Onix Lv25
104    Cubone Lv13
105    Cubone Lv14
106    Marowak Lv26
107    Marowak Lv32
108    Marowak Lv27
109    Hitmonlee Lv23
10A    Hitmonlee Lv30
10B    Hitmonchan Lv23
10C    Hitmonchan Lv33
10D    Rhyhorn Lv18
10E    Rhydon Lv37
10F    Rhydon Lv48
110    Kabuto Lv9
111    Kabuto Lv22
112    Kabutops Lv30
113    Aerodactyl Lv28
114    Aerodactyl Lv30
115    Abra Lv8
116    Abra Lv10
117    Abra Lv14
118    Kadabra Lv38
119    Kadabra Lv39
11A    Kadabra Lv24
11B    Alakazam Lv42
11C    Alakazam Lv45
11D    Alakazam Lv30
11E    Slowpoke Lv9
11F    Slowpoke Lv16
120    Slowpoke Lv18
121    Slowbro Lv26
122    Slowbro Lv35
123    Slowbro Lv27
124    Gastly Lv8
125    Gastly Lv13
126    Gastly Lv17
127    Haunter Lv17
128    Haunter Lv22
129    Haunter Lv25
12A    Haunter Lv26
12B    Haunter Lv23
12C    Gengar Lv38
12D    Gengar Lv40
12E    Gengar Lv33
12F    Drowzee Lv10
130    Drowzee Lv12
131    Hypno Lv30
132    Hypno Lv36
133    Hypno Lv26
134    Mr. Mime Lv20
135    Mr. Mime Lv28
136    Jynx Lv18
137    Jynx Lv23
138    Jynx Lv27
139    Mewtwo Lv30
13A    Mewtwo Lv53
13B    Mewtwo Lv54
13C    Mewtwo Lv60
13D    Mewtwo Lv60
13E    Mewtwo Lv67
13F    Mewtwo Lv35
140    Mew Lv8
141    Mew Lv15
142    Mew Lv23
143    Pidgey Lv8
144    Pidgey Lv10
145    Pidgeotto Lv36
146    Pidgeotto Lv38
147    Pidgeot Lv38
148    Pidgeot Lv40
149    Rattata Lv9
14A    Rattata Lv12
14B    Rattata Lv15
14C    Raticate Lv41
14D    Raticate Lv25
14E    Spearow Lv9
14F    Spearow Lv12
150    Spearow Lv13
151    Fearow Lv24
152    Fearow Lv27
153    Fearow Lv25
154    Clefairy Lv14
155    Clefairy Lv15
156    Clefable Lv34
157    Clefable Lv33
158    Jigglypuff Lv12
159    Jigglypuff Lv13
15A    Jigglypuff Lv14
15B    Wigglytuff Lv36
15C    Wigglytuff Lv40
15D    Meowth Lv10
15E    Meowth Lv13
15F    Meowth Lv14
160    Meowth Lv15
161    Meowth Lv17
162    Persian Lv25
163    Persian Lv28
164    Persian Lv28
165    Farfetch'd Lv20
166    Farfetch'd Lv20
167    Doduo Lv8
168    Doduo Lv10
169    Dodrio Lv25
16A    Dodrio Lv28
16B    Lickitung Lv20
16C    Lickitung Lv26
16D    Chansey Lv40
16E    Chansey Lv55
16F    Kangaskhan Lv36
170    Kangaskhan Lv38
171    Kangaskhan Lv40
172    Tauros Lv32
173    Tauros Lv35
174    Ditto Lv19
175    Eevee Lv5
176    Eevee Lv9
177    Eevee Lv12
178    Porygon Lv12
179    Porygon Lv18
17A    Porygon Lv20
17B    Porygon Lv15
17C    Snorlax Lv20
17D    Snorlax Lv35
17E    Snorlax Lv50
17F    Dratini Lv10
180    Dratini Lv12
181    Dragonair Lv33
182    Dark Dragonair Lv28
183    Dragonite Lv41
184    Dragonite Lv43
185    Dragonite Lv45
186    Dark Dragonite Lv33
187    Togepi Lv8
188    Lugia Lv55
189    Super Potion
18A    Imakuni?
18B    Energy Removal
18C    Energy Retrieval
18D    Energy Search
18E    Professor Oak
18F    Fossil Excavation
190    Potion
191    Gambler
192    Revive
193    Max Revive
194    Super Scoop Up
195    Devolution Spray
196    Item Finder
197    Challenge!
198    Super Energy Retrieval
199    Super Energy Removal
19A    Moon Stone
19B    Defender
19C    Gust Of Wind
19D    Mysterious Fossil
19E    Full Heal
19F    Impostor Oak's Revenge
1A0    Impostor Professor Oak
1A1    Sleep
1A2    Computer Error
1A3    Computer Search
1A4    Digger
1A5    Clefairy Doll
1A6    Mr. Fuji
1A7    PlusPower
1A8    Switch
1A9    Scoop Up
1AA    Pokemon Trader
1AB    Pokémon Recall
1AC    Pokédex
1AD    Pokémon Center
1AE    Pokémon Breeder
1AF    Pokémon Flute
1B0    The Boss's Way
1B1    Goop Gas Attack
1B2    Bill
1B3    Bill's Teleporter
1B4    Bill's Computer
1B5    Master Ball
1B6    Lass
1B7    Maintenance
1B8    Poké Ball
1B9    Nightly Garbage Run
1BA    Recycle
1BB    Rocket's Sneak Attack
1BC    Here Comes Team Rocket!
1BD    The Rocket's Trap

Category IDs

ID    Category
--    --------
00    Basic
01    Stage 1
02    Stage 2

Expansion IDs

ID    Expansion
--    ---------
00    Base Set
01    Jungle
02    Fossil
03    Team Rocket
04    Vending Machine
05    Gym
06    Bulbasaur Intro Pack
07    Squirtle Intro Pack
FE    Game Boy
FF    Promo

Rarity IDs

ID    Rarity
--    ------
00    Common
01    Uncommon
02    Rare
03    Ultra Rare
FF    Promo

Type IDs

ID    Type
--    ----
00    Fire
01    Grass
02    Electric
03    Water
04    Fighting
05    Psychic
06    Colorless
07    Rainbow
08    Fire Energy
09    Grass Energy
0A    Electric Energy
0B    Water Energy
0C    Fighting Energy
0D    Psychic Energy
0E    Colorless Energy
0F    Special Energy
10    Trainer