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A ROM map is a linear breakdown of the hard-coded data in a ROM. For the purposes of this database, it serves as a jumping-off point to more specific documents regarding each identified block of code.

Please place the {{rommap|game=name of game}} template, which links to this page, at the top of each ROM map page.

Notes on the ROM Map

Reading the data

The ROM map breaks down the entirety of a ROM's raw code into specific block by function and type of data. The start address and the end address of each block are given, plus a total byte size (shown in parentheses). Addresses could be in raw hex format, that is, within the ROM file, not as the system sees it. In order to prevent confusion among ROM formats, the addresses should be given in the format the system uses, or, at least, the format of the pointers should be clarified at the top of the ROM map. Following the location and size is a brief description of the data contained within. The descriptions are linked to seperate topics with details on each block.

Categorization of blocks

Blocks in a ROM map may be categorized strictly as a means of demarking various areas. The label given does not neccessarily mean that all the data is logically grouped in that category. For example, in the EarthBound ROM, music and sound data are scattered throughout the ROM. Please take any seeming incongruities between actual data and the categories in stride.

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